Torah Hebrew and English WEB Bible

Torah   Hebrew and English  WEB  Bible
Author: 이상현
Publsiher: 기독출판 소금
Total Pages: 1188
Release: 2019-02-27
Genre: Bibles
ISBN: 9791187060451

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Hebrew English Torah

Hebrew English Torah
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 418
Release: 2012-01-01
Genre: Bible
ISBN: 1590459342

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Hebrew-English Torah: The Five books of Moses is a Study Edition of the traditional Masoretic text, placed next to the classic "word-for-word" Jewish translation; it features the most authoritative Hebrew text -- based on the Leningrad Codex and complete with cantillation marks, vocalization and verse numbers. The large format and the use of good paper are part of the design to allow a diligent Torah student to write on margins for more efficient learning. This printed edition comes with a free downloadable PDF edition of the title provided by Varda Books upon presenting to it the proof of purchase.

Targum Onkelos

Targum Onkelos
Author: Onkelos
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 362
Release: 2016-01-23
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1523669462

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Targum Onkelos (or Unkelus) is the official eastern (Babylonian) targum (Aramaic translation) to the Torah. However, its early origins may have been western, in Israel. Its authorship is attributed to Onkelos, a famous convert to Judaism in Tannaic times (c. 35-120 CE). According to Jewish tradition, the content of Targum Onkelos was originally conveyed by God to Moses at Mount Sinai. However, it was later forgotten by the masses, and rerecorded by Onkelos. Some identify this translation as the work of Aquila of Sinope in an Aramaic translation (Zvi Hirsch Chajes), or believe that the name "Onkelos" originally referred to Aquila but was applied in error to the Aramaic instead of the Greek translation. The translator is unique in that he avoids any type of personification. Samuel D. Luzzatto suggests that the translation was originally meant for the "simple people." This view was strongly rebutted by Nathan Marcus Adler in his introduction to Netinah La-Ger. In Talmudic times, and to this day in Yemenite Jewish communities, Targum Onkelos was recited by heart as a verse-by-verse translation alternately with the Hebrew verses of the Torah in the synagogue. The Talmud states that "a person should complete his portions of scripture along with the community, reading the scripture twice and the targum once (Shnayim mikra ve-echad targum)." This passage is taken by many to refer to Targum Onkelos.

The Hebrew Bible A Translation with Commentary Vol Three Volume Set

The Hebrew Bible  A Translation with Commentary  Vol  Three Volume Set
Author: Robert Alter
Publsiher: W. W. Norton & Company
Total Pages: 3500
Release: 2018-12-18
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780393292503

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A landmark event: the complete Hebrew Bible in the award-winning translation that delivers the stunning literary power of the original. A masterpiece of deep learning and fine sensibility, Robert Alter’s translation of the Hebrew Bible, now complete, reanimates one of the formative works of our culture. Capturing its brilliantly compact poetry and finely wrought, purposeful prose, Alter renews the Old Testament as a source of literary power and spiritual inspiration. From the family frictions of Genesis and King David’s flawed humanity to the serene wisdom of Psalms and Job’s incendiary questioning of God’s ways, these magnificent works of world literature resonate with a startling immediacy. Featuring Alter’s generous commentary, which quietly alerts readers to the literary and historical dimensions of the text, this is the definitive edition of the Hebrew Bible.

The Contemporary Torah

The Contemporary Torah
Author: David E. S. Stein
Publsiher: Jewish Publication Society
Total Pages: 424
Release: 2010-01-01
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780827610422

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This adaptation of the JPS translation of the Torah (1962) will appeal to readers who are interested in a historically based picture of social gender roles in the Bible as well as those who have become accustomed to gender-sensitive English in other aspects of their lives. Many contemporary Bible scholars contend that the Bible's original audience understood that the references to God as male simply reflected gendered social roles at the time. However, evidence for this implicit assumption is ambiguous. Accordingly, in preparing this new edition, the editors sought language that was more sensitive to gender nuances, to reflect more accurately the perceptions of the original Bible readers. In places where the ancient audience probably would not have construed gender as pertinent to the text's plain sense, the editors changed words into gender-neutral terms; where gender was probably understood to be at stake, they left the text as originally translated, or even introduced gendered language where none existed before. They made these changes regardless of whether words referred to God, angels, or human beings. For example, the phrase originally translated in the 1962 JPS Torah as "every man as he pleases" has been rendered here "each of us as we please" (Deut. 12:8). Similarly, "man and beast" now reads "human and beast" (Exod. 8:14), since the Hebrew word adam is meant to refer to all human beings, not only to males. Conversely, the phrase "the persons enrolled" has been changed to "the men enrolled" (Num. 26:7), to reflect the fact that only men were counted in census-taking at this time. In most cases, references to God are rendered in gender neutral language. A special case in point: the unpro-nounceable four-letter name for the Divine, the Tetragammaton, is written in unvocalized Hebrew, conveying to the reader that the Name is something totally "other"-- beyond our speech and understanding. Readers can choose to substitute for this unpronounceable Name any of the numerous divine names offered by Jewish tradition, as generations have before our time. In some instances, however, male imagery depicting God is preserved because it reflects ancient society's view of gender roles. David Stein's preface provides an explanation of the methodology used, and a table delineates typical ways that God language is handled, with sample verses. Occasional notes applied to the Bible text explain how gender is treated; longer supplementary notes at the end of the volume comment on special topics related to this edition. In preparing this work, the editors undertook a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the Torah's gender ascriptions. The result is a carefully rendered alternative to the traditional JPS translation. The single most innovative aspect of the gender-sensitive translation offered in The Contemporary Torah is its treatment of the Hebrew word 'ish as a term of affiliation more than of gender. Scholars seeking a fuller explanation of that treatment are invited to read David E.S. Stein's articles in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (2008) and in Hebrew Studies (2008).

Complete Jewish Bible

Complete Jewish Bible
Author: David H. Stern
Publsiher: Messianic Jewish Publisher
Total Pages: 1697
Release: 2001-06-01
Genre: Bibles
ISBN: 9653590197

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Presenting the Word of God as a unified Jewish book, the Complete Jewish Bible is a translation for Jews and non-Jews alike. Names and key terms are presented in easy-to-understand transliterated Hebrew enabling the reader to pronounce them the way Yeshua (Jesus) did!

Wired Into Teaching Jewish Holidays

Wired Into Teaching Jewish Holidays
Author: Scott Mandel,Scott M. Mandel
Publsiher: Behrman House, Inc
Total Pages: 206
Release: 2003
Genre: Fasts and feasts
ISBN: 0867050829

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A handbook for teachers in Jewish schools that provides Internet resources for the Jewiish holidays. Based on the manual "Teaching Jewish Holidays," published by A.R.E. Publishing, Inc.

The Torah

The Torah
Author: Jeff A. Benner
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 372
Release: 2021-06-08
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1638680078

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The mechanical method of translating the Bible is a new and unique style of translating that translates each Hebrew word, prefix and suffix exactly the same way every time it occurs and in the same order as they appear in the Hebrew text. This translation will allow a reader, who has no background in Hebrew, to see the text from a Hebraic perspective, without the interjection of a translator's theological opinions and bias. As this style of translation also identifies the morphology of each Hebrew word using the English language, it is a useful tool for those who are learning to read Biblical Hebrew.