How Sex and Gender Impact Clinical Practice

How Sex and Gender Impact Clinical Practice
Author: Marjorie R. Jenkins,Connie B. Newman
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 361
Release: 2020-12-02
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780128167502

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How Sex and Gender Impact Clinical Practice: An Evidence-Based Guide to Patient Care enables primary care clinicians by providing a framework to understand differences and better care for patients in their practice. Each chapter covers a subspecialty in medicine and discusses the influence of sex hormones on disease, along with sex and gender-based differences in clinical presentation, physical examination, laboratory results, treatment regimens, comorbidities and prognosis. Illustrative case examples and practical practice points help each chapter come alive. A special chapter on communication differences between men and women assists clinicians in their conversations with patients. This book fills an important need by applying years of research findings to sex and gender specific medical care and demonstrating that an individualized approach to patient care will lead to improved detection, treatment and prevention of disease. Explores the effects of sex and gender on disease presentation, treatment and prognosis, and how these differences influence clinical decision-making Provides practical guidance that helps clinicians implement a more individualized approach to patient care Contains information on diseases in each major specialty, as well as chapters on communication, pharmacology and public health challenges

Sex and Gender in Acute Care Medicine

Sex and Gender in Acute Care Medicine
Author: Alyson J. McGregor,Esther K. Choo,Bruce M. Becker
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 265
Release: 2016-05-20
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781107668164

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This book focuses on the issue of sex and gender in the evaluation and treatment of patients in delivering acute medical care.

Sex and Gender Based Analysis in Public Health

Sex  and Gender Based Analysis in Public Health
Author: Jacqueline Gahagan,Mary K. Bryson
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 170
Release: 2021-06-17
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9783030719296

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This book is the first to focus on sex- and gender-based analysis (SGBA) in public health, addressing the dearth of thinking, practice, and publication on SGBA and public health. The Canadian government is a global leader in seeking gender equity and mandating SGBA in federal initiatives, programs, and policies, continuing to advocate for the uptake of SGBA. However, there is differential uptake of SGBA in many fields, and public health is lagging behind. This book analyses the movement toward SGBA in Canada and internationally, highlighting some key examples of public health concern such as HIV/AIDS and tobacco use. An international group of experts in the fields of SGBA, public health, program evaluation, policy development, and research comprise the authorship of the book. Collectively, the team of authors and editors have deep expertise in SGBA and public health nationally and internationally and have published widely in the SGBA literature. Topics explored among the chapters – organized under three thematic content areas: the SGBA terrain in public health, illustrative examples from the field, and the implications of SGBA in public health – include: Sex- and Gender-Based Analyses and Advancing Population Health Beyond “Women’s Cancers”: Sex and Gender in Cancer Health and Care Women, Alcohol and the Public Health Response – Moving Forward from Avoidance, Inattention and Inaction to Gender-Based Design Understanding Pandemics Through a Sex- and Gender-Based Analysis Plus (SGBA+) Lens Sex- and Gender-Based Analysis and the Social Determinants of Health: Public Health, Human Rights and Incarcerated Youth Gender-Transformative Public Health Approaches Sex- and Gender-Based Analysis in Public Health is an important text for graduate-level students and trainees as well as public health practitioners in a variety of disciplines such as health promotion, nursing, health administration, public administration, sociology, political science, gender and women’s studies. The book also is an essential resource for specialists in public health policy, programming, research, and evaluation.

Sex Gender and Substance Use

Sex  Gender and Substance Use
Author: Lorraine Greaves
Publsiher: MDPI
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2021-04-14
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9783036502007

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“Sex, Gender and Substance Use” describes how both biological and social factors affect people's use of substances. There is a lot of research carried out on substance use, prevention and treatment in which sex and gender are missing. This book describes the concepts of sex and gender, what they mean and why including them in substance use research, practice and policy is vital. Substances such as alcohol, drugs, nicotine, and tobacco all have differential effects on females and males. Social and cultural gendered factors affect how women and men react to prevention, treatment and policies. The book includes numerous examples of how sex- and gender-sensitive research can increase our understanding and improve prevention and treatment, and why striving for gender-transformative substance use practice and research remains a gold standard.

