British Pantomime Performance

British Pantomime Performance
Author: Millie Taylor
Publsiher: Intellect Books
Total Pages: 210
Release: 2007
Genre: Chrismas plays
ISBN: 9781841501741

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British pantomime, a blend of commedia dell’arte and vaudeville-style performance, uses cross-dressing, familiar children’s stories such as Cinderella, and shouts from the audience as the basis for its matchless theatrical spectacle. Millie Taylor’s British Pantomime Performance explores how pantomime creates an interactive relationship with—and potentially transformative experience for—its audiences. In its uniquely British form, pantomime draws viewers into the story through an engagement with the hero, an empathetic attachment to the success of the quest, and a complicit relationship between actors and spectators as they unite to create the live performance. A heady combination of slapstick, dance, and witty repartee, British pantomime strives to seek balance between the intellectual appreciation of artifice, the chaotic possibilities of interactivity, and the emotional engagement of narrative storytelling. British Pantomime Performance digs beneath the jokes to force a reevaluation of pantomime’s importance as a dramatic art form. “Their [industry professionals] contributions provide a fascinating insight not only into some of the secrets and tricks that help produce the magic we see on stage, but also help complement and develop the ideas of the author. I would highly recommend it to anyone working in pantomime or teaching it in the post-16 sector.”—Journal of the Society of Teachers of Speech and Drama “It is rare for a scholarly work to be so handy with the nuts and bolts of performance. Millie Taylor has been the musical director of British professional pantomimes, and there has never been a better guide that this to the true priorities of those who stalwartly produce them.”—Peter Thompson, Editor of Studies in Theatre & Performance


Author: Laura Lam
Publsiher: Pan Macmillan
Total Pages: 400
Release: 2015-12-03
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781509807765

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From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Seven Devils 'A fantastical, richly drawn, poignant take on a classic coming-of-age story' – Leigh Bardugo In a land of lost wonders, the past is stirring once more . . . Gene's life resembles a debutante's dream. Yet she hides a secret that would see her shunned by the nobility. Gene is both male and female. Then she displays unwanted magical abilities - last seen in mysterious beings from an almost-forgotten age. Matters escalate further when her parents plan a devastating betrayal, so she flees home, dressed as a boy. The city beyond contains glowing glass relics from a lost civilization. They call to her, but she wants freedom not mysteries. So, reinvented as 'Micah Grey', Gene joins the circus. As an aerialist, she discovers the joy of flight - but the circus has a dark side. She's also plagued by visions foretelling danger. A storm is howling in from the past, but will she heed its roar? 'A lyrical, stunningly written debut novel' – Amy Alward


Author: Karl Toepfer
Publsiher: Vosuri Media
Total Pages: 1320
Release: 2019-08-19
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9781733249737

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This book offers perhaps the most comprehensive history of pantomime ever written. No other book so thoroughly examines the varieties of pantomimic performance from the early Roman Empire, when the term “pantomime” came into use, until the present. After thoroughly examining the complexities and startlingly imaginative performance strategies of Roman pantomime, the author identifies the peculiar political circumstances that revived and shaped pantomime in France and Austria in the eighteenth century, leading to the Pierrot obsession in the nineteenth century. Modernist aesthetics awakened a huge, highly diverse fascination with pantomime. The book explores an extraordinary variety of modernist and postmodern approaches to pantomime in Germany, Austria, France, numerous countries of Eastern Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Chile, England, and The United States. Making use of many performance and historical documents never before included in pantomime histories, the book also discusses pantomime’s messy relation to dance, its peculiar uses of music, its “modernization” through silent film aesthetics, and the extent to which writers, performers, or directors are “authors” of pantomimes. Just as importantly, the book explains why, more than any other performance medium, pantomime allows the spectator to see the body as the agent of narrative action.

