Modern Inference Based on Health Related Markers

Modern Inference Based on Health Related Markers
Author: Albert Vexler,Jihnhee Yu,Jiaojiao Zhou
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2024-05-01
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780128152485

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Modern Inference Based on Health Related Markers: Biomarkers and Statistical Decision Making provides a compendium of biomarkers based methodologies for respective health related fields and health related marker-specific biostatistical techniques. These methodologies may be applied to various problems encountered in medical and epidemiological studies. This book introduces correct and efficient testing mechanisms including procedures based on bootstrap and permutation methods with the aim of making these techniques assessable to practical researchers. In the biostatistical aspect, it describes how to correctly state testing problems, but it also includes novel results, which have appeared in current statistical publications. The book discusses also modern applied statistical developments that consider data-driven techniques, including empirical likelihood methods and other simple and efficient methods to derive statistical tools for use in health related studies. The title is a valuable source for biostaticians, practitioners, theoretical and applied investigators, and several members of the biomedical field who are interested in learning more about efficient evidence-based inference incorporating several forms of markers measurements. Combines modern epidemiological and public health discoveries with cutting edge biostatistical tools, including relevant software codes, offering one full package to meet the demand of practical investigators Includes the emerging topics from real health fields in order to display recent advances and trends in Biomarkers and associated Decision Making areas Written by researchers who are leaders of Epidemiological and Biostatistical fields, presenting up-to-date investigations related to the measuring health issues, emerging fields of biomarkers, designing health studies and their implementations, clinical trials and their practices and applications, different aspects of genetic markers

Applications of Modern Linguistics

Applications of Modern Linguistics
Author: Moha Ennaji,Fatima Sadiqi
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 360
Release: 1994
Genre: Computational linguistics
ISBN: UOM:39015034200652

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Foundations of Evidence Based Medicine

Foundations of Evidence Based Medicine
Author: Milos Jenicek
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 400
Release: 2019-09-19
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780429584350

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This comprehensive text focuses on reasoning, critical thinking and pragmatic decision making in medicine. Based on the author’s extensive experience and filled with definitions, formulae, flowcharts and checklists, this fully revised second edition continues to provide invaluable guidance to the crucial role that clinical epidemiology plays in the expanding field of evidence-based medicine. Key Features: • Considers evidence-based medicine as a universal initiative common to all health sciences and professions, and all specialties within those disciplines • Demonstrates how effective practice is reliant on proper foundations, such as clinical and fundamental epidemiology, and biostatistics • Introduces the reader to basic epidemiological methods, meta-analysis and decision analysis • Shows that structured, modern, argumentative reasoning is required to build the best possible evidence and use it in practice and research • Outlines how to make the most appropriate decisions in clinical care, disease prevention and health promotion Presenting a range of topics seldom seen in a single resource, the innovative blend of informal logic and structured evidence-based reasoning makes this book invaluable for anyone seeking broad, in-depth and readable coverage of this complex and sometimes controversial field.

Innovative Strategies Statistical Solutions and Simulations for Modern Clinical Trials

Innovative Strategies  Statistical Solutions and Simulations for Modern Clinical Trials
Author: Mark Chang,John Balser,Jim Roach,Robin Bliss
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 218
Release: 2019-03-20
Genre: Mathematics
ISBN: 9781351214520

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"This is truly an outstanding book. [It] brings together all of the latest research in clinical trials methodology and how it can be applied to drug development.... Chang et al provide applications to industry-supported trials. This will allow statisticians in the industry community to take these methods seriously." Jay Herson, Johns Hopkins University The pharmaceutical industry's approach to drug discovery and development has rapidly transformed in the last decade from the more traditional Research and Development (R & D) approach to a more innovative approach in which strategies are employed to compress and optimize the clinical development plan and associated timelines. However, these strategies are generally being considered on an individual trial basis and not as part of a fully integrated overall development program. Such optimization at the trial level is somewhat near-sighted and does not ensure cost, time, or development efficiency of the overall program. This book seeks to address this imbalance by establishing a statistical framework for overall/global clinical development optimization and providing tactics and techniques to support such optimization, including clinical trial simulations. Provides a statistical framework for achieve global optimization in each phase of the drug development process. Describes specific techniques to support optimization including adaptive designs, precision medicine, survival-endpoints, dose finding and multiple testing. Gives practical approaches to handling missing data in clinical trials using SAS. Looks at key controversial issues from both a clinical and statistical perspective. Presents a generous number of case studies from multiple therapeutic areas that help motivate and illustrate the statistical methods introduced in the book. Puts great emphasis on software implementation of the statistical methods with multiple examples of software code (both SAS and R). It is important for statisticians to possess a deep knowledge of the drug development process beyond statistical considerations. For these reasons, this book incorporates both statistical and "clinical/medical" perspectives.

