Till Euthanasia Do You Part

    Till Euthanasia Do You Part
Author: Wayne Stayskal
Publsiher: Baker Publishing Group
Total Pages: 148
Release: 1993
Genre: Humor
ISBN: 0801083443

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Lamp Unto My Feet

Lamp Unto My Feet
Author: Art Toalston
Publsiher: Harper San Francisco
Total Pages: 364
Release: 1996-12
Genre: Bible
ISBN: 0060679611

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Three hundred and sixty-five Christian leaders, including Jimmy Carter, Barbara Mandrell, and Rosa Parks, share their most meaningful Bible verses in this volume that will fill every day of the year with the light of Scripture and inspiration.

Misunderestimated Overunderappreciated

Misunderestimated   Overunderappreciated
Author: Mark Crispin Miller
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 328
Release: 2007
Genre: American wit and humor, Pictorial
ISBN: 1435100174

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Management of Animal Care and Use Programs in Research Education and Testing

Management of Animal Care and Use Programs in Research  Education  and Testing
Author: Robert H. Weichbrod,Gail A. (Heidbrink) Thompson,John N. Norton
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 872
Release: 2017-09-07
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781498748452

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AAP Prose Award Finalist 2018/19 Management of Animal Care and Use Programs in Research, Education, and Testing, Second Edition is the extensively expanded revision of the popular Management of Laboratory Animal Care and Use Programs book published earlier this century. Following in the footsteps of the first edition, this revision serves as a first line management resource, providing for strong advocacy for advancing quality animal welfare and science worldwide, and continues as a valuable seminal reference for those engaged in all types of programs involving animal care and use. The new edition has more than doubled the number of chapters in the original volume to present a more comprehensive overview of the current breadth and depth of the field with applicability to an international audience. Readers are provided with the latest information and resource and reference material from authors who are noted experts in their field. The book: - Emphasizes the importance of developing a collaborative culture of care within an animal care and use program and provides information about how behavioral management through animal training can play an integral role in a veterinary health program - Provides a new section on Environment and Housing, containing chapters that focus on management considerations of housing and enrichment delineated by species - Expands coverage of regulatory oversight and compliance, assessment, and assurance issues and processes, including a greater discussion of globalization and harmonizing cultural and regulatory issues - Includes more in-depth treatment throughout the book of critical topics in program management, physical plant, animal health, and husbandry. Biomedical research using animals requires administrators and managers who are knowledgeable and highly skilled. They must adapt to the complexity of rapidly-changing technologies, balance research goals with a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements and guidelines, and know how to work with a multi-generational, multi-cultural workforce. This book is the ideal resource for these professionals. It also serves as an indispensable resource text for certification exams and credentialing boards for a multitude of professional societies Co-publishers on the second edition are: ACLAM (American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine); ECLAM (European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine); IACLAM (International Colleges of Laboratory Animal Medicine); JCLAM (Japanese College of Laboratory Animal Medicine); KCLAM (Korean College of Laboratory Animal Medicine); CALAS (Canadian Association of Laboratory Animal Medicine); LAMA (Laboratory Animal Management Association); and IAT (Institute of Animal Technology).

From Dawn till Dusk

From Dawn till Dusk
Author: Evangelos D. Protopapadakis
Publsiher: Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH
Total Pages: 251
Release: 2019-11-15
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9783832549909

