Survival of the Fit

Survival of the Fit
Author: Daniel Fulham OÕNeill
Publsiher: Teachers College Press
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2023
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9780807779279

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Young people in America are facing a health crisis of epidemic proportions—yet no one is taking action. Children are born as active, curious, imaginative beings with a built-in physical identity. Survival of the Fit offers a new and revelatory plan to nurture this identity and save the health of America’s youngsters. One of the keys to this plan is rebranding physical education (PE) and making it available for every child, every day, in every year of school. In addition to establishingÊhistorical references and a scientific basis for this rebranding, the author provides a downloadable template for PE classes at all school levels. He lays out a blueprint to help educators and parents bring this “PE revolution” to their school with no increase in the school budget. Sounding the alarm regarding America’s health crisis, Survival of the Fit explains how we can use existing tools, knowledge, and infrastructure to make needed changes with immediate results for every school, not just a privileged few. Everyone interested in seeing improvements in the physical, mental, and emotional health of our children will want to put this book to use. Book Features: Introduces the concept of physical identity, an inborn trait that animals from octopi to humans are born with. Presents the reasoning for restoring youth competitive sports to community control even for high school students.Ê Discusses how we can win the war against bad food and addiction to two-dimensional entertainment. Showcases original research, as well as comments and criticism from active educators. Daniel Fulham OÕNeill, MD, EdDÊis board-certified in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine, and holds a doctorate in Exercise and Sport Psychology.

The Major Metaphors of Evolution

The Major Metaphors of Evolution
Author: Salvatore J. Agosta,Daniel R. Brooks
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 273
Release: 2020-08-29
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9783030520861

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This book presents a unified evolutionary framework based on three sets of metaphors that will help to consolidate discussions on evolutionary transitions. Evolution is the unifying principle of life, making identifying ways to apply evolutionary principles to tackle existence-threatening crises such as climate change crucial. A more cohesive evolutionary framework will further the discussions in this regard and also accelerate the process itself. This book lays out a framework based on three dualistic classes of metaphors – time, space, and conflict resolution. Evolutionary transitions theory shows how metaphors can help us understand selective diversification, as Darwin described with his “tree of life”. Moreover, the recently proposed Stockholm paradigm demonstrates how metaphors can help shed light on the emergence of complex ecosystems that Darwin highlighted with his “tangled bank” metaphor. Taken together, these ideas offer proactive measures for coping with existential crises for humanity, such as climate change. The book will appeal to biologists, philosophers and historians alike.

Survival Of The Fittest

Survival Of The Fittest
Author: Mike Stroud
Publsiher: Random House
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2010-04-01
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781407071060

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Discover the secrets of how to perform at your best in 2019 In this fascinating book based soundly in medical science, Mike Stroud - of BBC Television's The Challenge and SAS: Are You Tough Enough? - sets out the genetics, diet and exercise that enable humans to perform at their peak. Dr Stroud - polar explorer, practising hospital physician, and a former adviser to the Ministry of Defence - analyses individual feats of survival and athletic prowess that illustrate the way the body functions at its best. He dissects his own challenging experiences of crossing Antarctica with Ranulph Fiennes, running marathons in the Sahara and participating in gruelling cross-country endurance races in the United States and gives some tips on how to stay fit for life for those of us who find walking the dog an endurance challenge... This revised edition includes the story of Dr Stroud and Sir Ranulph Fiennes' incredible 2003 global marathon challenge - seven marathons on seven continents in seven days - in aid of the British Heart Foundation. 'The ultimate sporting diet documented in mouth-watering detail' The Times

Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest
Author: Mike Stroud
Publsiher: Jonathan Cape
Total Pages: 0
Release: 1998
Genre: Athletes
ISBN: 0224044850

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Survival of the Friendliest

Survival of the Friendliest
Author: Brian Hare,Vanessa Woods
Publsiher: Random House
Total Pages: 305
Release: 2020
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9780399590665

