Life Cycle Cost Models for Green Buildings

Life Cycle Cost Models for Green Buildings
Author: I.M. Chethana S. Illankoon,Vivian W. Y. Tam,Khoa N. Le
Publsiher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Total Pages: 202
Release: 2020-10-29
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9780128200636

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Life-Cycle Cost Models for Green Buildings: With Optimal Green Star Credits illustrates the tools and methods for developing a life-cycle cost model that incorporates developer constraints while maximizing the number of credit points achieved. The book identifies the interdependencies among various credits in the Green Star environmental rating system. Afterwards, life-cycle cost is calculated by considering six main central business districts (CBDs) of Australia. The net present value (NPV) technique is used to calculate life-cycle costs. Further, a sensitivity analysis is also carried out for selected credits to identify the changes to life-cycle cost to the changes in discount rate. Once all the life-cycle cost data is calculated, this book illustrates the development of the proposed model using a Java application which allows users to evaluate each key criterion of green buildings separately. The book is designed to provide ample knowledge of the various options available to get green building certification and the further implications in-terms of life-cycle. Provides cost saving and management advice for keeping a green building project operating on time and budget throughout their life-cycle Expertly explains the various options available for gaining green building certification Allows users to build life-cycle cost models which is unique to the project at hand

Sustainability in Energy and Buildings 2018

Sustainability in Energy and Buildings 2018
Author: Prasad Kaparaju,Robert J. Howlett,John Littlewood,Chandima Ekanyake,Ljubo Vlacic
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 500
Release: 2018-11-30
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9783030042936

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This book contains selected papers from SEB-18, the Tenth International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, which was organised by KES International and Griffith University and held in Gold Coast, Australia in June 2018. SEB-18 invited contributions on a range of topics related to sustainable buildings and renewable energy, and explored innovative topics regarding intelligent buildings and cities. Applicable areas included the sustainable design and of buildings, neighbourhoods and cities (built and natural environment); optimisation and modelling techniques; smart energy systems for smart cities; green information communications technology; and a broad range of solar, wind, wave and other renewable energy topics. The aim of the conference was to bring together researchers and government and industry professionals to discuss the future of energy in buildings, neighbourhoods and cities from a theoretical, practical, implementation and simulation perspective. In addition, SEB-18 offered an exciting opportunity to present, interact, and learn about the latest research in Sustainability in Energy and Buildings.

Sustainable Cities Development and Environment Protection IV

Sustainable Cities Development and Environment Protection IV
Author: Guang Fan Li,Chao He Chen,Bi Feng Jiang,Qi Zhong Shen
Publsiher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd
Total Pages: 2566
Release: 2014-07-04
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9783038265504

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Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2014 International Conference on Civil, Architechture and Building Materials (CEABM 2014), May 24-25, 2014, Haikou, China. The 459 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Sustainable City and Regional Development, Chapter 2: Renewable Energy and Building Energy-Saving Technologies, Chapter 3: Indoor Environment, Chapter 4: City Ecological Environment, Chapter 5: Water Purification and Wastewater Engineering, Treatment Technologies, Chapter 6: Air Environment Control and Architectural Environment Improvement Techniques, Chapter 7: Environmental Engineering and Monitoring, Environmental Protection Technologies, Chapter 8: Road and Railway Engineering, Chapter 9: Bridge Engineering, Chapter 10: Transportation Planning and Systems, Routing and Logistics Engineering, Chapter 11: Traffic and Transportation Control and Applied Information Technology, Chapter 12: Computer Application Technology and Mathematical Modeling

Green Building Costs

Green Building Costs
Author: Ming Hu
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 197
Release: 2023-08-16
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9781000915198

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Sustainability has become a driver of innovation in the built environment, but the affordability of sustainable building remains a significant challenge. This book takes a critical view of the real cost of green building. It provides readers with a non-biased evaluation based on empirical construction cost data and sheds light on the affordability of sustainable buildings. Chapters are presented in three parts. The first part lays the foundation to demystify the perception of green buildings being expensive to construct by providing empirical evidence that green buildings, even net-zero buildings, are not necessarily more expensive to build than conventional buildings. The second part presents empirical evidence, common misperceptions of a higher green building construction cost are debunked. The author offers a new framework to explain the construction cost drivers and differences of sustainable buildings: the project characteristics and project team characteristics (human factors). The third part directs the readers’ attention to the important role that human factors play in controlling and reducing construction costs, with a focus on the project design team. A lack of skills, expertise, and experience during the design phase is likely to be the biggest contributor to higher construction costs. Empirical analysis, case studies on LEED-certified buildings, and interviews with project teams are used to present a pathway to more affordable green building at the end. This will be a crucial resource for students and professionals in architecture, engineering, construction management, and planning and energy policy.

