Human Herpesviruses

Human Herpesviruses
Author: Ann Arvin,Gabriella Campadelli-Fiume,Edward Mocarski,Patrick S. Moore,Bernard Roizman,Richard Whitley,Koichi Yamanishi
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2007-08-16
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781139461641

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This comprehensive account of the human herpesviruses provides an encyclopedic overview of their basic virology and clinical manifestations. This group of viruses includes human simplex type 1 and 2, Epstein–Barr virus, Kaposi's Sarcoma-associated herpesvirus, cytomegalovirus, HHV6A, 6B and 7, and varicella-zoster virus. The viral diseases and cancers they cause are significant and often recurrent. Their prevalence in the developed world accounts for a major burden of disease, and as a result there is a great deal of research into the pathophysiology of infection and immunobiology. Another important area covered within this volume concerns antiviral therapy and the development of vaccines. All these aspects are covered in depth, both scientifically and in terms of clinical guidelines for patient care. The text is illustrated generously throughout and is fully referenced to the latest research and developments.

Human Herpesviruses HHV 6A HHV 6B and HHV 7

Human Herpesviruses HHV 6A  HHV 6B and HHV 7
Author: Louis Flamand,Irmeli Lautenschlager,Gerhard Krueger,Dharam Ablashi
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 362
Release: 2014-02-11
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780444627162

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Completely revised and updated, Human Herpesviruses HHV-6A, HHV-6B & HHV-7, Third Edition, delivers a contemporary and thorough review of HHV-6, beginning with foundational explorations of classification, molecular biology, and chromosomal integration of the virus, through to clinical details, including pathologic features of infection, and clinical effects on various organ systems. The work now includes coverage of HHV-7, a virus that remains underestimated in transplant reactivation, seizures, and encephalitis. The book examines the role of HHV-6 in myriad diseases, including cognitive disorders following bone marrow transplant, mesial temporal lobe epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disease, encephalitis, Hodgkin's disease lymphoma (HHV-6B), and glioma (HHV-6A). Descriptions of current and novel molecular and serological diagnostic assays, along with detailed protocols, are included to aid researchers and clinicians in discriminating potential false positives originating from chromosomally integrated HHV-6, and in differentiating between active and latent infection. Human Herpesviruses HHV-6A, HHV-6B & HHV-7, Third Edition is a valuable reference for both clinical and basic scientists, including epidemiologists, virologists, practicing clinicians, infectious disease specialists, pathologists, and all scientists entering the field of herpes virus research. The work is a practical and thorough resource for a foundational understanding of HHV-6 and HHV-7, while providing a cutting-edge translational and clinical reference to those looking to understand and diagnose associated viral diseases. Delivers the latest molecular diagnostic tests, the present-day gold standard for monitoring HHV-6 Provides expert analysis of T-cell immune response against HHV-6 Presents tools for differential diagnosis in HHV-6 viral infections Includes new information on the previously-largely-unknown biological consequences of ciHHV-6 Offers coverage of new discoveries relating to HHV-7

Saliva Protection and Transmissible Diseases

Saliva Protection and Transmissible Diseases
Author: Crispian Scully,Jacobo Limeres Posse,Pedro Diz Dios
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 122
Release: 2017-07-19
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780128136829

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Saliva Protection and Transmissible Diseases provides a review of saliva protection, raising debate on micro-organisms potentially transmissible in saliva, and also considering the evidence on diseases that may be transmitted by kissing. Saliva is a complex body fluid essential to health, especially mastication, swallowing and speech, and hyposalivation can lead to dysfunction and even infection. More serious pathogens, such as herpes viruses and papillomaviruses can be conveyed by kissing, as can potentially lethal micro-organisms present in some saliva, such as meningococci, fungal organisms and Ebola viruses. Stipulates the defensive roles of saliva, an important topic not previously reviewed in-depth in literature Provides awareness that saliva also transmits infectious agents that can produce serious or even lethal diseases Gives understanding that kissing may be an at-risk practice

