Aminoff s Neurology and General Medicine

Aminoff s Neurology and General Medicine
Author: Michael J. Aminoff,S.Andrew Josephson
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 1392
Release: 2014-02-18
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780124077386

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Aminoff's Neurology and General Medicine is the standard and classic reference providing comprehensive coverage of the relationship between neurologic practice and general medicine. As neurologists are asked to consult on general medical conditions, this reference provides an authoritative tool linking general medical conditions to specific neurologic issues and disorders. This is also a valuable tool for the general practitioner seeking to understand the neurologic aspects of their medical practice. Completely revised with new chapters covering metastatic disease, bladder disease, psychogenic disorders, dementia, and pre-operative and post-operative care of patients with neurologic disorders, this new edition will again be the go-to reference for both neurologists and general practitioners. The standard authoritative reference detailing the relationship between neurology and general medicine 100% revised and updated with several new chapters Well illustrated, with most illustrations in full color

Neurology and General Medicine

Neurology and General Medicine
Author: Michael Jeffrey Aminoff
Publsiher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Total Pages: 1306
Release: 2008-01-01
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780443067075

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Better understand your patients' complete medical profile and provide the best possible care! This one-of-a-kind reference provides a practical look at neurological disease and how it affects, and is affected by, other disease. It helps neurologists manage patients with co-existing medical conditions, and helps internists understand and treat the neurological manifestations of patients' primary diseases. A new emphasis on diagnosis and management-including advances in pharmacology, genetic-based therapies, and new imaging techniques-makes this 4th Edition more clinically valuable than ever! Focused content highlights the vital links between neurology and other medical specialties, promoting a better understanding of all disciplines, as well as enhancing patient care. Comprehensive coverage of advances in pharmacology, such as new antibiotics for infectious diseases, helps you successfully manage a full range of diseases and disorders. An interdisciplinary team of authors provides insight into the neurological aspects of the conditions you see in daily practice. Easy-to-read chapters apply equally well to neurologists and non-neurologists, providing essential knowledge that covers the full spectrum of medical care. Expanded chapters emphasize key diagnostic and therapeutic information, including appropriate testing and treatments for neurological disease. An emphasis on advances in pharmacology and new imaging techniques helps you better manage your patients and understand how new drugs or therapies will affect your patients and practice. New chapters on auditory and vestibular disease, ocular disease, and cutaneous disease provide a well-rounded look at the specialty. Updated illustrations make complex concepts easier to understand and apply.

The Interface of Neurology Internal Medicine

The Interface of Neurology   Internal Medicine
Author: José Biller
Publsiher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Total Pages: 1086
Release: 2008
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 0781779065

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This book is the first comprehensive reference on the interface between neurology and internal medicine. In 171 chapters organized by organ system, the book examines the neurologic manifestations of dozens of medical conditions, the neurologic effects of drugs, organ transplantation, and other treatments, and the medical comorbidities or complications—iatrogenic or otherwise—that neurologists must diagnose and treat in patients with neurologic disease. Most chapters are co-authored by a neurologist and a non-neurologic specialist. Each chapter presents information in an accessible format and includes a case vignette and the authors' recommendations for the case. A companion Website provides a multiple-choice question for each chapter and the fully searchable text, with case vignettes and recommendations linked.

Neurology Internal Medicine

Neurology   Internal Medicine
Author: Ambar Chakravarty
Publsiher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Total Pages: 636
Release: 2021-10-08
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9789354652066

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The Hospital Neurology Book

The Hospital Neurology Book
Author: Arash Salardini,Jose Biller
Publsiher: McGraw Hill Professional
Total Pages: 982
Release: 2016-04-22
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780071845823

