New Combination Approaches to Enhance Rituximab Based Lymphoma Therapies

New Combination Approaches to Enhance Rituximab Based Lymphoma Therapies
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 250
Release: 2020-07-15
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 0128164077

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New Combination Approaches to Enhance Rituximab-based Lymphoma Therapies provides general updated information on the resistance of various human lymphoma/leukemia subtypes to anti-CD20 therapeutic antibodies. It discusses also the description of various targeted sensitizing agents that can reverse innate or acquired resistance when used in combination with various FDA-approved anti-CD20 antibodies. There have been a lot of reports in which the treatment with anti-CD20 antibodies for various lymphomas/leukemias has resulted in significant clinical responses; however, there have been also subsets of cancer patients who did not respond initially and several of the responding patients developed resistance to subsequent treatments with the same or different regimens. Therefore, the use of various immunosensitizing agents targeting resistant factors to reverse resistance has been considered and this book discusses each of them in depth, such as Bortexomib, Immunomodulation Agents, Obinutuzumab, Tumor Suppressors, and HDAC Inhibitors. This book is a valuable source for cancer researchers, oncologists, pharmacologists and different members of biomedical field interested in fighting cancer resistance to anti-CD20 antibodies. Provides a general overview of various sensitizing agents that can work effectively when used in combination with anti-CD20 antibodies to reverse resistance Offers potential underlying mechanisms by which the cancer cells are either inherently resistant or become unresponsive to further antibody treatments Discusses how to develop new targeted agents to underlie resistance in order to expand research on this field

Resistance to Anti CD20 Antibodies and Approaches for Their Reversal

Resistance to Anti CD20 Antibodies and Approaches for Their Reversal
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 444
Release: 2023-09-22
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9780443192012

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Resistance to Anti-CD20 Antibodies and Approaches for Their Reversal presents in-depth content written by international experts in the study of resistance to anti-CD20 antibodies and approaches for their reversal. Anti-CD20 antibodies are used to achieve B cell depletion and are developed to treat B cell proliferative disorders, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. In the past two decades, anti-CD20 antibodies have revolutionized the treatment of all B cell malignancies, however, there are patients that fail to respond to initial therapy or relapse sooner. This book explores new and existing avenues surrounding Anti-CD20 antibodies. In recent years, several next-generation anti-CD20 therapies have been developed but predicting and reversing resistance is still a challenging task. These areas are being actively studied as they represent a potential to improve anti-CD20 therapies and are discussed thoroughly in the book. It is a valuable resource for researchers, students and member of the biomedical and medical fields who want to learn more about resistance to anti-CD20 antibodies and their reversal. • Presentation of current research, critical analyses, in-depth literature reviews, and the latest clinical reports on anti-CD20 antibody treatment • Discussion of recent developments of anti-CD20 antibodies in cancer and noncancer diseases treatment, possible resistance mechanisms and their reversals, as well as the exciting therapeutic opportunities offered by anti-CD20 antibodies in combination with chemotherapy or other treatment modalities • Utilization of a number of diagrams to visually illustrate complex content and plenty of tables to summarize important information

Novel Sensitizing Agents for Therapeutic Anti EGFR Antibodies

Novel Sensitizing Agents for Therapeutic Anti EGFR Antibodies
Author: Shi Hu
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 258
Release: 2022-11-11
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780128215852

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Novel Sensitizing Agents for Therapeutic Anti-EGFR Antibodies presents a description of the sensitizers used to overcome resistance to anti-EGFR targeted antibody therapies in cancer, including novel engineered antibody drugs and other sensitizers. The book gives insights into the landscape of anti-EGFR based cancer treatments, the challenges of targeted therapy, and a glimpse into the future of antibody therapy. It offers pertinent science information on strategies used for the rational design and discovery of novel sensitizing agents, and in addition, translational studies involving pre-clinical and clinical design. This book is an indispensable resource for cancer researchers, medicinal chemists and other biomedical scientists.Finally, the book covers basic science strategies used in drug discovery and preclinical evaluation focused on EGFR blockage resistance, as well as clinical trial methodology, including clinical pharmacokinetics and imaging to address issues of efficacy evaluation of the new anticancer sensitizers for anti-EGFR drug resistance. Presents detailed descriptions on the history, chemistry, mechanism of action, structure-function relationships, pharmacology, side effects, dosing and formulation of new sensitizers to anti-EGFR antibodies Provides molecular structures for all novel anticancer drugs, along with strategies to overcome resistance to anti-EGFR antibodies Encompasses up-to-date information on the cancer drug discovery process, including new research tools, tumor-targeting strategies, and fundamental concepts in emerging areas of precision medicine

Resistance to Targeted Therapies in Lymphomas

Resistance to Targeted Therapies in Lymphomas
Author: Ana C. Xavier,Mitchell S. Cairo
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 210
Release: 2019-09-13
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9783030244248