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From Dawn till Dusk embraces the conceptual challenges often associated with Bioethics by taking the reader on a journey that embodies the circle of life and what it means to be human. The beginning and the end of life have always been an impossible riddle to humans. Bioethics does not aspire to unveil utter truths regarding the purpose of our existence; on the contrary, its task is to settle controversial issues that arise within this finite, very fragile and vulnerable life, yet a life we still have to live. This book discusses thorny ethical issues that transcend time and are related to the dawn and the dusk of life: abortion and infanticide, genetic engineering, human reproductive cloning, the fear of death, rational suicide, and the right to die. The book's highest aspiration, though, is to both provide the reader with an opportunity to see the world from different perspectives and to showcase the irresistible charms of bioethical debates. ``This book brings contemporary issues in bioethics into conversation with different philosophical views, both ancient and modern. The result is a rewarding and very readable discussion on a range of important questions about life and death.'' Peter Singer, Princeton University & University of Melbourne ``Evangelos D. Protopapadakis' book is a philosophically rich discussion of major topics in bioethics about issues of life and death. The work is original and important. I believe the author is correct to argue that the central issues of bioethics at its core in these areas should be understood as moral in nature and should not be framed as principally legal or scientific.'' Tom L. Beauchamp, Georgetown University ``Bioethics is - in philosophical terms - a new field. But it builds on centuries of thought on the human condition, the meaning of life, and the fundamental ethical question: What should we do? Evangelos D. Protopapadakis’ masterful volume traces modern bioethical debates, with all their increasing scientific complexity, back through ancient and modern philosophical thought. The result is a sparkling and engaging journey through the history of ideas and the current ethical challenges at the beginning and end of life.'' Julian Savulescu, Uehiro Chair in Practical Ethics, University of Oxford ``As the Head of the Greek Unit of the Chair, but also as an ethicist and a bioethicist, Professor Protopapadakis has never been weary to contribute to philosophically nuanced bioethical debates. This inspiring book is the manifestation of his attitude towards Bioethics.'' Amnon Carmi, Holder of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (Haifa) ``This book presents important connections between current positions and classical approaches in ethics, written in a lively way.'' Hans-Werner Ingensiep, Universität Duisburg-Essen ``Evangelos Protopapadakis' book provides nuanced insights describing the complex ethical problems which clinicians and society must address. This creative analysis incorporates ancient and contemporary historical examples to illuminate the disparate arguments used to justify conflicting philosophical responses.'' Susan M. Miller MD, MPH

Euthanasia Searching for the Full Story

Euthanasia  Searching for the Full Story
Author: Timothy Devos
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 110
Release: 2021-03-17
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9783030567958

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This open access book has been written by ten Belgian health care professionals, nurses, university professors and doctors specializing in palliative care and ethicists who, together, raise questions concerning the practice of euthanasia. They share their experiences and reflections born out of their confrontation with requests for euthanasia and end-of-life support in a country where euthanasia has been decriminalized since 2002 and is now becoming a trivial topic.Far from evoking any militancy, these stories of life and death present the other side of a reality needs to be evaluated more rigorously.Featuring multidisciplinary perspectives, this though-provoking and original book is intended not only for caregivers but also for anyone who questions the meaning of death and suffering, as well as the impact of a law passed in 2002. Presenting real-world cases and experiences, it highlights the complexity of situations and the consequences of the euthanasia law.This book appeals to palliative care providers, hematologists, oncologists, psychiatrists, nurses and health professionals as well as researchers, academics, policy-makers, and social scientists working in health care. It is also a unique resource for those in countries where the decriminalization of euthanasia is being considered. Sometimes shocking, it focuses on facts and lived experiences to challenge readers and offer insights into euthanasia in Belgium.

Birds For Dummies

Birds For Dummies
Author: Brian L. Speer,Kim Campbell Thornton,Gina Spadafori
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 424
Release: 2020-12-02
Genre: Pets
ISBN: 9781119643258

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Your one-stop guide to caring for your avian companion Pet birds are intelligent, affectionate, and rewarding companions. No matter what bird you choose, you need to set up a happy home for him with the right stuff. You also need to keep your bird healthy by performing routine care and knowing what a healthy bird looks like and how he behaves. This friendly guide describes the birds that make the best pets, explains how to select the bird that's best for you, offers tips on bonding with your feathered friend, and provides expert advice on feeding and environmental enrichment that will keep these intelligent pets engaged. Benefit from a full-color guide to pet birds Choose the right bird based on your budget and lifestyle Create a bird-friendly environment that minimizes noise and mess Bond with your winged pet If you’re ready for your love of birds to take flight, this book has everything you need.

Until One Has Loved an Animal

Until One Has Loved an Animal
Author: Mildred A. Drost, Dvm
Publsiher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 151
Release: 2013
Genre: Pets
ISBN: 9781475960822

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Mildred Drost has had the honor of meeting many wonderful beings canine, feline, and wild. She has had comical interludes and been shocked and horrified. She has seen, met, and experienced miracles. Through it all, she has become part of the best career in the world. Dr. Drost is a veterinarian who, by her own admission, is completely fascinated by her patients. In Until One Has Loved an Animal, Dr. Drost shares all the amusing and heartwarming ways that pets affect all of our lives. She recalls the ninety-pound Malamute who spontaneously decides he wants a live chicken for lunch while on a jog with her; the German shepherd who makes any other ornery dog look like an angel; and the cat who, seemingly possessed at night, steals geraniums. Providing an entertaining and informative glimpse into the lives of pets and their owners, Dr. Drost also explores animal emotions and health, proving that these creatures, both large and small, often feel the same sentiments as humans. The stories of this collection offer an intriguing look into the animal psyche, the importance of pet rescue, and all the reasons why we cannot help but love animals unconditionally.