The Forager Chef s Book of Flora

The Forager Chef s Book of Flora
Author: Alan Bergo
Publsiher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Total Pages: 290
Release: 2021-06-24
Genre: Cooking
ISBN: 9781603589482

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“In this remarkable new cookbook, Bergo provides stories, photographs and inventive recipes.”—Star Tribune As Seen on NBC's The Today Show! "With a passion for bringing a taste of the wild to the table, [Bergo’s] inspiration for experimentation shows in his inventive dishes created around ingredients found in his own backyard."—Tastemade From root to flower—and featuring 180 recipes and over 230 of the author’s own beautiful photographs—explore the edible plants we find all around us with the Forager Chef Alan Bergo as he breaks new culinary ground! In The Forager Chef’s Book of Flora you’ll find the exotic to the familiar—from Ramp Leaf Dumplings to Spruce Tip Panna Cotta to Crisp Fiddlehead Pickles—with Chef Bergo’s unique blend of easy-to-follow instruction and out-of-this-world inspiration. Over the past fifteen years, Minnesota chef Alan Bergo has become one of America’s most exciting and resourceful culinary voices, with millions seeking his guidance through his wildly popular website and video tutorials. Bergo’s inventive culinary style is defined by his encyclopedic curiosity, and his abiding, root-to-flower passion for both wild and cultivated plants. Instead of waiting for fall squash to ripen, Bergo eagerly harvests their early shoots, flowers, and young greens—taking a holistic approach to cooking with all parts of the plant, and discovering extraordinary new flavors and textures along the way. The Forager Chef’s Book of Flora demonstrates how understanding the different properties and growing phases of roots, stems, leaves, and seeds can inform your preparation of something like the head of an immature sunflower—as well as the lesser-used parts of common vegetables, like broccoli or eggplant. As a society, we’ve forgotten this type of old-school knowledge, including many brilliant culinary techniques that were borne of thrift and necessity. For our own sake, and that of our planet, it’s time we remembered. And in the process, we can unlock new flavors from the abundant landscape around us. “[An] excellent debut. . . . Advocating that plants are edible in their entirety is one thing, but this [book] delivers the delectable means to prove it."—Publishers Weekly "Alan Bergo was foraging in the Midwest way before it was trendy."—Outside Magazine

50 Fantastic Ideas Inspired by Famous Artists

50 Fantastic Ideas Inspired by Famous Artists
Author: Judith Harries
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 64
Release: 2019-07-11
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781472956859

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50 Fantastic Ideas Inspired by Famous Artists uses well-known art as a visual inspiration to develop expressive art and design skills in the Early Years. It is much easier now to access art online and to bring inspirational pieces into a setting without having to buy postcards or visit an art gallery. Drawing on these readily available online sources, Judith Harries presents 50 ideas featuring a range of diverse artists from Lubaina Himid and Friedensreich Hundertwasser to Mary Delany and Picasso, and famous art including pop and street art, sculpture and portraiture. Using art supplies easily found in and outside the classroom such as paints, clay, pipe cleaners and natural resources like leaves and flowers, the interactive activities found in this book are ideal for inspiring creativity and fun at the same time!

Color In and Out of the Garden

Color In and Out of the Garden
Author: Lorene Edwards Forkner
Publsiher: Abrams
Total Pages: 269
Release: 2022-04-26
Genre: Gardening
ISBN: 9781647005504

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Capture all the hues of the garden with a few simple brushtrokes and Lorene Edwards Forkner’s inspirational advice on observing color in nature, painting with watercolor, and gardening with joy and intention If you love flowers and the rich colors of the garden, Color In and Out of the Garden is for you. Artist and garden expert Lorene Edwards Forkner shares her simple watercolor techniques for capturing every lovely hue in a miniature artwork. Along the way, she also offers practical advice on topics from painting (no matter your skill level) to gardening mindfully to celebrating life. This delightfully useful and addictively readable little book may just inspire you to begin keeping a garden journal of your own, so you can record favorite plants with just a few simple brushstrokes. Arranged by color, each chapter helps readers sharpen their powers of observation and capture nature’s lovely palette. Plant profiles and personal reflections mingle with creative prompts for making a simple watercolor that helps focus one's attention. Both a mindfulness exercise for seeing garden colors and an easy guide to reproducing them on the page, Forkner guides you through the spectrum with her own watercolors while offering inspiration and a delightful garden respite from everyday stress.

