A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK Guide Seventh Edition and The Standard for Project Management BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge  PMBOK   Guide      Seventh Edition and The Standard for Project Management  BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE
Author: Project Management Institute Project Management Institute
Publsiher: Project Management Institute
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2021-08-01
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781628256888

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PMBOK&® Guide is the go-to resource for project management practitioners. The project management profession has significantly evolved due to emerging technology, new approaches and rapid market changes. Reflecting this evolution, The Standard for Project Management enumerates 12 principles of project management and the PMBOK&® Guide &– Seventh Edition is structured around eight project performance domains.This edition is designed to address practitioners' current and future needs and to help them be more proactive, innovative and nimble in enabling desired project outcomes.This edition of the PMBOK&® Guide:•Reflects the full range of development approaches (predictive, adaptive, hybrid, etc.);•Provides an entire section devoted to tailoring the development approach and processes;•Includes an expanded list of models, methods, and artifacts;•Focuses on not just delivering project outputs but also enabling outcomes; and• Integrates with PMIstandards+™ for information and standards application content based on project type, development approach, and industry sector.

HR Manager s Guide to Project Management

HR Manager s Guide to Project Management
Author: Sandra Weeks
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 214
Release: 2010
Genre: Project management
ISBN: 0779814517

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"The main objective of this book is to provide the Human Resources manager with the basic principles and tools associated with project management. These are explained in such a manner that they may be applied to the range of specialized human resources projects that may be carried out within an organization"--P. [4] de la couv.

Project Management in Practice

Project Management in Practice
Author: Garry N. Boychuk
Publsiher: FriesenPress
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2021-09-15
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781039102873

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This book is a practical guide to more effective delivery of capital infrastructure projects. Current manuals tend to be impractical and heavy on terminology with an unnatural focus on the project management requirements over the actual deliverable, the infrastructure. This book addresses how to effectively deliver infrastructure projects and provides practical tools, methods, and procedures to enable a diligent project manager to increase their productivity and delivery of infrastructure (from typical 35% to as high as 95%). To enable effective implementation, strategies are laid out for a conscientious Project Manager to better communicate clearly, completely, and effectively with all project stakeholders.

Project Management for Humans

Project Management for Humans
Author: Brett Harned
Publsiher: Rosenfeld Media
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2017-07-01
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781933820354

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Project management—it’s not just about following a template or using a tool, but rather developing personal skills and intuition to find a method that works for everyone. Whether you’re a designer or a manager, Project Management for Humans will help you estimate and plan tasks, scout and address issues before they become problems, and communicate with and hold people accountable.

Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager

Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager
Author: Kory Kogon,Suzette Blakemore,James Wood
Publsiher: BenBella Books, Inc.
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2015-04-07
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781941631119

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No project management training? No problem! In today's workplace, employees are routinely expected to coordinate and manage projects. Yet, chances are, you aren't formally trained in managing projects—you're an unofficial project manager. FranklinCovey experts Kory Kogon, Suzette Blakemore, and James Wood understand the importance of leadership in project completion and explain that people are crucial in the formula for success. Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager offers practical, real-world insights for effective project management and guides you through the essentials of the people and project management process: Initiate Plan Execute Monitor/Control Close Unofficial project managers in any arena will benefit from the accessible, engaging real-life anecdotes, memorable “Project Management Proverbs," and quick reviews at the end of each chapter. If you're struggling to keep your projects organized, this book is for you. If you manage projects without the benefit of a team, this book is also for you. Change the way you think about project management—"project manager" may not be your official title or necessarily your dream job, but with the right strategies, you can excel.

Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management
Author: Jim Highsmith
Publsiher: Pearson Education
Total Pages: 432
Release: 2009-07-10
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 0321659171

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Best practices for managing projects in agile environments—now updated with new techniques for larger projects Today, the pace of project management moves faster. Project management needs to become more flexible and far more responsive to customers. Using Agile Project Management (APM), project managers can achieve all these goals without compromising value, quality, or business discipline. In Agile Project Management, Second Edition, renowned agile pioneer Jim Highsmith thoroughly updates his classic guide to APM, extending and refining it to support even the largest projects and organizations. Writing for project leaders, managers, and executives at all levels, Highsmith integrates the best project management, product management, and software development practices into an overall framework designed to support unprecedented speed and mobility. The many topics added in this new edition include incorporating agile values, scaling agile projects, release planning, portfolio governance, and enhancing organizational agility. Project and business leaders will especially appreciate Highsmith’s new coverage of promoting agility through performance measurements based on value, quality, and constraints. This edition’s coverage includes: Understanding the agile revolution’s impact on product development Recognizing when agile methods will work in project management, and when they won’t Setting realistic business objectives for Agile Project Management Promoting agile values and principles across the organization Utilizing a proven Agile Enterprise Framework that encompasses governance, project and iteration management, and technical practices Optimizing all five stages of the agile project: Envision, Speculate, Explore, Adapt, and Close Organizational and product-related processes for scaling agile to the largest projects and teams Agile project governance solutions for executives and management The “Agile Triangle”: measuring performance in ways that encourage agility instead of discouraging it The changing role of the agile project leader

Interactive Project Management

Interactive Project Management
Author: Nancy Lyons,Meghan Wilker
Publsiher: New Riders
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2012-04-12
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9780132931328

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As an industry, interactive is different. The work entails elements of software development, marketing, and advertising, yet it’s neither purely technical nor traditional “agency” work. Delivery methods are different, and because the industry is relatively new, the gap in understanding between the clients buying the work and the teams building it is often wide. Enter the geek girls guide. Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker don’t just tell you how to deliver digital work, they demonstrate how to think about it. Interactive Project Management: Pixels, People, and Process helps clients, agencies, and industry professionals better understand the critical role of interactive project management, and presents a collaborative, people-focused approach to delivering high-quality digital work. In this book, the authors: Define the unique characteristics of interactive projects Explain the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace Discuss communication techniques that help teams work together more efficiently Outline a process and specific deliverables that clarify how to think about critical aspects of a project Provide questions, tasks, tips, and advice that effectively move teams from initiation to launch

Project Management Planning and Control

Project Management  Planning and Control
Author: Albert Lester
Publsiher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Total Pages: 460
Release: 2007
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 075066956X

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A comprehensive book on project management, covering all principles and methods with fully worked examples, this book includes both hard and soft skills for the engineering, manufacturing and construction industries. Ideal for engineering project managers considering obtaining a Project Management Professional (PMP) qualification, this book covers in theory and practice, the complete body of knowledge for both the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Association of Project Management (APM). Fully aligned with the latest 2005 updates to the exam syllabi, complete with online sample Q&A, and updated to include the latest revision of BS 6079 (British Standards Institute Guide to Project Management in the Construction Industry), this book is a complete and valuable reference for anyone serious about project management. •The complete body of knowledge for project management professionals in the engineering, manufacturing and construction sectors •Covers all hard and soft topics in both theory and practice for the newly revised PMP and APMP qualification exams, along with the latest revision of BS 6079 standard on project management in the construction industry •Written by a qualified PMP exam accreditor and accompanied by online Q&A resources for self-testing