Reliability Maintainability and Risk

Reliability  Maintainability and Risk
Author: David J. Smith
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 436
Release: 2011-06-29
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 0080969038

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Reliability, Maintainability and Risk: Practical Methods for Engineers, Eighth Edition, discusses tools and techniques for reliable and safe engineering, and for optimizing maintenance strategies. It emphasizes the importance of using reliability techniques to identify and eliminate potential failures early in the design cycle. The focus is on techniques known as RAMS (reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety-integrity). The book is organized into five parts. Part 1 on reliability parameters and costs traces the history of reliability and safety technology and presents a cost-effective approach to quality, reliability, and safety. Part 2 deals with the interpretation of failure rates, while Part 3 focuses on the prediction of reliability and risk. Part 4 discusses design and assurance techniques; review and testing techniques; reliability growth modeling; field data collection and feedback; predicting and demonstrating repair times; quantified reliability maintenance; and systematic failures. Part 5 deals with legal, management and safety issues, such as project management, product liability, and safety legislation. 8th edition of this core reference for engineers who deal with the design or operation of any safety critical systems, processes or operations Answers the question: how can a defect that costs less than $1000 dollars to identify at the process design stage be prevented from escalating to a $100,000 field defect, or a $1m+ catastrophe Revised throughout, with new examples, and standards, including must have material on the new edition of global functional safety standard IEC 61508, which launches in 2010

Handbook of Reliability Availability Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design

Handbook of Reliability  Availability  Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design
Author: Rudolph Frederick Stapelberg
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 827
Release: 2009-02-17
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781848001756

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This handbook studies the combination of various methods of designing for reliability, availability, maintainability and safety, as well as the latest techniques in probability and possibility modeling, mathematical algorithmic modeling, evolutionary algorithmic modeling, symbolic logic modeling, artificial intelligence modeling and object-oriented computer modeling.

Current Trends in Reliability Availability Maintainability and Safety

Current Trends in Reliability  Availability  Maintainability and Safety
Author: Uday Kumar,Alireza Ahmadi,Ajit Kumar Verma,Prabhakar Varde
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 738
Release: 2015-12-14
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9783319235974

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Containing selected papers from the ICRESH-ARMS 2015 conference in Lulea, Sweden, collected by editors with years of experiences in Reliability and maintenance modeling, risk assessment, and asset management, this work maximizes reader insights into the current trends in Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) and Risk Management. Featuring a comprehensive analysis of the significance of the role of RAMS and Risk Management in the decision making process during the various phases of design, operation, maintenance, asset management and productivity in Industrial domains, these proceedings discuss key issues and challenges in the operation, maintenance and risk management of complex engineering systems and will serve as a valuable resource for those in the field.

Reliability Engineering

Reliability Engineering
Author: Alessandro Birolini
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 544
Release: 2013-04-17
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9783662054093

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Using clear language, this book shows you how to build in, evaluate, and demonstrate reliability and availability of components, equipment, and systems. It presents the state of the art in theory and practice, and is based on the author's 30 years' experience, half in industry and half as professor of reliability engineering at the ETH, Zurich. In this extended edition, new models and considerations have been added for reliability data analysis and fault tolerant reconfigurable repairable systems including reward and frequency / duration aspects. New design rules for imperfect switching, incomplete coverage, items with more than 2 states, and phased-mission systems, as well as a Monte Carlo approach useful for rare events are given. Trends in quality management are outlined. Methods and tools are given in such a way that they can be tailored to cover different reliability requirement levels and be used to investigate safety as well. The book contains a large number of tables, figures, and examples to support the practical aspects.

Process Risk and Reliability Management

Process Risk and Reliability Management
Author: Ian Sutton
Publsiher: Gulf Professional Publishing
Total Pages: 798
Release: 2018-11-13
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 0128101652

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In the last twenty years considerable progress has been made in process risk and reliability management, particularly in regard to regulatory compliance. Many companies are now looking to go beyond mere compliance; they are expanding their process safety management (PSM) programs to improve performance not just in safety, but also in environmental compliance, quality control and overall profitability. Techniques and principles are illustrated with numerous examples from chemical plants, refineries, transportation, pipelines and offshore oil and gas. This book helps executives, managers and technical professionals achieve not only their current PSM goals, but also to make the transition to a broader operational integrity strategy. The book focuses on the energy and process industries- from refineries, to pipelines, chemical plants, transportation, energy and offshore facilities. The techniques described in the book can also be applied to a wide range of non-process industries. The book is both thorough and practical. It discusses theoretical principles in a wide variety of areas such as management of change, risk analysis and incident investigation, and then goes on to show how these principles work in practice, either in the design office or in an operating facility. The second edition has been expanded, revised and updated and many new sections have been added including: The impact of resource limitations, a review of some recent major incidents, the value of story-telling as a means of conveying process safety values and principles, and the impact of the proposed changes to the OSHA PSM standard. Learn how to develop a thorough and complete process safety management program. Go beyond traditional hazards analysis and risk management programs to explore a company's entire range of procedures, processes and management issues. Understand how to develop a culture of process safety and operational excellence that goes beyond simple rule compliance. Develop process safety programs for both onshore facilities (EPA, OSHA) and offshore platforms and rigs (BSEE) and to meet Safety Case requirements.

Accelerated Quality and Reliability Solutions

Accelerated Quality and Reliability Solutions
Author: Lev M. Klyatis,Eugene Klyatis
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 544
Release: 2010-07-07
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 0080459595

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Drawing of real-world issues and with supporting data from industry, this book overviews the technique and equipment available to engineers and scientists to identify the solutions of the physical essence of engineering problems in simulation, accelerated testing, prediction, quality improvement, and risk during the design, manufacturing, and maintenance stages. For this goal the book integrates Quality Improvement and Accelerated Reliability/ Durability/ Maintainability/Test Engineering concepts. Accelerated Quality and Reliability Solutions includes new and unpublished aspects in quality: - complex analysis of factors that influence product quality, and other quality development and improvement problems during design and manufacturing ; in simulation: - the strategy for development of accurate physical simulation of field input influences on the actual product – a system of control for physical simulation of the random input influences – a methodology for selecting a representative input region for accurate simulation of the field conditions; in testing: - useful accelerated reliability testing (UART) – accelerated multiple environmental testing technology – trends in development of UART technology; in studying climate and reliability; in prediction: - accurate prediction (AP) of reliability, durability, and maintainability - criteria of AP - development of techniques, etc.. The book includes new and effective aspects integration of quality, reliability, and maintainability. Other key features: Includes aspects of quality integrated with reliability which can help to solve earlier inaccessible problems during design, manufacturing, and usage Develops a new approach to improving the engineering culture for solving quality and reliability problems. Enables the accurate prediction of quality, reliability, durability, and maintainability Proposes strategies for accelerated quality, reliability, durability, and maintainability improvement and development Combines new techniques with equipment for accurate physical simulation of field situation (mechanical, electrical, multi-environmental, and other influences, as well as human and other factors) for development accelerated testing (including reliability testing) and research Overviews the latest techniques in physical simulation; accelerated testing; prediction of reliability, durability, and maintainability; quality development and improvement; safety aspects of risk assessment, especially for transportation Supported by real life examples and industry data Deals with the latest techniques in physical simulation, accelerated testing, prediction of reliability, durability, maintainability, quality development and safety aspects of risk assessment Provides step-by-step guidance on the accurate prediction of quality factors, the physical simulation of field situations and of accelerated reliability testing Dramatically reduces recalls by solving product improvement problems through the integration of quality development with reliability

Systems Reliability and Risk Analysis

Systems Reliability and Risk Analysis
Author: E.G. Frankel
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 434
Release: 2013-03-12
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9789400969209

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Ernst G. Frankel This book has its origin in lecture notes developed over several years for use in a course in Systems Reliability for engineers concerned with the design of physical systems such as civil structures, power plants, and transport vehicles of all types. Increasing public concern with the reliability o~ systems for reasons of human safety, environmental protection, and acceptable ir. vestment risk limitations has resulted in an increasing interest by engineers in the formal applica~i0n of reliability theory to e~gineering desian. At the same time there is a demand for more effective approaches to the des~gn of procedures for the operation and use of man-made syste~s and more meaningful assessment of the risks intr)duction and use of such a system poses both when operating as designed and when operating at below design performance. The purpose of the book is to provide a sound, yet practical, introduction to reliability analysis and risk assessment which can be used by professionals in engineering, planning, management, and economics to improve the design, operation, and risk assessment of systems of interest. The text should be useful for students in many disciplines and is designed for fourth~year undergraduates or first-year graduate students. I would like to acknowledge the help of many of my graduate students who contributed to the development of this book by offering comments and criticism. Similarly I would like to thank Mrs.

Mining Equipment Reliability Maintainability and Safety

Mining Equipment Reliability  Maintainability  and Safety
Author: Balbir S. Dhillon
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 201
Release: 2008-07-05
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781848002883

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From its origins in the malachite mines of ancient Egypt, mining has grown to become a global industry which employs many hundreds of thousands of people. Today, the mining industry makes use of various types of complex and sophisticated equipment, for which reliability, maintainability and safety has become an important issue. Mining Equipment Reliability, Maintainability and Safety is the first book to cover these three topics in a single volume. Mining Equipment Reliability, Maintainability and Safety will be useful to a range of individuals from administrators and engineering professionals working in the mining industry to students, researchers and instructors in mining engineering, as well as design engineers and safety professionals. All topics covered in the book are treated in such a manner that the reader requires no previous knowledge to understand the contents. Examples, solutions and test problems are also included to aid reader comprehension.