Long Shadows

Long Shadows
Author: David Baldacci
Publsiher: Grand Central Publishing
Total Pages: 515
Release: 2022-10-11
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781538719794

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From the author of The 6:20 Man, “Memory Man” Amos Decker—an FBI consultant with perfect recall—delves into a bewildering double homicide in this new thriller in David Baldacci's #1 New York Times bestselling series. When Amos Decker is called to South Florida to investigate a double homicide, the case appears straightforward: A federal judge and her bodyguard have been found dead, the judge’s face sporting a blindfold with two eye holes crudely cut out, a clear sign that she’d made one too many enemies over her years on the bench. What at first seems cut and dry is anything but: Not only did the judge have more enemies than Decker can count—from violent gang members, drug dealers, and smugglers to a resentful ex-husband—but the bodyguard presents additional conundrums that muddy the waters even further. Who was the real target in this vicious attack? Meanwhile, Decker must contend with a series of unsettling changes, including a new partner—Special Agent Frederica “Freddie” White—and a devastating event that brings Decker’s own tragic past back to the present . . . and forces him to reckon with his future. As potential witnesses start disappearing, Decker and White are inexorably pulled down a twisted tunnel of secrets, crimes, and scandal—at the end of which lies Decker’s deadliest threat yet.

Long Shadows

Long Shadows
Author: Erna Paris
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Total Pages: 512
Release: 2015-05-05
Genre: History
ISBN: 9781632864185

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One of the most urgent issues facing the world today is how countries shape historical memory in the aftermath of calamity, making decisions that cast long shadows into the future. Combining gripping storytelling with sharp observation, Erna Paris takes us on an extraordinary journey through four continents to explore how nations reinvent themselves after cataclysmic events. She travels through the United States, with its long-buried memory of slavery; to South Africa, where the Truth and Reconciliation Commission struggles to heal the wounds left by apartheid; to Japan, France, and Germany, where the unresolved pain of Hiroshima and the Holocaust still resonate; and to the former Yugoslavia, where she exposes the cynical shaping of historical memory. Through its insightful analysis, Long Shadows compels us to question where we stand as individuals in relation to our own collective histories. Erna Paris is the winner of ten national and international writing awards, three for Long Shadows. She is the author of six critically acclaimed books of literary non-fiction, including The End of Days: A Story of Tolerance, Tyranny and the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain, which won the 1996 Canadian National Jewish Book Award for History. She lives in Toronto. Winner of the Pearson Writers' Trust Non-Fiction Award, the inaugural Shaugnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing, and the Dorothy Shoichet prize for history from the Canadian Jewish Book Awards. 'Long Shadows is magnificent. I would love to see this book taught in every history class in America.' - Iris Chang, author of The Rape of Nanking 'Enlightening...Riveting...Paris raises questions of enormous importance.' - Kirkus 'Paris convincingly demonstrates that memory is not only selective but subject to calculated efforts to serve personal needs and national interests.' - The Christian Science Monitor 'Erna Paris gives us a rich, if p

Night of Long Shadows

Night of Long Shadows
Author: Paul Crilley
Publsiher: Wizards of the Coast
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2010-01-26
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780786956494

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Explore the dark under-belly of Khorvaire with Eberron's version of the private detective - The Inquisitives! Nights of the Long Shadow: the three nights of the year when the darkest powers of the world gain strength and rise to prey upon the unwary. When one of Sharn's most famed Inquisitives is hired to investigate a brutal murder at Morgrave University, his brilliance may be his damnation, as he uncovers a trail of blood leading from the deediest neighborhoods of the City of Towers to the highest reaches of power.

Long Shadows

Long Shadows
Author: Cecilia Dominic
Publsiher: AIBHS
Total Pages: 324
Release: 2017-09-15
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781945074134

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Her secret nature has the supernatural world thirsty for her blood. Can she unleash her inner wolf before enemies hound her to her death? Lonna Marconi never wanted any of this. Struggling to accept her new form as a werewolf, she’s desperate to maintain her normal life as a social worker and part-time PI. But when her heightened senses reveal her boss’s devious plans, she flees her pack and heads to the mountains to escape capture. Unable to ditch the hunters on her tail by the time she finds her friends, Lonna fights tooth and nail to protect her kin. And when she awakens from a tranquilizer in the arms of a handsome wizard, she’s terrified to discover that she’s lost her hidden beast… and her only chance of survival. Can she claw her way out before evil claims her life? Long Shadows is the heart-pounding second book in the Lycanthropy Files urban fantasy series. If you like complex characters, forbidden romance, and dangerous moonlight afflictions, then you’ll love Cecilia Dominic’s snarky tale. Buy Long Shadows to howl for freedom today!


