Mental Health Effects of COVID 19

Mental Health Effects of COVID 19
Author: Ahmed Moustafa
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 350
Release: 2021-06-11
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9780128242889

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The physical effects of COVID-19 are felt globally. However, one issue that has not been sufficiently addressed is the impact of COVID-19 on mental health. During the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens worldwide are enduring widespread lockdowns; children are out of school; and millions have lost their jobs, which has caused anxiety, depression, insomnia, and distress. Mental Health Effects of COVID-19 provides a comprehensive analysis of mental health problems resulting from COVID-19, including depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, trauma, and PTSD. The book includes chapters detailing the impact of COVID-19 on the family’s well-being and society dynamics. The book concludes with an explanation on how meditation and online treatment methods can be used to combat the effects on mental health. Discusses family dynamics, domestic violence, and aggression due to COVID-19 Details the psychological impact of COVID-19 on children and adolescents Includes key information on depression, anxiety, and suicide as a result of COVID-19

Psychiatry of Pandemics

Psychiatry of Pandemics
Author: Damir Huremović
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 185
Release: 2019-05-15
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9783030153465

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This book focuses on how to formulate a mental health response with respect to the unique elements of pandemic outbreaks. Unlike other disaster psychiatry books that isolate aspects of an emergency, this book unifies the clinical aspects of disaster and psychosomatic psychiatry with infectious disease responses at the various levels, making it an excellent resource for tackling each stage of a crisis quickly and thoroughly. The book begins by contextualizing the issues with a historical and infectious disease overview of pandemics ranging from the Spanish flu of 1918, the HIV epidemic, Ebola, Zika, and many other outbreaks. The text acknowledges the new infectious disease challenges presented by climate changes and considers how to implement systems to prepare for these issues from an infection and social psyche perspective. The text then delves into the mental health aspects of these crises, including community and cultural responses, emotional epidemiology, and mental health concerns in the aftermath of a disaster. Finally, the text considers medical responses to situation-specific trauma, including quarantine and isolation-associated trauma, the mental health aspects of immunization and vaccination, survivor mental health, and support for healthcare personnel, thereby providing guidance for some of the most alarming trends facing the medical community. Written by experts in the field, Psychiatry of Pandemics is an excellent resource for infectious disease specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, immunologists, hospitalists, public health officials, nurses, and medical professionals who may work patients in an infectious disease outbreak.

The COVID 19 Pandemic

The COVID 19 Pandemic
Author: Amoneeta Beckstein,Noor Hassline Mohamed,Dennis Relojo-Howell,Nicholas Pang Tze Ping,Rona dela Rosa,Paul B. Hutchings,Katie E. Sullivan
Publsiher: Universiti Malaysia Sabah Press
Total Pages: 142
Release: 2021-05-04
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9789672962519

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This book offers a comprehensive overview of recent COVID-19 associated challenges posed in relation to mental health and well-being. An understanding of the topics covered in the book is essential in the context of designing strategies to protect our mental health and well-being from further harm due to the pandemic. Not only can professionals in the fields of psychiatry, counselling and education benefit from this book but so can the public and private sectors and the general public.

Social In Justice and Mental Health

Social  In Justice and Mental Health
Author: Ruth S. Shim, M.D., M.P.H.,Sarah Y. Vinson, M.D.
Publsiher: American Psychiatric Pub
Total Pages: 298
Release: 2020-12-09
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781615373383

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"Social (In)Justice and Mental Health introduces readers to the concept of social justice and role that social injustice plays in the identification, diagnosis, and management of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Unfair and unjust policies and practices, bolstered by deep-seated beliefs about the inferiority of some groups, has led to a small number of people having tremendous advantages, freedoms, and opportunities, while a growing number are denied those liberties and rights. The book provides a framework for thinking about why these inequities exist and persist and provides clinicians with a road map to address these inequalities as they relate to racism, the criminal justice system, and other systems and diagnoses. Social (In)Justice and Mental Health addresses the context in which mental health care is delivered, strategies for raising consciousness in the mental health profession, and ways to improve treatment while redressing injustice"--

