Professing Criticism

Professing Criticism
Author: John Guillory
Publsiher: University of Chicago Press
Total Pages: 424
Release: 2023-01-13
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9780226821306

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"As the humanities in higher education struggle with a jobs crisis and declining enrollments, the travails of "English" have been especially acute and long-standing. No scholar has analyzed the discipline's contradictions as authoritatively as John Guillory, whose 1993 book Cultural Capital: The Problem of Literary Canon Formation remains a classic and whose subsequent essays on the profession of literary study have been widely cited. In this much-anticipated new book, Guillory shows how literary study has been organized, both historically and in the modern era, both before and after its professionalization. The traces of this volatile history, he shows, have solidified into permanent features of the university. Yet the discipline continues to be troubled by the relation between discipline and profession, both in its ambivalence about the literary object and in its anxious embrace of a professionalism that betrays the discipline's relation to its amateur precursor: criticism. In a series of essays, several previously unpublished, Guillory unpacks what it means to "profess criticism." His book gives a timely and incisive explanation for the perennial churn in literary study, the constant revolutionizing of its methods and objects, and the permanent crisis of its professional identification. It closes with a robust outline of five key rationales for literary study, offering a credible account of the aims of the discipline and a reminder to the professoriate of what they already do, and often do well"--

Professing Sincerity

Professing Sincerity
Author: Susan B. Rosenbaum
Publsiher: University of Virginia Press
Total Pages: 308
Release: 2007
Genre: American poetry
ISBN: 0813926106

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Sincerity--the claim that the voice, figure, and experience of a first-person speaker is that of the author--has dominated both the reading and the writing of Anglo-American poetry since the romantic era. Most critical studies have upheld an opposition between sincerity and the literary marketplace, contributing to the widespread understanding of the lyric poem as a moral refuge from the taint of commercial culture. Guided by the question of why we expect poetry to be sincere, Susan Rosenbaum reveals in Professing Sincerity: Modern Lyric Poetry, Commercial Culture, and the Crisis in Reading that, in fact, sincerity in the modern lyric was in many ways a product of commercial culture. As she demonstrates, poets who made a living from their writing both sold the moral promise that their lyrics were sincere and commented on this conflict in their work. Juxtaposing the poetry of Wordsworth and Frank O'Hara, Charlotte Smith and Sylvia Plath, and Anna Laetitia Barbauld and Elizabeth Bishop, Rosenbaum shows how on the one hand, through textual claims to sincerity poets addressed moral anxieties about the authenticity, autonomy, and transparency of literature written in and for a market. On the other hand, by performing their "private" lives and feelings in public, she argues, poets marketed the self, cultivated celebrity, and advanced professional careers. Not only a moral practice, professing sincerity was also good business. The author focuses on the history of this conflict in both British romantic and American post-1945 poetry. Professing Sincerity will appeal to students and scholars of Anglo-American lyric poetry, of the history of authorship, and of gender studies and commercial culture.

Professing Literature

Professing Literature
Author: Gerald Graff
Publsiher: University of Chicago Press
Total Pages: 340
Release: 2008-11-15
Genre: Education
ISBN: 0226305252

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Widely considered the standard history of the profession of literary studies, Professing Literature unearths the long-forgotten ideas and debates that created the literature department as we know it today. In a readable and often-amusing narrative, Gerald Graff shows that the heated conflicts of our recent culture wars echo—and often recycle—controversies over how literature should be taught that began more than a century ago. Updated with a new preface by the author that addresses many of the provocative arguments raised by its initial publication, Professing Literature remains an essential history of literary pedagogy and a critical classic. “Graff’s history. . . is a pathbreaking investigation showing how our institutions shape literary thought and proposing how they might be changed.”— The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism

The Rebuke of History

The Rebuke of History
Author: Paul V. Murphy
Publsiher: Univ of North Carolina Press
Total Pages: 372
Release: 2001
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 080784960X

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In 1930, a group of southern intellectuals led by John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, Donald Davidson, and Robert Penn Warren published I'll Take My Stand: The South and the Agrarian Tradition. A stark attack on industrial capitalism and a defiant celeb

The Homiletic Review

The Homiletic Review
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 1895
Genre: Theology
ISBN: UCAL:B3078694

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Hidden Designs Routledge Revivals

Hidden Designs  Routledge Revivals
Author: Jonathan Crewe
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 182
Release: 2014-06-27
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9781317675372

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This 1986 study offers a challenging contribution to the on-going critical debate surrounding the English literary Renaissance. Although informed by the ‘new historicism’ and post-structuralism, Hidden Designs makes a plea for criticism to be practiced in its own name rather than in the name of theory, and opposes the hyper-professionalisation of literary studies in favour of the broader communal functions of criticism. Major Renaissance authors and their recent critics are placed under ‘suspicion’ as Crewe explores the elements of ‘criminality’ inherent in the powerful interests –personal, institutional, political and cultural – served by the literary enterprise, or channelled through it. Revisionary readings of Sidney, Spenser, Puttenham and Shakespeare are linked by a continuing commentary on the history and theoretical claims of Renaissance criticism.

The Fortnightly

The Fortnightly
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 1084
Release: 1903
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: UCR:31210021151608

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Mankind in the Making

Mankind in the Making
Author: Herbert George Wells
Publsiher: United Holdings Group
Total Pages: 396
Release: 1916
Genre: Anthropology
ISBN: UIUC:30112048434697

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