Publsiher: Graphic India
Total Pages: 27
Release: 2022
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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THE PERFECT JUMPING ON POINT! Grant Morrison’s epic creation continues with a whole new story-arc of 18 Days begins with the Pandava warriors running low on supplies and morale as the immortal powerhouse Bheeshma continues to decimate them by the thousands on the battlefield. The Pandava army needs a new strategy and a new hope to end the terrible rage of this unstoppable superwarrior.

Long Shadows High Hopes The Life and Times of Matt Johnson The The

Long Shadows  High Hopes  The Life and Times of Matt Johnson   The The
Author: Neil Fraser
Publsiher: Omnibus Press
Total Pages: 485
Release: 2018-06-07
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781787590854

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From life in an East End pub to fame on a global stage, Matt Johnson – founder, songwriter and visionary lynchpin of iconic band The The – created some of the most engaging, challenging and enduring music of his era. Then he walked away from it all. In this authorised biography Neil Fraser has drawn back the curtain on a brilliant enigma. Neil Fraser has gained unprecedented access to Matt Johnson and his The The archives. He has conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with Johnson and those involved in his life and work, including Johnny Marr, Johanna St Michaels, JG Thirlwell and Tim Pope. Long Shadows, High Hopes reveals the whole story, from early days to glory days. It examines the man behind the iconic songs and the acclaimed albums – an outspoken political lyricist and visionary force who made a success of living on his own terms. With the announcement from Matt Johnson in in 2017 that The The would appear again, this book reveals what has prompted him to step out of the long shadows after so long.

The Long Shadows

The Long Shadows
Author: Andrew Erlich,Cara Van Miriah
Publsiher: eBookIt.com
Total Pages: 534
Release: 2012-07-10
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780977408986

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The Long Shadows: A True-Life Novel The Long Shadows is a fascinating true-life novel about Jacob Reuben Erlich, who, at 8 foot 6, was among the tallest men in the world. Best known by his stage name, Jack Earle, he would overcome crippling shyness, depression, temporary blindness and the physical challenges of a giant's frame to earn widespread acclaim during his career as a silent film star, circus performer, artist, poet and vaudevillian. Drawing on ten years of research culled from family lore, newspaper archives, historical documents and the recorded recollections of Earle's contemporaries, author Andrew Erlich weaves a fascinating bio-fictional account of a remarkable man and the cast of colorful characters who knew him. Along the way, we learn a great deal about courage, character, and one man's unique perspective on a broad sweep of history that encompassed the Great Depression, the immigrant experience in turn-of-the-century Texas, silent films, life in the circus, the modern art movement and the domestic anti-Semitism that accompanied the run-up to World War II.

Warriors Power of Three 5 Long Shadows

Warriors  Power of Three  5  Long Shadows
Author: Erin Hunter
Publsiher: Harper Collins
Total Pages: 341
Release: 2008-11-25
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 9780060892142

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The Clans are in turmoil. ShadowClan has turned its back on StarClan and pledged to follow the dark predictions of Sol, the strange cat who foretold the solar eclipse. But not all the cats have lost faith in their warrior ancestors. . . . Jaypaw is convinced that StarClan still holds an important place in the warrior code, and his search for answers leads him far back into the past, farther back than even StarClan can remember. Lionblaze, tortured by violent dreams and bloody visions, wishes he had never been prophesied to be one of the three but to turn his back on his littermates would be the ultimate betrayal. And Hollyleaf is terrified that once the Clans lose their faith, the warrior code will fall apart. She's willing to fight tooth and nail to preserve it—whatever the cost. And when murder stalks into the heart of ThunderClan, the cats realize that the darkest shadows don't always lie outside the territory.