Stereotaxic Brain Atlas of the Egyptian Fruit Bat

Stereotaxic Brain Atlas of the Egyptian Fruit Bat
Author: Raya Eilam-Altstadter,Liora Las,Menno Witter,Nachum Ulanovsky
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 164
Release: 2022-02-15
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780323996150

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The Stereotaxic Brain Atlas of the Egyptian Fruit Bat provides the first stereotaxic atlas of the brain of the Egyptian fruit bat (Rousettus aegyptiacus), an emerging model in neuroscience. This atlas contains coronal brain sections stained with cresyl violet (Nissl), AChE, and Parvalbumin – all stereotaxically calibrated. It will serve the needs of any neuroscientist who wishes to work with these bats – allowing to precisely target specific brain areas for electrophysiology, optogenetics, pharmacology, and lesioning. More broadly, this atlas will be useful to all neuroscientists working with bats, as it delineates many brain regions that were not delineated so far in any bat species. Finally, this atlas will provide a useful resource for researchers interested in comparative neuroanatomy of the mammalian brain. Provides detailed and accurate stereotaxic coverage of the Egyptian fruit bat forebrain Contains 87 plates of coronal sections of adult Egyptian fruit bats, each with one Nissl-stained hemisphere and the other stained either for AChE or Parvalbumin Delineates brain structures in the bat brain Serves as an essential tool for directing electrophysiology, imaging, optogenetics, pharmacology and lesioning in Egyptian fruit bats, and bats more generally Provides a rich resource for comparative neuroanatomy of the mammalian brain

Brain Behavior

Brain   Behavior
Author: Bob Garrett,Gerald Hough
Publsiher: SAGE Publications
Total Pages: 1306
Release: 2017-10-04
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9781506349213

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Ignite your students’ excitement about behavioral neuroscience with Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience, Fifth Edition by best-selling author Bob Garrett and new co-author Gerald Hough. Garrett and Hough make the field accessible by inviting students to explore key theories and scientific discoveries using detailed illustrations and immersive examples as their guide. Spotlights on case studies, current events, and research findings help students make connections between the material and their own lives. A study guide, revised artwork, new animations, and an interactive eBook stimulate deep learning and critical thinking. A Complete Teaching & Learning Package Contact your rep to request a demo, answer your questions, and find the perfect combination of tools and resources below to fit your unique course needs. SAGE Premium Video Stories of Brain & Behavior and Figures Brought to Life videos bring concepts to life through original animations and easy-to-follow narrations. Watch a sample. Interactive eBook Your students save when you bundle the print version with the Interactive eBook (Bundle ISBN: 978-1-5443-1607-9), which includes access to SAGE Premium Video and other multimedia tools. Learn more. SAGE coursepacks SAGE coursepacks makes it easy to import our quality instructor and student resource content into your school’s learning management system (LMS). Intuitive and simple to use, SAGE coursepacks allows you to customize course content to meet your students’ needs. Learn more. SAGE edge This companion website offers both instructors and students a robust online environment with an impressive array of teaching and learning resources. Learn more. Study Guide The completely revised Study Guide offers students even more opportunities to practice and master the material. Bundle it with the core text for only $5 more! Learn more.

Neuroanatomical Tract Tracing

Neuroanatomical Tract Tracing
Author: Laszlo Zaborszky,Floris G. Wouterlood,José Luis Lanciego
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 703
Release: 2006-11-22
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780387289427

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The first two editions of this title had a tremendous impact in neuroscience. Between the Second edition in 1989 and today, there has been an explosion of information in the field, including advances in molecular techniques, such as genomics and proteomics, which have become increasing important in neuroscience. A renaissance in fluorescence has occurred, driven by the development of new probes, new microscopes, live imagers, and computer processing. The introduction of new markers has enormously stimulated the field, moving it from tissue culture to neurophysiology to functional MRI techniques.

Craniofacial Development

Craniofacial Development
Author: Peter Thorogood,Cheryll Tickle
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 274
Release: 1988
Genre: Bones
ISBN: UOM:39015013802106

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The Biology of Bats

The Biology of Bats
Author: Gerhard Neuweiler
Publsiher: Oxford University Press, USA
Total Pages: 326
Release: 2000
Genre: Bats
ISBN: 9780195099508

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Well adapted to numerous habitats, bats comprise almost one quarter of all species of mammals. This book is a comprehensive introduction to their biology. Suitable as a textbook for undergraduates and written by one of the world's leading researchers, the book offers an accessible summary of the extensive body of research on bats. The book takes a broad physiological perspective and devotes separate chapters to specific physiological systems as well as to bat ecology and phylogeny. It features a thorough discussion of echolocation, which continues to be the subject of intense research, and describes many European and neotropical bats, as well as North American species. "Biology of Bats" is an important resource both for students and researchers.

Cognitive Neuroscience of Language

Cognitive Neuroscience of Language
Author: David Kemmerer
Publsiher: Psychology Press
Total Pages: 1982
Release: 2014-11-20
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 9781317653158

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Language is one of our most precious and uniquely human capacities, so it is not surprising that research on its neural substrates has been advancing quite rapidly in recent years. Until now, however, there has not been a single introductory textbook that focuses specifically on this topic. Cognitive Neuroscience of Language fills that gap by providing an up-to-date, wide-ranging, and pedagogically practical survey of the most important developments in the field. It guides students through all of the major areas of investigation, beginning with fundamental aspects of brain structure and function, and then proceeding to cover aphasia syndromes, the perception and production of speech, the processing of language in written and signed modalities, the meanings of words, and the formulation and comprehension of complex expressions, including grammatically inflected words, complete sentences, and entire stories. Drawing heavily on prominent theoretical models, the core chapters illustrate how such frameworks are supported, and sometimes challenged, by experiments employing diverse brain mapping techniques. Although much of the content is inherently challenging and intended primarily for graduate or upper-level undergraduate students, it requires no previous knowledge of either neuroscience or linguistics, defining technical terms and explaining important principles from both disciplines along the way.

Bioengineering and Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

Bioengineering and Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
Author: Ignacio Rojas,Daniel Castillo-Secilla,Luis Javier Herrera,Héctor Pomares
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 517
Release: 2021-10-09
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 3030881628

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Bioengineering and Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, BIOMESIP 2021, held in Meloneras, Gran Canaria, Spain, in July 2021. The 41 full and 5 short papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 121 submissions. The papers are grouped in topical issues on biomedical applications in molecular, structural, and functional imaging; biomedical computing; biomedical signal measurement, acquisition and processing; computerized medical imaging and graphics; disease control and diagnosis; neuroimaging; pattern recognition and machine learning for biosignal data; personalized medicine; and COVID-19.

A Stereotaxic Atlas of the Brain of the Pigeon

A Stereotaxic Atlas of the Brain of the Pigeon
Author: Harvey J. Karten,William Hodos
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 216
Release: 1967
Genre: Science
ISBN: WISC:89043213974

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