Grandparent s Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders

Grandparent s Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders
Author: Nancy Mucklow
Publsiher: Aapc Publishing
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2012
Genre: Autism in children
ISBN: 1937473066

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Helpful guide to prepare grandparents for the special needs and unique talents of children with autism spectrum disorders.--

Autism Spectrum Disorder revised

Autism Spectrum Disorder  revised
Author: Chantal Sicile-Kira
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 400
Release: 2014-01-07
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 9780698149069

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Newly revised and updated, this award-winning guide covers every aspect of understanding and living with autism today Comprehensive and authoritative, Autism Spectrum Disorders explains all aspects of the condition, and is written for parents, educators, caregivers, and others looking for accurate information and expert insight. Newly updated to reflect the latest research, treatment methods, and DSM-V criteria, this invaluable book covers: • The causes of autism spectrum disorders • Getting an accurate diagnosis • Treatments based on behavioral, psychological, and biomedical interventions • Coping strategies for families and education needs and programs • Living and working conditions for adults with ASD • Community interaction and teaching strategies and resources for educators and other professionals **Best Book on Autism for 2017 --Healthline

Autism and the Grandparent Connection

Autism and the Grandparent Connection
Author: Jennifer Krumins
Publsiher: Autism Aspirations
Total Pages: 235
Release: 2010
Genre: Autism
ISBN: 0969582633

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It takes a village to raise a child with autism. The role of grandparents cannot be overstated. As a grandparent, your ability to embrace your grandchild and support his or her parents is perhaps the essential gift you can offer your family. For parents facing the challenges of raising a child with autism, the burden is emotional, physical, financial and social. Parents need family to help them with the responsibility. Grandparents have the power to make life more manageable for your children and your grandchild. Filled with practical information, this book will undoubtedly give you the tools you need to provide stability, support and strength to your grandchild with autism. You will be empowered to be the best you can be.

You Can Call Me Hoppa

You Can Call Me Hoppa
Author: Lauren Charpio
Publsiher: Lauren Charpio
Total Pages: 31
Release: 2008-08-05
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 9780615194622

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SUPERANNO Now that we've named the baby, what will we call the Grandparents? While names like Grandma and Grandpa have survived centuries, their reign may soon be over. The 3.5 million boomers who become grandparents each year are choosing more creative and personal names. Hoppa! is a charming, first-of-its kind book that offers hundreds of names and adorable stories designed to help inspire an answer to the inevitable 'what to be called?' question.

Autism One Grandparents Roadmap

Autism One Grandparents Roadmap
Author: Geoffrey Robinson
Publsiher: Geoffrey Robinson
Total Pages: 98
Release: 2023
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 9780578268699

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Although written in a grandparent's voice, the book is also for parents. When our family received our Autism diagnosis, we had to Google Autism, because we knew so little about the condition. The book is a compilation of live links and articles to get you started on your journey. For the child's sake, you can't afford to be behind in knowledge. Everything you learn makes life better for the child. When it came to learning and understanding what Autism is and isn't. and how to appropriately support our child; we had to dig out every word on our own. Where do we go for this? Where do we find available resources? What does stimming mean? After six years with a lovely grandson, on the spectrum, I decided we needed a roadmap. With luck, someone smarter than me will write a better one. The links imbedded in the book are live so, you can go directly to the resources and articles I've cited. I'm not a therapist or clinician, but I've spent years accumulating information to help my grandson; I wish I'd had the day he was diagnosed

Voices from the Spectrum

Voices from the Spectrum
Author: Cindy N. Ariel,Robert A. Naseef
Publsiher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2006
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781843107866

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This compelling collection of personal accounts, from people on the autism spectrum and those who care for them, presents insights into autism from many different perspectives. The contributors describe their experiences, including reactions to diagnosis and childhood memories.

Your Special Grandchild

Your Special Grandchild
Author: Josie Santomauro
Publsiher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Total Pages: 50
Release: 2009-03-15
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 1846429277

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So your grandchild has Asperger Syndrome (AS)? You might have noticed that some of his behaviour is a bit different to most kids, that he becomes stressed when faced with change and he doesn't cope well with criticism or failure.' This book offers a fun and accessible introduction for the grandparent of a child diagnosed with AS. Intended as a support tool in the initial period after diagnosis, Your Special Grandchild is varied and engaging, and addresses questions or concerns that grandparents might have, such as 'What are the characteristics of AS?', 'How did my grandchild get AS?' and 'What happens now?'. Also included are poems, stories, illustrations and activities to help grandparents come to terms with and move forward from a diagnosis of AS, and work together with the family to support the child. Your Special Grandchild will be essential reading for grandparents of children in the initial period after a diagnosis of AS.

Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Ontario Context

Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Ontario Context
Author: Kimberly Maich,Carmen Hall
Publsiher: Canadian Scholars’ Press
Total Pages: 350
Release: 2016-08-01
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9781551309125

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Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Ontario Context is the first book to offer a thorough introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Ontario. Highlighting examples, research, and interventions specific to Ontario, this manual provides an abundance of information in one central location, making it an indispensable tool for any Ontario professional working with individuals with ASD. This comprehensive text begins with a brief history of ASD and an overview of its contemporary understandings, including current diagnostic criteria. Covering a range of evidence-based interventions that have been shown to be effective for individuals with ASD—and supplemented with graphics, checklists, and hands-on strategies for application—this book provides essential information to inform practitioners. The concluding section on ASD across the lifespan explores how these interventions are delivered within agencies throughout Ontario, from preschool through to adulthood, and addresses relevant issues and topics for each age group. Featuring chapter summaries, definitions of key terms, lists of further resources, and reflective questions, this highly accessible and pedagogically rich text is vital reading not only for current and future practitioners, but also for parents of children with ASD.