News Search Blogs and Feeds

News Search  Blogs and Feeds
Author: Lars Vage,Lars Iselid
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 258
Release: 2010-09-27
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781780631813

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This book is about news search and monitoring. Aimed at professionals with a strategic need of monitoring the surrounding world, users with a need to find the best news sources, monitoring services and news search strategies and techniques will benefit from reading this book. The main purpose is to present a practical handbook with an analysis of readily available tools, blending with passages of a theoretical nature. It is also useful for students at LIS programmes and related information programmes and for librarians and information professionals. The authors aim to aid the reader in reaching a greater understanding of the core in news search and monitoring. Presents effective tools to evaluate news search engines and databases Harness the power of RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds in online news search and monitoring Learn how to navigate and critically question the news found in the blogosphere

The Art of SEO

The Art of SEO
Author: Eric Enge,Stephan Spencer,Rand Fishkin,Jessie Stricchiola
Publsiher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Total Pages: 606
Release: 2009-10-21
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781449391058

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Four acknowledged experts in search engine optimization share guidelines and innovative techniques that will help you plan and execute a comprehensive SEO strategy. This second edition brings you up to date on recent changes in search engine behavior—such as new ranking methods involving user engagement and social media—with an array of effective tactics, from basic to advanced. Comprehend SEO’s many intricacies and complexities Explore the underlying theory and inner workings of search engines Understand the role of social media, user data, and links Discover tools to track results and measure success Recognize how changes to your site can confuse search engines Learn to build a competent SEO team with defined roles Glimpse the future of search and the SEO industry Visit for late-breaking updates, checklists, worksheets, templates, and guides.

The Art of Strategic Listening

The Art of Strategic Listening
Author: Robert I. Berkman
Publsiher: Paramount Market Publishing
Total Pages: 276
Release: 2008
Genre: Business intelligence
ISBN: 0978660277

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Social media is the catch-all name for blogs, Web forums, YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook and the other internet-based sites where consumers converse and share content. All of this unsolicited and authentic discussion and opinion can be a great source of marketplace insight for companies.From paying close attention to consumer discussions on blogs and other social media, you can discover what new products or product features consumers would like to see, and stay alert to emerging trends in your industry that could create new opportunities for your company.Robert Berkman, an experienced information specialist with several books to his credit, gives detailed directions for specialized blog searches, setting up RSS feeds, and tracking buzz. He also provides detailed information about vendors who supply blog monitoring services and discusses the pros and cons of using vendors or doing it yourself.For marketers, public relations firms, strategic business analysts, and corporate planners, this book gives you everything you need to know to begin finding market intelligence in social media. You will learn to look for trends, distinguish a trend from a fad, and determine the credibility of the information you uncover.Moreover, Berkman provides you with tips on organizing all the information you find to help you sift through it, locate just the valuable and relevant content, and reduce information overload.

Information Resources in Toxicology

Information Resources in Toxicology
Author: P.J. Bert Hakkinen,Asish Mohapatra,Steven G. G. Gilbert
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 1552
Release: 2009-08-19
Genre: Science
ISBN: 0080920039

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This latest version of Information Resources in Toxicology (IRT) continues a tradition established in 1982 with the publication of the first edition in presenting an extensive itemization, review, and commentary on the information infrastructure of the field. This book is a unique wide-ranging, international, annotated bibliography and compendium of major resources in toxicology and allied fields such as environmental and occupational health, chemical safety, and risk assessment. Thoroughly updated, the current edition analyzes technological changes and is rife with online tools and links to Web sites. IRT-IV is highly structured, providing easy access to its information. Among the “hot topics covered are Disaster Preparedness and Management, Nanotechnology, Omics, the Precautionary Principle, Risk Assessment, and Biological, Chemical and Radioactive Terrorism and Warfare are among the designated. • International in scope, with contributions from over 30 countries • Numerous key references and relevant Web links • Concise narratives about toxicologic sub-disciplines • Valuable appendices such as the IUPAC Glossary of Terms in Toxicology • Authored by experts in their respective sub-disciplines within toxicology

Blogs Wikis Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms

Blogs  Wikis  Podcasts  and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms
Author: Will Richardson
Publsiher: Corwin Press
Total Pages: 169
Release: 2009
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781412959711

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Written for novice or experienced users of the Internet and applicable to all grade levels, this revised edition explains the evolution of the "read-write Web" and its relevance to state and local curriculum standards. The author provides real-life classroom examples and specific teaching applications for integrating Web-based tools with instruction, plus how-to steps for using Weblogs, Wikis, Rich Site Summary (RSS), aggregators, social bookmarking, and online photo galleries.

Classroom Blogging

Classroom Blogging
Author: David Warlick
Total Pages: 190
Release: 2007
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 9781430326762

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Weblogs are about reading and writing. Literacy is about reading and writing. Blogging equals literacy. How rarely does an aspect of how we live and work plug so perfectly into how we teach and learn? Reading this book will give teachers important clues not only in how to become a blogger and to make their students bloggers, but also how this new avenue of expression is revolutionizing the information environment that we live in.

Search Engine Optimization For Dummies

Search Engine Optimization For Dummies
Author: Peter Kent
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 486
Release: 2012-07-03
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781118396124

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Increase your online ranking with this beginner guide to SEO! Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of getting a site to rank high in the various search engines in order to attract potential customers. With this new edition of a bestseller, you?ll learn the ins and outs and best practices of successful SEO in order to make your website content more search-engine friendly so that it ranks higher among search engines and draws high-volume traffic. Covers search engine basics to help you get started Introduces new coverage on content marketing and reuse, new tracking tools, platform management, and reputation management Details ways to build search-engine friendly sites, register your site with directories and indexes, and use analysis tools to track results Explains how to use link popularity in order to boost rankings Zeroes in on advertising your site by using pay-per-click options Search Engine Optimization For Dummies, 5th Edition is the fun and friendly place to start learning how to move your site to the top of the rankings.

Untangling the Web

Untangling the Web
Author: National Security Agency (NSA)
Publsiher: Peter Young
Total Pages: 650
Release: 2013
Genre: Computer network resources
ISBN: 9780984284498

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Use the internet like a real spy. Untangling the Web is the National Security Agency's once-classified guide to finding information on the internet. From the basic to the advanced, this 650-page book offers a fascinating look at tricks the "real spies" use to uncover hidden (and not-so-hidden) information online. Chapters include: Google hacks Metasearch sites Custom search engines Maps & mapping Uncovering the invisible internet Beyond search engines: Specialized research tools Email lookups Finding people Researching companies A plain english guide to interworking Internet toolkits Finding ISPs Cybergeography Internet privacy and security ....and over a hundred more chapters. This quote from the authors hints at the investigative power of the techniques this book teaches: Nothing I am going to describe to you is illegal, nor does it in any way involve accessing unauthorized data, [...but] involves using publicly available search engines to access publicly available information that almost certainly was not intended for public distribution. From search strings that will reveal secret documents from South Africa ( filetype: xls site: za confidential ) to tracking down tables of Russian passwords ( filetype: xls site: ru login ), this is both an instructive and voyeuristic look at how the most powerful spy agency in the world uses Google.