Securing Integrated Transportation Networks

Securing Integrated Transportation Networks
Author: Gary A. Gordon,Richard R. Young
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2024-03-01
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 032395409X

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Securing Integrated Transportation Networks provides a comprehensive look at multimodal transportation security-its dynamics, evolving threats and technology advances that enhance operational security and related infrastructure protection and hardening, as well as the regulatory environment. As threats are evolving, so is the technology used in enhancing transportation security, operational procedures, and regulations. This book will address this dynamic evolution of transportation security. This book serves as a primary reference for information on of the range of activities and components involved in transportation security. It covers the myriad moving parts involved in the relationship between and among logistics, the supply chains and transportation entities, and the concepts, approaches and methods that are being employed to effect greater security. It looks at operations, infrastructure, equipment, laws and regulations, policies and procedures, and risk focused on transportation safety and security by mode and transportation in general. Cooperation and partnering with and among the industry, to include transportation providers and government agencies, is the way forward to ensure that security is maintained and keeps pace with the evolving threat and regulatory landscape. This book benefits students in homeland security, supply chain management and transportation planning and engineering by providing a practical resource written by industry practitioners with "boots-on-the-ground" security experience and analysis of real-world case studies. In addition, it provides a practitioner-focused reference book for those in the transportation and supply chain industries, to include its government, associated industries, and academic partners.

Securing the Nation s Rail and Other Surface Transportation Networks

Securing the Nation s Rail and Other Surface Transportation Networks
Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 80
Release: 2011
Genre: Government publications
ISBN: UCSD:31822037826310

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Transport the Environment and Security

Transport  the Environment and Security
Author: Rae Zimmerman
Publsiher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Total Pages: 286
Release: 2012-01-01
Genre: Transportation
ISBN: 9781781005262

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'This book is a tremendous information resource, and Dr. Zimmerman is a true data "guru". Informed by her unique combination of interests, Transport, the Environment and Security represents a giant leap forward in understanding this previously understudied confluence of forces, encompassing topics as diverse as how transportation affects the environment and how security problems can affect transportation.' – Vicki Bier, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US 'Zimmerman's book is a much needed addition to our scientific understanding of the nexus between environment and security within a transportation context. Transportation networks (rail and road) are the quintessential American lifeline and disruptions through episodic natural hazards, terrorist activities, or longer term climate changes will have profound changes on society – presently and in the future. Zimmerman illustrates the synergies between environment, transport networks, security, social justice and urban places in a masterful and thoughtful synthesis that underscores the interdependencies within the transportation infrastructure, the nation's vulnerability to transport disruptions, and offers ideas for increasing the resilience of the transportation infrastructure. It will become a standard reference as we re-imagine transport in the 21st century under changing climate, security, environment, and living conditions.' – Susan L. Cutter, University of South Carolina, US 'Transportation planning and policy making have followed a particular model for more than fifty years. Rae Zimmerman begins with the premise that we are in a rut and that the old ways of thinking need to be replaced. An enormous amount of evidence is presented that together argues a strong case for the systematic integration of planning for transportation, the environment, and security. While the book does not get us to an integrated process, it points us to one and starts us down a creative path. A great introduction to the complexities of these relationships.' – Martin Wachs, RAND Corporation, US Effective means of transport are critical under both normal and extreme conditions, but modern transport systems are subject to many diverse demands. This path-breaking book uniquely draws together the typically conflicting arenas of transport, the environment and security, and provides collective solutions to their respective issues and challenges. From a primarily urban perspective, the author illustrates that the fields of transportation, environment (with an emphasis on climate change) and security (for both natural hazards and terrorism) and their interconnections remain robust areas for policy and planning. Synthesizing existing data, new analyses, and a rich set of case studies, the book uses transportation networks as a framework to explore transportation in conjunction with environment, security, and interdependencies with other infrastructure sectors. The US rail transit system, ecological corridors, cyber security, planning mechanisms and the effectiveness of technologies are among the topics explored in detail. Case studies of severe and potential impacts of natural hazards, accidents, and security breaches on transportation are presented. These cases support the analyses of the forces on transportation, land use and patterns of population change that connect, disconnect and reconnect people from their environment and security. The book will prove a fascinating and insightful read for academics, students, and practitioners across a wide range of fields including: transport, environmental economics, environmental management, urban planning, public policy, and terrorism and security.