Validity and Validation in Social Behavioral and Health Sciences

Validity and Validation in Social  Behavioral  and Health Sciences
Author: Bruno D. Zumbo,Eric K.H. Chan
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 327
Release: 2014-09-26
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9783319077949

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This book combines an overview of validity theory, trends in validation practices and a review of standards and guidelines in several international jurisdictions with research synthesis of the validity evidence in different research areas. An overview of theory is both useful and timely, in view of the increased use of tests and measures for decision-making, ranking and policy purposes in large-scale testing, assessment and social indicators and quality of life research. Research synthesis is needed to help us assemble, critically appraise and integrate the overwhelming volume of research on validity in different contexts. Rather than examining whether any given measure is “valid”, the focus is on a critical appraisal of the kinds of validity evidence reported in the published research literature. The five sources of validity evidence discussed are: content-related, response processes, internal structure, associations with other variables and consequences. The 15 syntheses included here, represent a broad sampling of psychosocial, health, medical and educational research settings, giving us an extensive evidential basis to build upon earlier studies. The book concludes with a meta-synthesis of the 15 syntheses and a discussion of the current thinking of validation practices by leading experts in the field.

Environmental Health Perspectives

Environmental Health Perspectives
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 1724
Release: 2000
Genre: Environmental health
ISBN: RUTGERS:39030033070899

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Narrative Medicine and Community Based Health Care and Planning

Narrative Medicine and Community Based Health Care and Planning
Author: John W Murphy,Berkeley A. Franz,Jung Min Choi,Karen A. Callaghan
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 136
Release: 2017-09-30
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9783319618579

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This progressive resource brings the innovative power of narrative medicine to the forefront of community public health care. Chapters describe community involvement across a continuum of control, from health consultants describing problems and suggesting solutions to health committees designing programs and evaluating results. Narrative strategies to this end, including authentic dialogue and community mapping, are examined in the context of public health and fleshed out with examples of different levels of participation by community members. From the respectful collaboration modeled here, the principles of community public health care can potentially expand beyond the immediate community into other social domains on a greater scale. Included in the coverage: · Narratives, local knowledge, and world entry. · Community and narratives. · What is dialogue? · Storylines, causes, and locus of interventions. · Community mapping tells a story. · The politics of storytelling. Narrative Medicine and Community-Based Health Care and Planning gives health psychologists, sociologists, social workers, and public health administrators realistic practical insights for tapping into the unique resources communities and clients have to offer. This is the next step in the evolution of public health, toward large-scale improvements in care delivery, access to and relevance of services, and patient and community outcomes.

Contemporary Psychiatry

Contemporary Psychiatry
Author: Fritz Henn,Norman Sartorius,Hanfried Helmchen,Hans Lauter
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 2260
Release: 2013-11-11
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9783642595196

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The German version of this work has a long tradition, and this fourth edition is the first to see an English version. Its main feature is the international approach regarding both authors and topics. The four internationally renowned editors were able to acquire the leading specialists for each field as contributors to the book. No less than 120 authors, half of them from non-German speaking countries, ensure an extremely high standard and that cross-cultural aspects are considered. Another major feature is that the book presents the evidence such that it may be examined from at least four different entry points -- via basic disciplines of psychiatric knowledge about groups defined by demographic criteria. Detailed linkages to other chapters allow the inclusion of neighbouring disciplines, such as the neurosciences and molecular biology. Contemporary Psychiatry is also unique in including chapters on psychiatric disorders caused by catastrophes, disasters etc. -- aspects totally neglected by normal textbooks. While this book gives an overall view of the state of the art of psychiatric knowledge, it even goes so far as to suggest future perspectives.