A History of Pantomime

A History of Pantomime
Author: Maureen Hughes
Publsiher: Remember When
Total Pages: 187
Release: 2013-11-14
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9781844680771

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Each Christmas entire families in the UK troop off to see, what one could almost say is 'the obligatory'. annual entertainment, known as Pantomime. It is a traditional, seasonal way of life for the British envied the world over, and one which only the British seem to understand! Pantomime serves both to entertain and to introduce each new generation to the joys of theatre in the most unique of ways, for this is not a type of theatre one merely watches, but one in which the audience participate – often in the most seemingly boisterous and bizarre of ways. The whole experience is steeped in tradition, traditions which only the British seem to understand, which is probably why we are proud to call it a 'British Experience.'??In A History of Pantomime Maureen Hughes takes a brief look at the history of Pantomime as well as taking a humorous look at some of the above mentioned traditions; she also gives a synopsis of each of the well-known Pantomimes whilst exploring the eccentric world of the characters who appear in them. There is also a short piece on just some of the most well-known and loved of the actors who each Christmas take on the part of Pantomime Dames across the UK, as well as a look at others who have contributed to this magical world of fun and eccentricity. It is thought by some to be frivolous and pointless piece of theatre, but a browse through this informative book and you will soon find that Pantomime is an art form all of its own, requiring the most dedicated and talented of actors/actresses who are prepared to honour and perpetuate this wonderful tradition as it is passed down from one generation to the next.??As seen in The Telegraph and the Sunday Post (Glasgow).

New Directions in Ancient Pantomime

New Directions in Ancient Pantomime
Author: Edith Hall,Rosie Wyles
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 500
Release: 2008-11-20
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780199232536

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"The study discusses all the key ancient sources for pantomime, and includes an appendix of selected source texts with translations keyed to the essays. It also prints a newly updated English translation of Jacob of Sarugh's Homilies on the Spectacles of the Theatre, one of the most important, though neglected, pieces of evidence for pantomime."--BOOK JACKET.

Music Pantomime and Freedom in Enlightenment France

Music  Pantomime and Freedom in Enlightenment France
Author: Hedy Law
Publsiher: Boydell & Brewer
Total Pages: 287
Release: 2020
Genre: Enlightenment
ISBN: 9781783275601

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How did composers and performers use the lost art of pantomime to explore and promote the Enlightenment ideals of free expression?

The Golden Age of Pantomime

The Golden Age of Pantomime
Author: Jeffrey Richards
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 456
Release: 2014-10-23
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9780857724724

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Of all the theatrical genres most prized by the Victorians, pantomime is the only one to have survived continuously into the twenty-first century. It remains as true today as it was in the 1830s, that a visit to the pantomime constitutes the first theatrical experience of most children and now, as then, a successful pantomime season is the key to the financial health of most theatres. Everyone went to the pantomime, from Queen Victoria and the royal family to the humblest of her subjects. It appealed equally to West End and East End, to London and the provinces, to both sexes and all ages. Many Victorian luminaries were devotees of the pantomime, notably among them John Ruskin, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll and W.E. Gladstone. In this vivid and evocative account of the Victorian pantomime, Jeffrey Richards examines the potent combination of slapstick, spectacle and subversion that ensured the enduring popularity of the form. The secret of its success, he argues, was its continual evolution. It acted as an accurate cultural barometer of its times, directly reflecting current attitudes, beliefs and preoccupations, and it kept up a flow of instantly recognisable topical allusions to political rows, fashion fads, technological triumphs, wars and revolutions, and society scandals. Richards assesses throughout the contribution of writers, producers, designers and stars to the success of the pantomime in its golden age. This book is a treat as rich and appetizing as turkey, mince pies and plum pudding.

How to Write a Pantomime

How to Write a Pantomime
Author: Lesley Cookman
Publsiher: Accent Press
Total Pages: 137
Release: 2010-04-15
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9781907726026

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There are thousands of pantomimes staged throughout the world every year, most of them in Britain. Most groups, whether they be amateur drama societies, schools, Women's Institutes or Village Hall committees are constantly on the lookout for something fresh and original. This is often a matter of economics, as professional pantomimes can be costly in terms of performing rights, let alone the cost of scripts. This book is aimed at those people who take part in this increasingly popular hobby, and at the writer who wishes to write a pantomime, either for a local group, or, indeed, for mass publication.