COVID 19 Pandemic Mental health life habit changes and social phenomena

COVID 19 Pandemic  Mental health  life habit changes and social phenomena
Author: Daria Smirnova,Konstantinos N. Fountoulakis,Xenia Gonda,Pedro Morgado
Publsiher: Frontiers Media SA
Total Pages: 1399
Release: 2023-01-19
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9782832511756

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Outbreak Investigation Mental Health in the Time of Coronavirus COVID 19

Outbreak Investigation  Mental Health in the Time of Coronavirus  COVID 19
Author: Ursula Werneke,Dinesh Kumar Bhugra,Bernd Löwe,Christina Maria Van Der Feltz-Cornelis,Antonio Ventriglio
Publsiher: Frontiers Media SA
Total Pages: 499
Release: 2022-03-14
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9782889746675

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Investing in the Health and Well Being of Young Adults

Investing in the Health and Well Being of Young Adults
Author: National Research Council,Institute of Medicine,Board on Children, Youth, and Families,Committee on Improving the Health, Safety, and Well-Being of Young Adults
Publsiher: National Academies Press
Total Pages: 431
Release: 2015-01-27
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780309309981

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Young adulthood - ages approximately 18 to 26 - is a critical period of development with long-lasting implications for a person's economic security, health and well-being. Young adults are key contributors to the nation's workforce and military services and, since many are parents, to the healthy development of the next generation. Although 'millennials' have received attention in the popular media in recent years, young adults are too rarely treated as a distinct population in policy, programs, and research. Instead, they are often grouped with adolescents or, more often, with all adults. Currently, the nation is experiencing economic restructuring, widening inequality, a rapidly rising ratio of older adults, and an increasingly diverse population. The possible transformative effects of these features make focus on young adults especially important. A systematic approach to understanding and responding to the unique circumstances and needs of today's young adults can help to pave the way to a more productive and equitable tomorrow for young adults in particular and our society at large. Investing in The Health and Well-Being of Young Adults describes what is meant by the term young adulthood, who young adults are, what they are doing, and what they need. This study recommends actions that nonprofit programs and federal, state, and local agencies can take to help young adults make a successful transition from adolescence to adulthood. According to this report, young adults should be considered as a separate group from adolescents and older adults. Investing in The Health and Well-Being of Young Adults makes the case that increased efforts to improve high school and college graduate rates and education and workforce development systems that are more closely tied to high-demand economic sectors will help this age group achieve greater opportunity and success. The report also discusses the health status of young adults and makes recommendations to develop evidence-based practices for young adults for medical and behavioral health, including preventions. What happens during the young adult years has profound implications for the rest of the life course, and the stability and progress of society at large depends on how any cohort of young adults fares as a whole. Investing in The Health and Well-Being of Young Adults will provide a roadmap to improving outcomes for this age group as they transition from adolescence to adulthood.

The Psychology of Pandemics

The Psychology of Pandemics
Author: Steven Taylor
Publsiher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Total Pages: 175
Release: 2019-12
Genre: Epidemics
ISBN: 1527539598

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Pandemics are large-scale epidemics that spread throughout the world. Virologists predict that the next pandemic could occur in the coming years, probably from some form of influenza, with potentially devastating consequences. Vaccinations, if available, and behavioral methods are vital for stemming the spread of infection. However, remarkably little attention has been devoted to the psychological factors that influence the spread of pandemic infection and the associated emotional distress and social disruption. Psychological factors are important for many reasons. They play a role in nonadherence to vaccination and hygiene programs, and play an important role in how people cope with the threat of infection and associated losses. Psychological factors are important for understanding and managing societal problems associated with pandemics, such as the spreading of excessive fear, stigmatization, and xenophobia that occur when people are threatened with infection. This book offers the first comprehensive analysis of the psychology of pandemics. It describes the psychological reactions to pandemics, including maladaptive behaviors, emotions, and defensive reactions, and reviews the psychological vulnerability factors that contribute to the spreading of disease and distress. It also considers empirically supported methods for addressing these problems, and outlines the implications for public health planning.