Human Herpesvirus Infection

Human Herpesvirus Infection
Author: Ronaldo Luis Thomasini
Publsiher: BoD – Books on Demand
Total Pages: 130
Release: 2020-04-01
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781838811587

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The relationship between herpesviruses and humans probably dates from thousands of years ago. In the last few decades, many aspects of herpesvirus infections have been understood, such as infections with a range of manifestations (severe, mild, or subclinical). Herpesvirus can remain latent during a lifetime and sometimes their reactivation can cause different clinical features in the patient. Several conditions have been related to herpesvirus reactivation such as complications in transplant organ recipients and immune regulatory modification in the elderly. Aspects of human herpesvirus simples, varicella-zoster virus, and cytomegalovirus are presented and discussed in this book.

Virology E Book

Virology E Book
Author: Stephen N J Korsman,Gert Van Zyl,Wolfgang Preiser,Louise Nutt,Monique I Andersson
Publsiher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Total Pages: 149
Release: 2012-08-17
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781455742134

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This is a concise, highly accessible introduction to medical virology, incorporating essential basic principles as well as a systematic review of viruses and viral diseases. It pays particular attention to developments in anti-viral therapy that are becoming increasingly effective in modern medicine. It is an ideal textbook for the information-overloaded student and an invaluable everyday companion for the busy professional who needs a good understanding of the current state of medical virology. In keeping with the highly successful format of other Illustrated Colour Texts, it presents the subject as a series of succinct 2 page ‘learning units’, using a superb collection of clear illustrations and clinical photographs, concise yet comprehensive text and key point boxes to aid quick access to information and examination preparation. So whether you are a medical student, junior doctor, medical scientist, trainee in infectious diseases or student on another allied medical course, this book is here to make your life easier! It will also provide a very solid foundation for any who plan to delve deeper into this fascinating field. Part of the popular Illustrated Colour Text series Information presented in double page spreads for easy learning Highly illustrated with both full colour graphics and clinical photographs Each spread includes a key point box for exam preparation

American Academy of Pediatrics Textbook of Pediatric Care

American Academy of Pediatrics Textbook of Pediatric Care
Author: Jane Meschan Foy
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2016-03-31
Genre: Children
ISBN: 1581109660

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The definitive manual of pediatric medicine - completely updated with 75 new chapters and e-book access.

Human Herpesviruses

Human Herpesviruses
Author: Yasushi Kawaguchi,Yasuko Mori,Hiroshi Kimura
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 501
Release: 2018-06-12
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9789811072307

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This book introduces and reviews several topics for each human herpesvirus. One of the most important features of the book is that it covers aspects of both basic research and clinical medicine. Herpesviridae, a family of double-strand DNA viruses, has unique biological features by which these viruses establish latency after primary infection and reactivate in later life. Nine human herpesviruses are known so far, and each of them causes a variety of diseases in both primary infection and reactivation. Since the discovery of each human herpesvirus, an abundance of findings related to them has accumulated in basic research and clinical medicine. However, the vast majority of biological features is still masked in mystery. Furthermore, a strategy of treatment and prevention has not yet been established for most human herpesviruses. A wide range of readers will be interested in this volume with its treatment of problematic points and latest findings in the field.

Herpesvirus Latency

Herpesvirus Latency
Author: Benedikt B. Kaufer,Louis Flamand,Randall J. Cohrs,Benjamin G. Dewals,Benoit Muylkens
Publsiher: Frontiers Media SA
Total Pages: 169
Release: 2020-09-14
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9782889660018

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This eBook is a collection of articles from a Frontiers Research Topic. Frontiers Research Topics are very popular trademarks of the Frontiers Journals Series: they are collections of at least ten articles, all centered on a particular subject. With their unique mix of varied contributions from Original Research to Review Articles, Frontiers Research Topics unify the most influential researchers, the latest key findings and historical advances in a hot research area! Find out more on how to host your own Frontiers Research Topic or contribute to one as an author by contacting the Frontiers Editorial Office: