Running HashiCorp Vault in Production

Running HashiCorp Vault in Production
Author: Bryan Krausen,Dan McTeer
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 276
Release: 2020-10-24
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9798639476969

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Flexibility and security. Two characteristics that cannot be compromised in the age of multi-cloud and DevOps, yet most secrets management tools were designed around the idea that both cannot be achieved together. Enter HashiCorp Vault, built around the philosophy that securing secrets is more effective when the interaction of a secrets management service aligns with other DevOps tools available today. Vault has quickly become the de-facto solution in secrets management over recent years, finding its way into many Global 2000 companies. This book will cover multiple aspects of Vault, from planning the service, architectural design, and deployment of Vault, to managing the service once it is up and running. With a combined 40 years of experience working in technology and more than three years working specifically with Vault, Bryan and Dan walk users through the process of designing and building a production-ready Vault service.

Infrastructure as Code Automation Using Terraform Packer Vault Nomad and Consul

Infrastructure as Code Automation Using Terraform  Packer  Vault  Nomad and Consul
Author: Navin Sabharwal,Sarvesh Pandey,Piyush Pandey
Publsiher: Apress
Total Pages: 243
Release: 2021-08-24
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 1484271289

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Discover the methodologies and best practices for getting started with HashiCorp tools, including Terraform, Vault, and Packer. The book begins with an introduction to the infrastructure-as-code concept while establishing the need for automation and management technologies. You’ll go over hands-on deployment, configuration, and best practices for Terraform, Packer, Vault, Nomad, and Consul. You’ll then delve deeper into developing automation code using Terraform for automating AWS/Azure/GCP public cloud tasks; advanced topics include leveraging Vault for secrets management and Packer for image management. Along the way you will also look at Nomad and Consul for managing application orchestration along with network interconnectivity. In each chapter you will cover automated infrastructure and application deployment on the VM/container base ecosystem. The book provides sample code and best-practice guidance for developers and architects to look at infrastructure-as-code adoption from a holistic viewpoint. All the code presented in the book is available in the form of scripts, which allow you to try out the examples and extend them in interesting ways. What You Will Learn Get an overview of the architecture of Terraform, Vault, Packer, Nomad, and Consul Follow hands-on steps for enabling Terraform, Vault, Packer, Nomad, and Consul Automate various services on the public cloud, including AWS, Azure, and GCP Who This Book Is For Developers, architects, and administrators who want to learn about infrastructure-as-code automation.

Terraform Up Running

Terraform  Up   Running
Author: Yevgeniy Brikman
Publsiher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Total Pages: 417
Release: 2019-09-06
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781492046851

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Terraform has become a key player in the DevOps world for defining, launching, and managing infrastructure as code (IaC) across a variety of cloud and virtualization platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and more. This hands-on second edition, expanded and thoroughly updated for Terraform version 0.12 and beyond, shows you the fastest way to get up and running. Gruntwork cofounder Yevgeniy (Jim) Brikman walks you through code examples that demonstrate Terraform’s simple, declarative programming language for deploying and managing infrastructure with a few commands. Veteran sysadmins, DevOps engineers, and novice developers will quickly go from Terraform basics to running a full stack that can support a massive amount of traffic and a large team of developers. Explore changes from Terraform 0.9 through 0.12, including backends, workspaces, and first-class expressions Learn how to write production-grade Terraform modules Dive into manual and automated testing for Terraform code Compare Terraform to Chef, Puppet, Ansible, CloudFormation, and Salt Stack Deploy server clusters, load balancers, and databases Use Terraform to manage the state of your infrastructure Create reusable infrastructure with Terraform modules Use advanced Terraform syntax to achieve zero-downtime deployment

Jenkins 2 Up and Running

Jenkins 2  Up and Running
Author: Brent Laster
Publsiher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Total Pages: 606
Release: 2018-05-02
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781491979549

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Design, implement, and execute continuous delivery pipelines with a level of flexibility, control, and ease of maintenance that was not possible with Jenkins before. With this practical book, build administrators, developers, testers, and other professionals will learn how the features in Jenkins 2 let you define pipelines as code, leverage integration with other key technologies, and create automated, reliable pipelines to simplify and accelerate your DevOps environments. Author Brent Laster shows you how Jenkins 2 is significantly different from the more traditional, web-only versions of this popular open source automation platform. If you’re familiar with Jenkins and want to take advantage of the new technologies to transform your legacy pipelines or build new modern, automated continuous delivery environments, this is your book. Create continuous delivery pipelines as code with the Jenkins domain-specific language Get practical guidance on how to migrate existing jobs and pipelines Harness best practices and new methods for controlling access and security Explore the structure, implementation, and use of shared pipeline libraries Learn the differences between declarative syntax and scripted syntax Leverage new and existing project types in Jenkins Understand and use the new Blue Ocean graphical interface Take advantage of the capabilities of the underlying OS in your pipeline Integrate analysis tools, artifact management, and containers

HashiCorp Infrastructure Automation Certification Guide

HashiCorp Infrastructure Automation Certification Guide
Author: Ravi Mishra
Publsiher: Packt Publishing Ltd
Total Pages: 350
Release: 2021-07-15
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781800560888

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Leverage Terraform's capabilities to reuse code, write modules, automate deployments, and manage infrastructure state Key FeaturesPerform complex enterprise-grade infrastructure deployments using Terraform v1.0, the latest version of TerraformLearn to scale your infrastructure without introducing added deployment complexitiesUnderstand how to overcome infrastructure deployment challengesBook Description Terraform is a highly sought-after technology for orchestrating infrastructure provisioning. This book is a complete reference guide to enhancing your infrastructure automation skills, offering up-to-date coverage of the HashiCorp infrastructure automation certification exam. This book is written in a clear and practical way with self-assessment questions and mock exams that will help you from a HashiCorp infrastructure automation certification exam perspective. This book covers end-to-end activities with Terraform, such as installation, writing its configuration file, Terraform modules, backend configurations, data sources, and infrastructure provisioning. You'll also get to grips with complex enterprise infrastructures and discover how to create thousands of resources with a single click. As you advance, you'll get a clear understanding of maintaining infrastructure as code (IaC) in Repo/GitHub, along with learning how to create, modify, and remove infrastructure resources as and when needed. Finally, you'll learn about Terraform Cloud and Enterprise and their enhanced features. By the end of this book, you'll have a handy, up-to-date desktop reference guide along with everything you need to pass the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate exam with confidence. What you will learnEffectively maintain the life cycle of your infrastructure using Terraform 1.0Reuse Terraform code to provision any cloud infrastructureWrite Terraform modules on multiple cloud providersUse Terraform workflows with the Azure DevOps pipelineWrite Terraform configuration files for AWS, Azure, and Google CloudDiscover ways to securely store Terraform state filesUnderstand Policy as Code using Terraform SentinelGain an overview of Terraform Cloud and Terraform EnterpriseWho this book is for This book is for experienced cloud engineers, DevOps engineers, system administrators, and solution architects interested in developing industry-grade skills with Terraform. You will also find this book useful if you want to pass the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate exam. Basic command-line skills and prior knowledge of cloud environments and their services are required before getting started with this book.

Production Kubernetes

Production Kubernetes
Author: Josh Rosso,Rich Lander,Alex Brand,John Harris
Publsiher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Total Pages: 508
Release: 2021-03-16
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781492092254

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Kubernetes has become the dominant container orchestrator, but many organizations that have recently adopted this system are still struggling to run actual production workloads. In this practical book, four software engineers from VMware bring their shared experiences running Kubernetes in production and provide insight on key challenges and best practices. The brilliance of Kubernetes is how configurable and extensible the system is, from pluggable runtimes to storage integrations. For platform engineers, software developers, infosec, network engineers, storage engineers, and others, this book examines how the path to success with Kubernetes involves a variety of technology, pattern, and abstraction considerations. With this book, you will: Understand what the path to production looks like when using Kubernetes Examine where gaps exist in your current Kubernetes strategy Learn Kubernetes's essential building blocks--and their trade-offs Understand what's involved in making Kubernetes a viable location for applications Learn better ways to navigate the cloud native landscape

Terraform Cookbook

Terraform Cookbook
Author: Mikael Krief,Mitchell Hashimoto
Publsiher: Packt Publishing Ltd
Total Pages: 366
Release: 2020-10-15
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781800209626

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Discover how to manage and scale your infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Terraform Key Features Get up and running with the latest version of Terraform, v0.13 Design and manage infrastructure that can be shared, tested, modified, provisioned, and deployed Work through practical recipes to achieve zero-downtime deployment and scale your infrastructure effectively Book Description HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) has changed how we define and provision a data center infrastructure with the launch of Terraform—one of the most popular and powerful products for building Infrastructure as Code. This practical guide will show you how to leverage HashiCorp's Terraform tool to manage a complex infrastructure with ease. Starting with recipes for setting up the environment, this book will gradually guide you in configuring, provisioning, collaborating, and building a multi-environment architecture. Unlike other books, you'll also be able to explore recipes with real-world examples to provision your Azure infrastructure with Terraform. Once you've covered topics such as Azure Template, Azure CLI, Terraform configuration, and Terragrunt, you'll delve into manual and automated testing with Terraform configurations. The next set of chapters will show you how to manage a balanced and efficient infrastructure and create reusable infrastructure with Terraform modules. Finally, you'll explore the latest DevOps trends such as continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) and zero-downtime deployments. By the end of this book, you'll have developed the skills you need to get the most value out of Terraform and manage your infrastructure effectively. What you will learn Understand how to install Terraform for local development Get to grips with writing Terraform configuration for infrastructure provisioning Use Terraform for advanced infrastructure use cases Understand how to write and use Terraform modules Discover how to use Terraform for Azure infrastructure provisioning Become well-versed in testing Terraform configuration Execute Terraform configuration in CI/CD pipelines Explore how to use Terraform Cloud Who this book is for This book is for developers, operators, and DevOps engineers looking to improve their workflow and use Infrastructure as Code. Experience with Microsoft Azure, Jenkins, shell scripting, and DevOps practices is required to get the most out of this Terraform book.

Kubernetes A Complete DevOps Cookbook

Kubernetes   A Complete DevOps Cookbook
Author: Murat Karslioglu
Publsiher: Packt Publishing Ltd
Total Pages: 584
Release: 2020-03-13
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781838820336

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Leverage Kubernetes and container architecture to successfully run production-ready workloads Key FeaturesImplement Kubernetes to orchestrate and scale applications proficientlyLeverage the latest features of Kubernetes to resolve common as well as complex problems in a cloud-native environmentGain hands-on experience in securing, monitoring, and troubleshooting your applicationBook Description Kubernetes is a popular open source orchestration platform for managing containers in a cluster environment. With this Kubernetes cookbook, you’ll learn how to implement Kubernetes using a recipe-based approach. The book will prepare you to create highly available Kubernetes clusters on multiple clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Azure, Alibaba, and on-premises data centers. Starting with recipes for installing and configuring Kubernetes instances, you’ll discover how to work with Kubernetes clients, services, and key metadata. You’ll then learn how to build continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines for your applications, and understand various methods to manage containers. As you advance, you’ll delve into Kubernetes' integration with Docker and Jenkins, and even perform a batch process and configure data volumes. You’ll get to grips with methods for scaling, security, monitoring, logging, and troubleshooting. Additionally, this book will take you through the latest updates in Kubernetes, including volume snapshots, creating high availability clusters with kops, running workload operators, new inclusions around kubectl and more. By the end of this book, you’ll have developed the skills required to implement Kubernetes in production and manage containers proficiently. What you will learnDeploy cloud-native applications on KubernetesAutomate testing in the DevOps workflowDiscover and troubleshoot common storage issuesDynamically scale containerized services to manage fluctuating traffic needsUnderstand how to monitor your containerized DevOps environmentBuild DevSecOps into CI/CD pipelinesWho this book is for This Kubernetes book is for developers, IT professionals, and DevOps engineers and teams who want to use Kubernetes to manage, scale, and orchestrate applications in their organization. Basic understanding of Kubernetes and containerization is necessary.