Age Blasters

Age Blasters
Author: Ed Mayhew
Publsiher: Dog Ear Publishing
Total Pages: 188
Release: 2009-04
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9781598589085

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Fitness Look, Feel & Be Years Younger What you are doing and thinking day after day is causing you to age slower or AGE FASTER! Experts say that if you are typical, the speed at which you age doubles every eight years. This doesn't have to happen to you. We all know basically what to do - exercise more, eat better, get needed rest & sleep, stress less and adopt a more positive attitude - but few follow through. Age Blasters gives you a 3-step tool to easily jump from KNOWING to DOING to ENJOYING being biologically years younger. You will discover how easy it is to: Bridge the gap between knowing what to do and doing it! Slash skyrocketing healthcare costs Maintain a sharp mind all your life Enjoy, AT YOUR AGE, more energy than most 20-year-olds Use a single thought to significantly slow aging and transform your life Quit destructive habits cold turkey with this single technique Be biologically younger than folks decades your junior WOW - what a stimulating, motivating page turner! - - - I dare you to read AGE BLASTERS without becoming motivated to start 'growing your own body younger!' These are real people who took charge of their Mind, Body and Spirit to start turning back the clock - and their lives into a blast - and you can do it, too! Ed Mayhew has written a winner and it is all for your benefit. -- Barbara Reed Stitt, Ph.D., author: Best-Selling book, " Food & Behavior, A Natural Connection." Ed Mayhew is the author of Fitter after 50: Forever Changing Our Beliefs about Aging and Fitter for Life: The Secrets of 25 Masters of Fitness. For his books, magazine articles and newsletters he has researched and interviewed hundreds of masters athletes who are redefining what it means to age. These men and women, ages 40 to 80 and better, through their age-defying athletic feats of endurance, strength and speed, are challenging our self-sabotaging beliefs about aging. They are proving that much, if not most, of the physical deterioration (and mental decline) that we blame on aging is actually the result of choices we have made and continue to make., You are just 3 simple steps from looking, feeling and being younger. What are you waiting for?"

Swords and Blasters

Swords and Blasters
Author: Cynthia Woolf
Publsiher: Firehouse Publishing
Total Pages: 562
Release: 2014-05-02
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9781947075320

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SWORDS AND BLASTERS – Two complete sci-fi romance series in one box set, The CENTAURI Series and THE SWORDS OF GREGARA series. In the CENTAURI SERIES we have: CENTAURI DAWN – Meet Audra and Darius. She’s a princess and he’s her knight in shining armor on the planet Centauri. Just one problem, she’s promised to his brother. CENTAURI TWILIGHT – Anton Coridian has promised his queen to find her sister, but Lara is not the pampered princess he expected. Lara, Audra’s twin sister has been a sex slave for most of her life, she deserves a happily ever after, but first she vows to see all of her people freed. CENTAURI MIDNIGHT – Kitari Dolana is on a mission to find the man responsible for her brother’s death. Garrick Marcus, spaceship captain is after the same man. Together they discover that good friends sometimes make the best lovers. In the SWORDS OF GREGARA SERIES we have: JENALA – Alone after her father’s murder, Jenala Delasa must fight for survival against the man who murdered him. Santro Baltin is just the man she needs to help her bring the killer to justice. RIZA – Plastic surgeon, Riza Lamrona, was the only one left who could identify him. Now she’s on the run from one of her patients. Darick Remaul, former Space Patrol officer is the one man on the planet who can help her survive. HONORA – She gave up everything to become a member of the Gregarian Guard. Now captured and enslaved, Honora Reyestat must fight for her life. Joridan Dolana was assumed dead when he was captured by the slavers that hold Honora. Together they must escape or die.

The Cellulite Myth

The Cellulite Myth
Author: Ashley Black,Joanna Hunt
Publsiher: Post Hill Press
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2017-02-07
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781682612897

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Forget everything you've ever been told about cellulite—it's a myth! Ashley Black, fascia pioneer, and body guru to the stars, unveils never before known secrets to obliterating cellulite and changing your personal health paradigm. For years we've been conditioned to believe that cellulite is a fat problem, yet skinny girls have it, active girls have it, sedentary girls it, curvy girls have it, older women have it and, guess what, so do younger women. In fact, 90% of women struggle with it . . . you are not alone! The appearance of fat is affected by the sticky webbing of tissue it's housed in called fascia—which can be manipulated. Get ready for the most radical shift in health and beauty of the century! Obliterate cellulite, transform your body, and revolutionize your life!