Proceedings of the 23rd International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate

Proceedings of the 23rd International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate
Author: Fenjie Long,Sheng Zheng,Yuzhe Wu,Gangying Yang,Yan Yang
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 1416
Release: 2021-02-02
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9789811539770

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This book presents the proceedings of CRIOCM2018, 23rd International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate, sharing the latest developments in real estate and construction management around the globe. The conference was organized by the Chinese Research Institute of Construction Management (CRIOCM) working in close collaboration with Guizhou Institute of Technology (GIT). Written by international academics and professionals, the proceedings discuss the latest achievements, research findings and advances in frontier disciplines in the field of construction management and real estate. Covering a wide range of topics, including New-type urbanization, land development and land use, urban planning and infrastructure construction, housing market and housing policy, real estate finance and investment, new theories and practices on construction project management, smart city, BIM technologies and applications, construction management in big data era, green architecture and eco-city, rural rejuvenation and eco-civilization, other topics related to construction management and real estate, the discussions provide valuable insights into the advancement of construction management and real estate in the new era. The book is an outstanding reference resource for academics and professionals alike.

Cyber Security Intelligence and Analytics

Cyber Security Intelligence and Analytics
Author: Zheng Xu,Saed Alrabaee,Octavio Loyola-González,Xiaolu Zhang,Niken Dwi Wahyu Cahyani,Nurul Hidayah Ab Rahman
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 1084
Release: 2022-03-22
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9783030978747

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This book presents the outcomes of the 2022 4th International Conference on Cyber Security Intelligence and Analytics (CSIA 2022), an international conference dedicated to promoting novel theoretical and applied research advances in the interdisciplinary field of cyber-security, particularly focusing on threat intelligence, analytics, and countering cyber-crime. The conference provides a forum for presenting and discussing innovative ideas, cutting-edge research findings and novel techniques, methods and applications on all aspects of cyber-security intelligence and analytics. Due to COVID-19, authors, keynote speakers and PC committees will attend the conference online.

Greening Affordable Housing

Greening Affordable Housing
Author: Abdullateef Olanrewaju,Zalina Shari,Zhonghua Gou
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 339
Release: 2019-02-05
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781351595414

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Books on green building theories, principles and strategies applicable to life cycles of all kinds of buildings and building types are already widely available. However, those specifically on greening affordable housing that guide various housing stakeholders at different life cycles are still very limited. This book intends to fill this gap. Integrating green building enables stakeholders to address the environmental component that has not traditionally been seen as an integral part of affordable housing development. The book presents theories and principles with practical methods, strategies and processes not only to make affordable housing green but also to support economic stability and social equity.

Whole Life Cycle Costing

Whole Life Cycle Costing
Author: Abdelhalim Boussabaine,Richard Kirkham
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 264
Release: 2008-04-15
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9780470759158

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Whole life-cycle costing (WLCC) is rapidly becoming the standard method for the long-term cost appraisal of buildings and civil infrastructure projects. With clients now demanding buildings that demonstrate value for money over the long term, WLCC has become an essential tool for those involved in the design, construction, operation and risk analysis of construction projects. Whole-life costing: risk and risk responses offers a thorough grounding in both the theory and practical application of WLCC. Part I deals with the fundamentals, providing the general background to appreciate WLCC concepts and whole life risk management techniques at the key decision-making milestones through a project’s life. Part II covers the design stage, including service life forecasting and environmental life-cycle assessment techniques in WLCC. Practical frameworks both for assessing whole life risks and risk responses, as well as guidance on developing WLCC budget estimates are also developed. In Part III, the authors consider WLCC during the construction and operations stages, with a strong emphasis upon risk analysis methods and dynamic WLCC assessment. With its mixture of established theory, best practice and innovative approaches, this book will help you make more accurate assessments of the long-term cost effectiveness of projects by: providing a thorough grounding in the theory of WLCC demonstrating how decision-making uncertainty can be reduced by basing choices on sound risk management principles identifying a systematic approach to planning the post-occupancy costs.