Integrated Transport

Integrated Transport
Author: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Transport Committee
Publsiher: The Stationery Office
Total Pages: 284
Release: 2005-08-10
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 0215025733

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Integrated Transport : The future of light rail and modern trams in the United Kingdom, tenth report of session 2004-05, Vol. 2: Oral and written Evidence

Securing Transportation Systems

Securing Transportation Systems
Author: Simon Hakim,Gila Albert,Yoram Shiftan
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 408
Release: 2015-06-01
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781119078241

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Addresses a variety of challenges and solutions within the transportation security sphere in order to protect our transportation systems • Provides innovative solutions to improved communication and creating joint operations centers to manage response to threats • Details technological measures to protect our transportation infrastructure, and explains their feasibility and economic costs • Discusses changes in travel behavior as a response to terrorism and natural disaster • Explains the role of transportation systems in supporting response operations in large disasters • Written with a worldwide scope

Securing Global Transportation Networks

Securing Global Transportation Networks
Author: Luke Ritter
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 276
Release: 2007
Genre: Freight and freightage
ISBN: 1601199856

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Securing Global Transportation Networks demonstrates how improved security processes can create value across all the business functions throughout an entire value chain. Readers will learn a whole new security management philosophy, as explained through domestic and international examples and case studies ranging from major retailers such as Home Depot to shipping giants such as Maersk and FedEx. This book also looks ahead to future developments and "best practices" for the future. If you're charged with making or evaluating transportation security decisions, you'll find the tools you need to succeed -- and prosper -- with the Total Security Management approach. Explains globalization's impact on transportation networks. Creates a framework for realizing a return on security investments by integrating it as a core business process. Details how transportation firms, investors, and insurance companies can measure and reward smart security practices that protect a firm's fixed assets, assets in transit, brand equity and goodwill, and human capital.

Information Security and Privacy in Smart Devices Tools Methods and Applications

Information Security and Privacy in Smart Devices  Tools  Methods  and Applications
Author: Rabadão, Carlos,Santos, Leonel,Costa, Rogério Luís de Carvalho
Publsiher: IGI Global
Total Pages: 343
Release: 2023-04-03
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781668459935

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In recent years, smart devices have become commonplace in our daily lives. On the internet of things (IoT), these devices powered new intelligent services. Their application enabled the rise of intelligent cities, smart agriculture, and Industry 4.0. However, smart devices collect and share large amounts of data, including the habits and preferences of their users. Cybersecurity incidents in intelligent environments may impact services used by millions across the world and make private information public. Information Security and Privacy in Smart Devices: Tools, Methods, and Applications presents research challenges, innovative insights, and trends related to solutions, methods, processes, and applications for maintaining information security and privacy in intelligent environments. Covering topics such as information retrieval methods, electronic health records, and misinformation detection, this premier reference source is an excellent resource for security professionals, government officials, business leaders and executives, IT managers, hospital administrators, students of higher education, librarians, researchers, and academicians.

Securing 5G and Evolving Architectures

Securing 5G and Evolving Architectures
Author: Pramod Nair
Publsiher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Total Pages: 775
Release: 2021-12-07
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9780137458042

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SECURING and EVOLVING ARCHITECTURES 5G initiates a period of technological evolution where the benefits transcend faster data download speeds and enable services that will change the way we all live and consume technology. Leveraging 5G's openness, a new developer ecosystem is building breakthrough services that billions of people will consume, delivering immense value to enterprises and subscribers alike. For 5G to achieve its potential, organizations must embrace multi-layered security that goes far beyond 3GPP specifications. Now, leading security architect Pramod Nair helps network professionals climb the steep learning curve associated with securing 5G, fully understand its threat surfaces, systematically mitigate its risks, and maximize the value of their security investments. This coherent, pragmatic, and vendor-agnostic guide will help you plan for security from the outset, make better choices throughout the lifecycle, and develop the mindset needed to secure new generations of networks. You'll find all you need: from high-level 5G security concepts to in-depth coverage of specific security controls, end-to-end architectural guidance, 5G security use cases, and cutting-edge "quantum proofing." Throughout, practical examples and real-life scenarios help you apply Nair's insights---whether you're a service provider, an enterprise, an industry vertical, a startup, a cybersecurity vendor, a systems integrator, or even in a defense environment. Securing 5G and Evolving Architectures is for technical and management audiences at all levels of 5G experience---from enterprise and security architects to network engineers, cloud computing and data center professionals, to CSO and CTO teams. Explore new 5G security challenges---and why you still need external controls, even with recent 3GPP improvements Implement network component security controls for RAN, Transport, 5GC, and devices Safeguard Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC), SDNs, virtualized 5G cores, and massive IOT Protect Public and Non-Public Networks (Private 5G) deployment scenarios Secure Critical Infrastructure, Vehicle to Everything (V2X), and Smart Factory use cases Optimize end-to-end 5G security architecture across all 5G domains based on zero trust Prioritize 5G security investments in service provider or enterprise environments Preview emerging 5G use cases and ML/AI-based security enhancements