Determined to Stand and Fight

Determined to Stand and Fight
Author: Ryan Quint
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2017-04-19
Genre: History
ISBN: 9781611213478

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In early July 1864, a quickly patched together force of outnumbered Union soldiers under the command of Maj. Gen. Lew Wallace prepared for a last-ditch defense along the banks of the Monocacy River. Behind them, barely fifty miles away, lay the capital of the United States, open to attack. Facing Wallace’s men were Lt. Gen. Jubal Early’s Confederates. In just over a month, they had cleared the Shenandoah Valley of Union soldiers and crossed the Potomac River, invading the north for the third time in the war. The veterans in Early’s force could almost imagine their flags flying above the White House. A Confederate victory near Washington could be all the pro-peace platforms in the north needed to defeat Abraham Lincoln in the upcoming election. Then came Monocacy. Over the course of the day, Union and Confederate soldiers attacked and counter-attacked, filling the fields just south of Frederick, Maryland, with the dead and wounded. By the end of the day, Wallace’s men fell into retreat, but they had done their job: they had slowed Jubal Early. The fighting at Monocacy soon became known as the “Battle that Saved Washington.” Determined to Stand and Fight by Ryan T. Quint tells the story of that pivotal day and an even more pivotal campaign that went right to the gates of Washington, D.C. Readers can enjoy the narrative and then easily follow along on a nine-stop driving tour around the battlefield and into the streets of historic Frederick. Another fascinating title from the award-winning Emerging Civil War Series.

To Stand and Fight Together

To Stand and Fight Together
Author: Steve Pitt
Publsiher: Dundurn
Total Pages: 144
Release: 2008-02-08
Genre: Young Adult Nonfiction
ISBN: 9781459721012

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In 1812, a 67-year-old black United Empire Loyalist named Richard Pierpoint helped raise "a corps of Coloured Men to stand and fight together" against the Americans who were threatening to invade the tiny British colony of Upper Canada. Pierpoint’s unique fighting unit would not only see service throughout the War of 1812, it would also be the first colonial military unit reactiviated to quash the Rebellion of 1837. It would go on to serve as a police force, keeping the peace among the competing Irish immigrant gangs during the construction of the Welland Canal. Pierpoint and the Coloured Corps are the central focus, but the sidebars featuring fascinating facts about the rise and fall of slavery in North America and the state of African-Canadians in early Canada provide an entertaining and informative supplement. Among other tidbits, readers will find out why "Good Queen Bess" launched the British slave industry and how Scottish pineapples are connected to the American Declaration of Independence.

I See Dead Churches

I See Dead Churches
Author: A. T. Hargrave
Publsiher: Tate Publishing
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2011
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781616637439

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Jesus commissioned the all that Jesus had commanded them, which included healing the sick, cleansing the lepers, [and] raising the dead...A true disciple should be doing the practical radically And The supernatural naturally. Whether you are a pastor, are involved with a church family, or simply a twenty-first-century believer in Western culture, you have been affected—if not infected—by the present church culture. In this fresh, dynamic book, A. T. Hargrave exposes the impotence of the Western church and, by revelation of the Word of God, raises the hope and necessary truths for change. I See Dead Churches is not meant as a strike against Christ's church but as an insightful and inspired call for her reformation and regeneration. May the realities of the Holy Spirit And The power of the kingdom of God fill you as you read. 'God's heart, found clearly in these writings, gives insight into the kingdom's operations, church life that expresses His body and God's will being done as it is in heaven. These insights will relate To The beginner on the journey or the most mature person. Both beginners and those already equipped will be challenged.' Jim Hylton

Congressional Record

Congressional Record
Author: United States. Congress
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 1188
Release: 1959
Genre: Law
ISBN: UCR:31210026416865

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Thiet Gap The Battle Of An Loc April 1972 Illustrated Edition

Thiet Gap  The Battle Of An Loc  April 1972   Illustrated Edition
Author: Lt-Colonel James H. Willbanks
Publsiher: Pickle Partners Publishing
Total Pages: 86
Release: 2014-08-15
Genre: History
ISBN: 9781782893844

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[Illustrated with 1 table, 7 maps, 1 figure and 13 Illustrations] The Battle of An Loc was one of the most important battles of the Vietnam War. It took place during the 1972 North Vietnamese Spring Offensive, after most U.S. combat troops had departed South Vietnam. The battle, which lasted over two months, resulted in the virtual destruction of three North Vietnamese divisions and blocked a Communist attack on Saigon. The sustained intensity of combat during this battle had not been previously seen in the Vietnam War. Although this battle occurred after the high point of American involvement in Vietnam, when U.S. forces were in the process of withdrawing from that country, Americans played a key role in the action. South Vietnamese ground forces and their U.S. Army advisers, working in close cooperation with U.S. Army and Air Force air support, proved a combination capable of resisting defeat and seizing victory. Because the Battle of An Loc did not involve large numbers of American troops, little has been written about the battle or American participation in it. Jim Willbanks’ study focuses on the conduct of the battle and the role American combat advisers and U.S. air power played in defeating the North Vietnamese forces during the spring of 1972.

From Stagnation to Vibrant Living

From Stagnation to Vibrant Living
Author: Amrit Bansal
Publsiher: Notion Press
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2016-07-15
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9781945497230

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From Stagnation to Vibrant Living offers useful insights to the common man as on how to fully utilize his sojourn on earth. Shri Amrit Bansal elaborates at length on the crucial and existential issues of life that have confronted mankind since time immorial such as what is the meaning and purpose of life. He deals with all aspects of inner and outer complexities of life in a very simple, lucid and riveting style and tells you on how to lead a happy, contented and a fulfilled life. The book lays down a road map to excellence and achieving success. Shri Bansal goes on to give you valuable and practical tips on how to achieve success. The book throws light on how to make the right decisions at the right time and tells you on how to set your goals in life with vision and clarity of mind. He advises his readers to live in the present moment and start doing their work instead of indulging in useless thinking. He further tells you to keep on trying and you should never get disheartened by your failures as each failure brings you one step closer to success. You should always work hard with single-minded devotion with self-believe and should always remain focused. He further elaborates that you should follow your instincts when you are in a fix as what to do. This book deals with the importance of having a positive frame of mind and advises you never to lose hope as there is always a sunshine after the rains and light at the end of the tunnel. It contains useful tips for time management which is very important in multitasking of the modern day complex life. It also explains the importance of developing your emotional intelligence in tough situations that you may have to face in your life. The book elucidates the benefits of having a good health because a sound mind resides only in a sound body. Some business management tips have also been given in the book for young entrepreneurs.

Determined Women

Determined Women
Author: Jennifer Birkett,Elizabeth Harvey
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 213
Release: 1991-04-23
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781349212927

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The essays in this collection look at some of the images and categories which have shaped Western women's sense of themselves in the twentieth century. The approach of the collection is interdisciplinary, bringing together the perspectives of literary criticism, social history and linguistics. Its focus is international, with contributions on Britain, France, Germany, the United States and Canada. The collection shows both the similarity and the diversity of women's experience in a world determined by patriarchal assumptions, where women's only hope of change lies in developing a determination of their own.

Daily Report Foreign Radio Broadcasts

Daily Report  Foreign Radio Broadcasts
Author: United States. Central Intelligence Agency
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 704
Release: 1969
Genre: World politics
ISBN: OSU:32435063627095

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