Flora Forager ABC

Flora Forager ABC
Author: Bridget Beth Collins
Publsiher: Sasquatch Books
Total Pages: 33
Release: 2019-03-12
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN: 9781632172099

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Botanical artist and Instagram sensation Flora Forager makes her children's picture book debut with this imaginative alphabet book featuring real and imaginary animals created with natural materials gathered from her botanical foraging in wild places and from her garden. Bridget Beth Collins, known as Flora Forager on Instagram, has created her beautiful children's book debut from natural materials gathered from her botanical foraging where she makes her home in the Pacific Northwest. Children will be fascinated by her amazing botanical creations, from angel fish to zebra, and inspired to learn their ABCs.

The Art of Flora Forager

The Art of Flora Forager
Author: Bridget Beth Collins
Publsiher: Sasquatch Books
Total Pages: 177
Release: 2017-09-26
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9781632171504

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"Flower fans and nature enthusiasts will fall in love with this charming art book from Instagram sensation Flora Forager, featuring the best of her unique botanical composition." —Shelf Awareness Flora Forager creates delightful images out of flower petals, leaves, stones, twigs, and other natural materials that she finds in her garden and in urban wild areas in her neighborhood. This beautiful gift book collects her best pieces, including new, exclusive art, along with a peek into her unique creative process. Featured pieces include Harry Potter, Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh's Starry Night, Hobbit Hole—all made out of flowers! Flora Forager's artworks include mandalas, animals, birds, fish, insects, mythical creatures, iconic women, old masters, and more. Each artwork is accompanied by explanatory text on a facing page including piece name, materials used, and a short, evocative description of the artist's process and inspiration. Research has shown that spending time with nature has been linked to improved attention spans, increased levels of serotonin, fewer negative thoughts, and increased activity in the parts of the brain responsible for empathy, emotional stability, and love. The Art of Flora Forager is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to bring more nature and beauty in their lives.

Flora Forager

Flora Forager
Author: Bridget Beth Collins
Publsiher: National Geographic Books
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2016-08-09
Genre: Nature
ISBN: 9781632170729

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Using flower petals, leaves, and other natural materials she finds in her garden and urban wild areas, Flora Forager creates dreamy images that captivate her fans, especially on her wildly popular Instagram feed. Now Flora's unique artwork is featured in this lovely blank journal, which became an instant bestseller. This charming journal follows the seasons with beguiling images of bunnies, birds, butterflies, and other whimsical scenes, all beautifully rendered with flowers and other botanical elements. Featuring a deluxe package with rounded corners, a ribbon, and thick interior paper, this keepsake journal--filled with 80 percent new images, spot art throughout, and lined pages for writing--is sure to please Flora Forager's avid fans and new users alike.


Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 145
Release: 2023
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9781632171528

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Information and Its Role in Hunter Gatherer Bands

Information and Its Role in Hunter Gatherer Bands
Author: Robert K. Hitchcock,William A. Lovis,Robert Whallon
Publsiher: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press
Total Pages: 387
Release: 2011-12-31
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9781938770203

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Information and its Role in Hunter-Gatherer Bands explores the question of how information, broadly conceived, is acquired, stored, circulated, and utilized in small-scale hunter-gatherer societies, or bands. Given the nature of this question, the volume brings together a group of scholars from multiple disciplines, including archaeology, ethnography, linguistics, and evolutionary ecology. Each of these specialties deals with the question of information in different ways and with different sets of data given different primacy. The fundamental goal of the volume is to bridge disciplines and subdisciplines, open discussion, and see if some common ground-either theoretical perspectives, general principles, or methodologies-can be developed upon which to build future research on the role of information in hunter-gatherer bands.