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Over the past few decades, lymphoma patient outcomes have improved as a result of multidrug chemotherapy and radiation therapy, intensification of treatment, improvement in supportive care, and better imaging and staging systems. Even more recently, there has been tremendous progress in the understanding of cancer cell biology and its microenvironment which has resulted in the development of biologic agents, also called "target" therapies. These therapies are more specific in targeting cancer cells either directly or via enhancement of the immune system. Many clinical studies have focused on biological agents in combination with traditional chemotherapy with the goal of improved outcomes, or reduced acute long term complications that are associated with lymphoma therapy. This volume will review different classes of "target" drugs that have been developed, approved, or are under investigation in the field of lymphoma therapy. The discussion will not only be on the understanding of the mechanisms of action or clinical response of those agents, but will also help the reader to understand the nature of lymphoma biology in patients who relapse or are refractor after exposure to those drugs. Contributors will discuss what is currently known about mechanisms of tumor-related or host-related resistance, and how to overcome this resistance. This understanding is crucial given the dismal outcomes of patients with relapsed or refractory lymphomas. The book provides a unique opportunity to review and reflect on the recent successes and pitfalls of the modern lymphoma therapy era.

Hodgkin s and Non Hodgkin s Lymphoma

Hodgkin s and Non Hodgkin s Lymphoma
Author: John P. Leonard,Morton Coleman
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 476
Release: 2008-03-05
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 0387293469

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In recent years a dramatic increase in knowledge of the biology of the lymphomas has been accompanied by the emergence of new treatments offering improvements in efficacy and reduction in toxicity. In this volume an internationally recognized group of experts review relevant aspects of the biology, diagnosis and management, with particular emphasis on the emerging data available for this disease.

The Lymphoid Neoplasms 3ed

The Lymphoid Neoplasms 3ed
Author: Ian Magrath
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 1689
Release: 2010-07-30
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781444113228

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This comprehensive and authoritative reference covers all aspects of the group of disorders collectively known as the lymphoid neoplasms. The reader is taken through a description of its normal cellular origins and the molecular genetic abnormalities that can lead to this group of conditions, a section of the book that has been considerably strengthened for this third edition, to the environmental factors that may be relevant to disease development, and, finally, to the pragmatic aspects of disease management. The authors synthesise for the reader apsects of current knowledge and likely future developments, and direct them to the appropriate resources should they wish to pursue particular avenues of scientific or literature research.

Living with Lymphoma

Living with Lymphoma
Author: Elizabeth M. Adler
Publsiher: JHU Press
Total Pages: 424
Release: 2005-09-30
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9780801881800

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When neurobiologist Elizabeth M. Adler was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, she learned everything she could about the disease. In "Living with Lymphoma," she combines her knowledge of lymphoma--both scientific and personal--with the desire to help other patients come to grips with this complex, and often baffling, disease. Readers gain sufficient background to understand and evaluate medical literature, and to ask their physicians questions specific to their own needs.

Goldman s Cecil Medicine Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features and Print Single Volume 24

Goldman s Cecil Medicine Expert Consult Premium Edition    Enhanced Online Features and Print  Single Volume 24
Author: Russell La Fayette Cecil,Lee Goldman,Andrew I. Schafer
Publsiher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Total Pages: 2848
Release: 2012-01-01
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781437716047

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Since 1927, Goldman-Cecil Medicine has been the world's most influential internal medicine resource. In the ground-breaking 25th edition, your original purchase ensures you will be up-to-date without the need for a subscription. Through the new, more powerful Expert Consult eBook platform, this "living text" provides continuous updates that will integrate the latest research, guidelines, and treatments into each chapter, ensuring that the content is as current as the day this edition was first published. Goldman-Cecil Medicine offers definitive, unbiased guidance on the evaluation and management of every medical condition, presented by a veritable "Who's Who" of modern medicine. A practical, straightforward style; templated organization; evidence-based references; and robust interactive content combine to make this dynamic resource quite simply the fastest and best place to find all of the authoritative, state-of-the-art clinical answers you need. "The content is superb, authoritative and not surprisingly very up to date." Reviewed by: Dr Harry Brown, on behalf of Glycosmedia Date: July 2015 Expert Consult eBook version included with print purchase: Access continuous updates from Editor Lee Goldman, MD, who thoroughly reviews internal medicine and specialty journals, updating online content to reflect the latest guidelines and translating that evidence into treatment. Interactive Q&A section features over 1,500 board-style questions and answers to aid in preparing for certification or recertification exams. Outstanding supplementary tools include figures, tables, videos, heart and lung sounds, treatment and management algorithms, fully integrated references, and thousands of illustrations and full-color photos. Search all of the text, figures, supplementary material, and references from the book on a variety of devices and at no additional cost - Expert Consult access is included with this title! Practical, bulleted, highly templated text with easy-to-use features including flow charts and treatment boxes. New chapters on global health, cancer biology and genetics, and the human microbiome in health and disease keep you on the cutting edge of medicine. Today's most current evidence-based medicine guidelines help you form a definitive diagnosis and create the best treatment plans possible. Focused coverage of the latest developments in biology includes the specifics of current diagnosis, therapy, and medication doses. The reference of choice for every stage of your career! Goldman-Cecil Medicine is an ideal learning tool for residents, physicians, and students as well as a valuable go-to resource for experienced healthcare professionals. Cecil - the best internal medicine resource available since 1927 - far exceeds the competition in versatility, ease-of-use and up-to-datedness.