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"For most of the approximately 200,000 years that our species has existed, we shared the planet with at least four other types of humans. They were smart, they were strong, and they were inventive. Neanderthals even had the capacity for spoken language. But, one by one, our hominid relatives went extinct. Why did we thrive? In delightfully conversational prose and based on years of his own original research, Brian Hare, professor in the department of evolutionary anthropology and the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University, and his wife Vanessa Woods, a research scientist and award-winning journalist, offer a powerful, elegant new theory called "self-domestication" which suggests that we have succeeded not because we were the smartest or strongest but because we are the friendliest. This explanation flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Since Charles Darwin wrote about "evolutionary fitness," scientists have confused fitness with strength, tactical brilliance, and aggression. But what helped us innovate where other primates did not is our knack for coordinating with and listening to others. We can find common cause and identity with both neighbors and strangers if we see them as "one of us." This ability makes us geniuses at cooperation and innovation and is responsible for all the glories of culture and technology in human history. But this gift for friendliness comes at cost. If we perceive that someone is not "one of us," we are capable of unplugging them from our mental network. Where there would have been empathy and compassion, there is nothing, making us both the most tolerant and the most merciless species on the planet. To counteract the rise of tribalism in all aspects of modern life, Hare and Woods argue, we need to expand our empathy and friendliness to include people who aren't obviously like ourselves. need to expand our empathy and friendliness to include people who aren't obviously like ourselves. Brian Hare's groundbreaking research was developed in close collaboration with Richard Wrangham and Michael Tomasello, giants in the field of cognitive evolution. Survival of the Friendliest explains both our evolutionary success and our potential for cruelty in one stroke and sheds new light onto everything from genocide and structural inequality to art and innovation"--

Survival Fitness

Survival Fitness
Author: Sam Fury
Publsiher: Survival Fitness Plan
Total Pages: 364
Release: 2019-05-14
Genre: Sports & Recreation
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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Your Ultimate Functional Fitness Program! Survival Fitness is self-training in the 5 most useful activities for escaping danger. Teach yourself parkour, climbing, swimming, riding, and hiking. It also has a simple daily routine to keep your mind and body in optimal health with minimal effort. Start training in Survival Fitness today, because you'll get fit while learning life-saving skills. Get it now. Everyone Knows You Need to Exercise to Stay Healthy Keep fit and get life-saving skills at the same time. * 100% bodyweight exercises * Give yourself the best chance for escaping dangerous situations * Reap all the general benefits of good health * Never get bored of "the same old routine" * Save money on gym fees, personal trainers, and expensive equipment Here is a taste of what's included in Survival Fitness: Daily Health and Fitness * Simple breathing exercises to increase your vitality * The only 2 conditioning exercises you need to keep your body limber and strong * A 15-minute full body yoga routine for flexibility and strength * The easiest meditation method for a clear and calm mind Parkour * Safety training * Conditioning * Balance training * Running and jumping skills * Vaulting over objects * Climbing over walls * Negotiating bar obstacles * Parkour games Climbing * Fundamental climbing principles * Holds and grips * Foot techniques * Crack climbing Swimming * Techniques and drills to improve your swimming speed * Swimming ultra-long distance a survival situation * How to do a very efficient stroke developed by the US Navy Seals * A full training guide for how to do a 50-meter underwater swim * Essential water rescue skills Riding * Fundamental riding skills * Basic and advanced riding drills * Techniques for uphill and downhill riding * Negotiating obstacles safely Hiking * General hiking tips * Hiking with a pack * Specific hiking techniques for different terrains and weather Limited Time Only... Get your copy of Survival Fitness today and you will also receive: * Free SF Nonfiction Books new releases * Exclusive discount offers * Downloadable sample chapters * Bonus content … and more! This is the last fitness manual you'll ever need, because it is functional training at its best. Get it now.

Survival Strong

Survival Strong
Author: Phil Ross
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2016-02-29
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781514455128

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Survival Strong is a culmination of all of the years spent training, fighting, protecting and teaching from the perspective of a person that lived through the experiences. The situations and scenarios are illustrated by actual accounts of real life confrontations. There is also a vast array of strength and fitness developing tactics included in this “How To” book. Learn how to recognize, avoid, handle and prepare to protect yourself, your family and your home.


Author: BOB TINKER,Tae Hea Nahm
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 136
Release: 2018-04-16
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1684014905

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If you are an entrepreneur anywhere on the enterprise startup journey, Survival to Thrival is for you. In the beginning, it is simply about Survival -- how not to die? With luck and hard work, it becomes about Thrival -- how do we win? This first book is about the company journey. Building enterprise startups is different. Products take longer. Go-To-Market strategies are more complex. Common wisdom on product market fit is not enough to unlock growth. There is a missing link that we call Go-To-Market Fit. Then, growth happens, and everything changes. The startup suddenly shifts from Survival mode to Thrival mode. Maddeningly, what used to work no longer works for the company and for the people. Becoming a market leader depends on everyone, including the CEO, unlearning the very things that made them successful. Survival to Thrival is a mind-meld of a three-time entrepreneur, a longtime venture capitalist, and other enterprise entrepreneurs, which demystifies building enterprise startups. Our mission is to help you succeed, to anticipate what is next, and most importantly, to let you know that you are not alone.