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A practical, protocol-oriented guide to the practice of neurology in the hospital setting A Doody's Core Title for 2019! Hospital neurology is one of the fastest growing subspecialties within neurology. Running an efficient and effective neurohospitalist line is important to the financial success of hospitals and the physicians employed there. Many neurology patients also have internal medicine problems, and often it is a general hospitalist without neurology training who treat these patients. These physicians sorely need more information on neurology. Conversely, neurologists caring for these patients have only had one year of internal medicine training and require more guidance on medical problems. Given these realities, there is a need for a resource on hospital neurology. With The Hospital Neurology Book, Drs. Salardini and Biller have created a practical, concise, and useful work that guides both neurologists and internists in the areas in which their training is currently not sufficient for hospital practice. The Hospital Neurology Book features a highly readable format, providing information physicians can act upon, including recipes and protocols for patient care and question-based chapter headings that lead physicians to the exact issue they are dealing with in the moment. Each chapter (or chapter section as appropriate) opens with a case study, setting the stage in a highly practical manner, and ends with high yield summary points useful for consolidating learning.

Neurology for General Practitioners E Book

Neurology for General Practitioners   E Book
Author: Roy Beran
Publsiher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Total Pages: 266
Release: 2011-11-25
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780729580809

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This compact guide has been written to assist those who often see in their practices the early symptoms and signs of neurological disorders — primary health care physicians, family physicians, rural doctors and isolated practitioners. The text is a useful aid in the diagnosis of neurological disorders such as epilepsy, stroke and Parkinson’s disease which typically are first seen by GPs, and addresses the majority of common disorders encountered in general practice. Neurology for GPs will also assist with the management of ongoing complications at a primary care level with chapters structured around clinical management — history, examination, investigation and treatment, together with clinical examples and explanations.

Office Practice of Neurology

Office Practice of Neurology
Author: Martin A. Samuels,Steven K. Feske
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 1572
Release: 2003
Genre: Medical
ISBN: UOM:39015059990567

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This comprehensive text is the perfect clinical resource, offering quick access to all of the information needed to provide out-patient neurologic care. It focuses on the common and chronic problems that require long-term management, and provides step-by-step guidance on the decision-making process. Readers will find an expanded section on multiple sclerosis as well as updated and revised information in every section, including all of the latest studies and their results. Plus, a table at the beginning of each chapter summarizes the authors' approaches to diagnosis and management. Features contributions from more than 200 authors, representing a wide spectrum of specialists in neurology and related fields. Covers the major problems that any practicing neurologist might encounter, including those that may be rare. Presents a wealth of useful clinical information with enough comprehensive coverage on the difficult, long-term, and complicated disorders. Features an expanded section on multiple sclerosis, with in-depth discussions on the clinical issues surrounding the disease. Discusses the latest molecular genetic studies, including new information on the progressive ataxias · Alzheimer's disease · Huntington's disease · mitochondrial disorders · and familial stroke and headache syndromes. Reports on the results of recent clinical studies on asymptomatic carotid atherosclerosis and symptomatic carotid endarterectomy. Includes the latest methods for treating stroke · seizures · multiple sclerosis · migraine · Parkinson's disease · amyotrophic lateral sclerosis · and Alzheimer's disease. Presents a summary table at the beginning of each chapter, highlighting the authors' approaches to various problems of diagnosis and management.

Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience E Book

Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience E Book
Author: Anthony H. V. Schapira
Publsiher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Total Pages: 1653
Release: 2006-12-18
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780323070539

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This brand-new text provides you with an easy-to-use, comprehensive reference that features a clinical perspective balanced with relevant basic science. Inside, you'll find discussions of the latest research and how it has led to a greater understanding of the cause of disease, as well as burgeoning tests and the latest therapeutic agents available. From Alzheimer's disease to vestibular system disorders, you'll find the practical guidance you need to diagnose effectively and provide an appropriate therapeutic approach for each individual case. Plus, a templated, four-color design offers you easy access to pertinent information Integrates basic science with clinical neurology to help you better understand neurologic diseases and provide the most accurate diagnosis and best treatment plan for each patient. Discusses the latest research results and offers new information on treatment options. Features the expertise of international authorities, providing a worldwide perspective. Uses a templated, four-color format that makes information accessible and easy to understand—particularly the basic science concepts.