Sex Matters

Sex Matters
Author: Dr Alyson J. McGregor
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 352
Release: 2020-05-19
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781529405910

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'McGregor is kickass; a respected crusader. If you're a woman, she's definitely the doctor you'd want to see in an emergency or to install as head of medical education' The Times A clarion call about the dangers of medicine for women, as well as a manual for how women can get the right care for their bodies. Sex Matters tackles one of the most urgent, yet unspoken issues facing women's health care today: all models of medical research and practice are based on male-centric models that ignore the unique biological and emotional differences between men and women - an omission that endangers women's lives. The facts surrounding how male-centric medicine impacts women's health every day are chilling: in the ER, women are more likely to receive a psychiatric diagnosis with regard to opioid use, while men are more likely to be referred for detoxification; the more vocal women become about their pain, the more likely their providers are to prescribe either inadequate or inappropriate pain relief medication; women often present with nontraditional symptoms of stroke, which causes delays in recognition by both them and their health professionals; and a government accountability study found that 80% of drugs that are withdrawn from the market are due to side effects that happen to women (a result of testing drugs mostly on men). Leading expert on sex and gender medicine Dr Alyson McGregor focuses on the key areas where these differences are most potentially harmful, addressing: · Cardiac and stroke diagnosis and treatment in women; · Prescription and dosing of pharmaceuticals; · Subjective evaluation of women's symptoms; · Pain and pain management; · Hormones and female biochemistry (including prescribed hormones); · How economic status, race, and gender identity are additional critical factors. Not only does Dr McGregor explore these disparities in depth, she shares clear, practical suggestions for what we can do. A work of riveting expose, revelatory insights into the medical establishment and actionable guidance for putting this information to use, Sex Matters is an empowering roadmap for reinventing modern medicine - and for self-care.

Why Women Aren t Winning at Health But Can

Why Women Aren t Winning at Health  But Can
Author: Anca Griffiths,Marjorie Jenkins,Alyson J. McGregor
Publsiher: Worldchangers Media
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2024-01-22
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1955811512

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For women, health is the ultimate glass ceiling. And for too many of us, the tools we have make it impossible to "win" at health. The fact is, almost nothing in our global health marketplace is designed to serve and heal women. From external factors like the global male-centric medical model, the predatory wellness industry, and the commoditization of traditional health practices, to internal challenges like stacked societal and familial expectations and our need to power through at all costs, women are beset with health-related obstacles from all sides. However, when asked, most women will say, "I'm fine." Somewhere along the way, we decided that being a woman is a problem to be fixed, not a gift to be embraced. Our health systems at best minimize, and at worst outright ignore, key physiological transitions like menstruation, postpartum, perimenopause, and menopause, meaning that women are not supported through the most impactful health experiences of their lives--yet, we're convinced that, somehow, we are the problem. In this groundbreaking book, Anca Griffiths, Marjorie Jenkins, MD, and Alyson McGregor, MD, tackle the complex issue of the women's global health marketplace. With bold insights and piercing clarity, they expose the hidden issues within our current systems, break down the four key reasons why women aren't winning at health, and show you what you can do to take back control of your health journey. With additional contributions from recognized global experts, they lay a strong groundwork to empower women everywhere to thrive beyond the current status quo--because when women are well, everyone wins.

Human Rights and Social Justice

Human Rights and Social Justice
Author: Carole Cox,Tina Maschi
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 218
Release: 2022-10-31
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9781000686661

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Human Rights and Social Justice: Key Issues and Vulnerable Populations is a comprehensive text that focuses on central issues of human rights and justice and links them directly with social work competencies and practice. Drawing attention to oppression and multiple forms of disadvantage and discrimination based on a person’s identity and social location, this volume develops an integrated framework to advance human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice with vulnerable populations and communities across all three levels of practice. Each chapter, written by leading scholars in their respective fields, is designed to enhance students’ awareness, knowledge, and understanding of key theories and issues related to diversity, human rights, and equity. Broken into sections providing theory, practice, and case study illustrations, the chapters will first explain and argue that each person, regardless of their position in society, has basic human rights. Students will then see how these knowledges translate into practice through clear and engaging cases that reinforce skills and behaviors that social workers may use to advocate for human rights and ensure that they are distributed equitably and without prejudice. Providing a broad overview of social justice and rights-based challenges and connecting theory to the profession’s core competencies, this book is an excellent companion for social work students and faculty engaged in foundation and advanced courses in practice with individuals, groups, and communities and diversity and oppression.

Sex and Gender Effects in Pharmacology

Sex and Gender Effects in Pharmacology
Author: Stella E. Tsirka,Maricedes Acosta-Martinez
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 286
Release: 2023-11-12
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9783031426483

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Biological sex and gender have a tremendous impact on the efficacy and safety of pharmacological interventions in virtually every disease state. This book presents a comprehensive and up-to-date overview on how sex-specific information is guiding the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting men and women, as well as of disease states that disproportionally affects women. Experts in various fields discuss both preclinical and clinical research that is contributing to a better understanding of the impact of sex in the presentation, etiology, treatment, and disease outcomes. Also discussed are the challenges encountered in implementing this growing body of knowledge into practice, as well as possible avenues to recognize and reduce health disparities between men and women so that therapeutic interventions are tailored and improved.