Successfully Recover Insurance Benefits and Other Promises

Successfully Recover Insurance Benefits and Other Promises
Author: Michael Werb
Publsiher: Heywer
Total Pages: 340
Release: 2003
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 0972664416

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Neck pain, back pain, headaches, muscle pain from accidents in the car, home, or workplace, or from disease (arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.) - however caused, chronic pain brings many challenges and personal losses. The "Surviving the Chronic Pain Experience" books are guides to improving the life of a person with chronic pain. Issues of adequate medical care, alternative medicine, lost insurance and employment benefits, future insurance protection, employment alternatives, legal struggles, dignity, compassion, and more are addressed. Heartfelt stories, along with detailed research, are summarized and presented. Endorsed by highly acclaimed attorneys, professors, and survivors, "Surviving The Chronic Pain Experience: Successfully Recover Insurance Benefits and Other Promises" focuses on recovering several types of insurance benefits, employee benefits, etc., for health care, lost wages, and more. An index and 25 appendixes of forms and letters are included for the reader's use. A separate book, "Surviving the Chronic Pain Experience: Understand and Manage Medical Care and Life Changes," is also available.

The Role of Homeopathy in the Patient s Disease

The Role of Homeopathy in the Patient s Disease
Author: Dr. Saran Zeb
Publsiher: AuthorHouse
Total Pages: 404
Release: 2022-01-25
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781665595995

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This book contains 18 chapters. The first chapter contains the life of Dr. Hahnemann. The second chapter contains different methods of homeopathic treatment. In chapter third, I discuss case taking. Chapter four contains a case analysis. Chapter five consists of homeopathic repertorisation and in chapter six, I discuss the minimum doses. Chapter seven onward consists of various health issues and mentioned the cases which I treated last 25-years. I mentioned a few hundred cases in this book and contains different types of methods. Each chapter is divided into three parts, therapeutic method, classical method and revolutionised method. Chapter 18 contains Materia Medica. I include 15 remedies which can be used daily bases in homeopathic practice.

The Rock Blaster

The Rock Blaster
Author: Henning Mankell
Publsiher: Vintage
Total Pages: 194
Release: 2020-02-18
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780525566168

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Henning Mankell's first novel, never before released in English, explores the reflections of a working class man who has struggled against the constraints of his station for his entire life. A VINTAGE ORIGINAL. The year is 1911. The young rock blaster Oskar Johansson has been killed in an accident. Or so it says in the local newspaper. In spite of serious injuries, however, Oskar survives. Decades later, Oskar looks back and reflects on his working life as an invalid, his marriage, his dreams, and his hopes. Oskar's life is woven together out of fragments of voices, images, and episodes that, taken together, provide a sharp and precise picture of life in Sweden for the working class.

Hive Invasion

Hive Invasion
Author: James Axler
Publsiher: Gold Eagle
Total Pages: 218
Release: 2015-01-01
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781460344842

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DUST DWELLERS Seeking refuge in a post-Armageddon America, Ryan Cawdor and his crew of misfits travel together for survival and sanity. Known as Deathlands, this lawless hellscape is defined by destruction, death and despair. Only those who persevere with the belief in a better future stand a chance in this world where each day brings a new, and potentially lethal, struggle. HARNESSED MINDS Desperate to find water and shelter on the barren plains of former Oklahoma, Ryan and his team come upon a community that appears, at first, to be peaceful. Then the ville is attacked by a group of its own inhabitants—people infected with a parasite that has turned them into slave warriors for an unknown overlord. The companions try to help fend off the enemy and protect the remaining population, but when Ryan is captured during a second ambush, all hope seems lost. Especially when he launches an assault against his own crew.

Intergalactic Wars Rise of the Flame Order

Intergalactic Wars  Rise of the Flame Order
Author: Josh Zimmer
Publsiher: Josh Zimmer
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2020-07-03
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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In a galaxy far far away, the Flame Order are bounty hunters that want to leave no one alive. Justin is a scavenger, and he realizes that his destiny is to save the galaxy, when a vibroblade called out to him, while getting in a conflict with Commander Plasma and the Flame Order