Live Like You Were Scrying

Live Like You Were Scrying
Author: Lily Harper Hart
Publsiher: Independently Published
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2023-02-03
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9798358567948

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The weather in Casper Creek has yet to turn and Hannah Hickok is determined to take advantage of her downtime to engage in a bit of romance with her fiancé Cooper Wyatt. Unfortunately for her, the world has other plans. An eerie howl draws Hannah and Cooper to Main Street during a snowstorm, and what they find confuses them. There's some sort of monster stalking the downtown area, and a woman has appeared out of nowhere in the creature's wake only to collapse in front of them. Before Hannah can call for help, the woman disappears, leaving a mystery and a monster hunt on the menu. Casper Creek's history is long and storied. This time, however, the trouble can be traced back to Hannah's own family. It seems the woman who disappeared has ties to her grandmother...and Abigail doesn't want to share the details with anybody, including her own family. Frustrated, Hannah keeps digging, but what she finds is a mystery for the ages. It seems the stories she always heard, the ones about her late grandfather being a saint, might've been more fiction than reality. The truth of his past is about to collide with Hannah's future. And nobody will ever be the same again.


Author: Lisa Williamson
Publsiher: Lisa Williamson
Total Pages: 61
Release: 2014-07-30
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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A village destroyed, its people slaughtered, a young elf woman enslaved. It is up to her last remaining relative to save her before she too is lost. Her life as she knew it is gone, will he save her before her life ends? The First book of the Saga of Loralil Greyfox, a young elf maiden. She sees her family killed, her village destroyed and everything as she knows it ends.

Mediumship Scrying Transfiguration for Beginners

Mediumship Scrying   Transfiguration for Beginners
Author: Diana Palm
Publsiher: Llewellyn Worldwide
Total Pages: 216
Release: 2017-08-08
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 9780738752686

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Unlock Your Spiritual Sight and Experience the Spirit World Everyone can gain the ability to see spirits and communicate with loved ones in the spirit world, whether you're a medium or not. Mediumship Scrying & Transfiguration for Beginners shows how to develop skills for mediumship, scrying, séances, transfiguration, clearing your space, and protecting yourself from harm. Designed for everyone from psychics to everyday people who are curious about spirituality and the afterlife, this book will help you see past life images, ghosts, and loved ones in spirit. There's a great deal of comfort in knowing that life continues after death. This book will show you how to gain first-hand experiences of the other side, whether its seeing spirits manifest in a crystal ball, in a transfiguration, or through any number of different physical materials. With step-by-step instructions and explanations of tools and techniques, author Diana Palm will show you that the gift of psychic sight is available to everyone.

The Tarot Life Planner

The Tarot Life Planner
Author: Lady Lorelei
Publsiher: Godsfield Press
Total Pages: 450
Release: 2022-04-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 9781841815220

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Discover the Tarot and learn how to use it to explore your emotions, reveal and plan for the future, manifest your desires and heighten your spiritual practice. Learn how to use the Tarot to unlock life's mysteries, change your physical reality and discover your path to true happiness. The Tarot Life Planner is an essential bible for every Tarot practitioner. Each card entry includes information on how to interpret its appearance in a spread and exercises for working with that card individually to connect with and channel its unique energy. Explore questions about the present and future in gradual and increasing complexity, with over 30 spreads accompanied by sample readings to help demonstrate how to interpret the cards in the context of a spread. With detailed guidance on how to seek answers for specific questions about your inner self, your priorities, career, love life and journey towards true happiness, anyone can become a master at reading the Tarot. You will also discover how to deepen your spiritual practice using the Tarot with exercises, meditations and rituals that go beyond conventional readings. Learn how to use the Tarot to: - Scry revelations from a single card - Use the Tarot to guide your meditations - Reveal your inner-self - Engage in spiritual healing - Find the daily affirmation you need - Open yourself up to love - Find your Heartmate - Manifest the life you want This book is illustrated with the Soprafino deck from 1835, illustrated in the tradition of the Tarot of Marseilles. However, the wealth of information provided will help anyone familiar with the Rider-Waite deck to interpret the cards, and work with any Tarot of their choice.

Scrying the Divine

Scrying the Divine
Author: Taylor Ellwood
Publsiher: Taylor Ellwood
Total Pages: 92
Release: 2023-08-08
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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In Scrying the Divine I share intermediate and advanced techniques for using the magical technology of scrying to help you contact spirits and get answers and results. Scrying can be a powerful method for working with spirits that engages all of your senses and brings them into alignment with the spirits you are working with. In this book you’ll learn my unique approach to scrying that can help you take your own scrying practice to the next level. You will learn the following: How to create the ideal environment for scrying whether you’re outside or inside. What tools to use for scrying (including modern technology!) How to use multiple scrying techniques at the same time to develop your spirit communication. How use scrying to change your behavior and habits. and much more! If you’re ready to learn a unique approach to scrying that helps you communicate more effectively with spirits and empowers you to change the deepest behavior patterns within you, then you’ll want to get this book and change everything you know about scrying.

Talking to the Goddess

Talking to the Goddess
Author: Dayanara Blue Star
Publsiher: Dayanara Blue Star
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2024
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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In the book "Talking to the Goddess", you will explore the five elements of nature, which are the earth, water, fire, air, and spirit, and which will help you improve your ability to connect with the divine. The elements are known as Mother Nature’s messengers. Communicating with them on a daily basis can strengthen your mind, body, and spirit and draw you even closer to the goddess. You will also read more about communicating with nature and exploring the tools of divination available to you, as well as mediation techniques to use for extra guidance.

Scrying the Secrets of the Future

Scrying the Secrets of the Future
Author: Cassandra Eason
Publsiher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2006-12-08
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 9781632657954

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Scrying the Secrets of the Future offers practical, hands-on guidance to using a wide variety of methods from many cultures and ages-from Ancient Egypt, the Aztecs and Mayans, and Classical Greece and Rome to Medieval European magicians, village wise women and 21st century coffee-shop divination. Discussion of each method includes its history and cultural background, traditional practices, and how to adapt these techniques to the needs of the modern world and everyday decision-making.

Earth Divination Earth Magic

Earth Divination  Earth Magic
Author: John Michael Greer
Publsiher: Aeon Books
Total Pages: 200
Release: 2019-04-09
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9781912807093

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Here is a complete guide to the lost art of geomancy - one of the major divination systems that are part of the Western magical tradition.Geomancy is simple, quick, and direct - anyone can get answers to any question in a matter of moments by learning how to read the patterns revealed by the 16 symbolic figures formed of single and double points. During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, geomancy was used by everyone from popes to peasants because it provided practical, useful results.Often mistaken for feng shui or ley lines, or hidden within poorly explained tables and charts, geomancy has become something of a lost art - until now. Earth Divination, Earth Magic provides a fascinating look into the history, theory, and practice of geomancy, including a thorough set of instructions for both casting and interpreting a chart for yourself, or a friend.