Red Flags II

Red Flags II
Author: Sue Greenhalgh,James Selfe (MCSP.)
Publsiher: Churchill Livingstone
Total Pages: 228
Release: 2009-09
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 044306914X

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The perfect companion to the successful RED FLAGS: A GUIDE TO IDENTIFYING SERIOUS SPINAL PATHOLOGY by Sue Greenhalgh and James Selfe, this new pocketbook guides the practitioner through solving serious spinal pathologies. RED FLAGS II expands on some of the concepts outlined in the first book and gives advice on appropriate investigations. It retains a strong clinical focus through the use of multiple case histories of real patients with serious pathology of the spine. Readers are given the opportunity to utilise clinical reasoning processes as they work through these case histories. Updated hierarchical list of Red Flags Summary identifying key findings Red Flags and Red Herrings Multiple real patient case histories Management pathways Presentation of secondary cases

Red Flags

Red Flags
Author: Sue Greenhalgh,James Selfe
Publsiher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Total Pages: 228
Release: 2006-04-03
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780443101403

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This valuable clinical reference alerts practitioners to potentially serious indicators of pathology in their patients, such as cancer, tuberculosis (TB), or other conditions. With a fresh approach to the subject, it presents an hierarchy of red flags, an index of suspicion, discussion of red herrings, "3D thinking," and conditional probabilities intended to assist with clinical reasoning. It's an ideal, on-the-spot resource for anyone involved in the care of patients with musculoskeletal conditions. The book's small, portable size makes it ideal for reference in any practice setting. Presents information in an accessible, at-a-glance format. The unique red flag hierarchy assists with clinical reasoning. Index of Suspicion highlights the most likely conditions indicated by specific red flags. Discussion of 3D thinking encourages clinicians to look beyond immediate symptoms to find the underlying cause of a problem. Discussion of red herrings describes how to approach indicators that may mislead a diagnosis. Information on the concept of conditional probabilities helps practitioners make informed clinical decisions.


Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 257
Release: 2024
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9780702042744

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Red Flag Green Flag People

Red Flag  Green Flag People
Author: Rape & Abuse Crisis Center (Fargo, N.D.)
Publsiher: Rape & Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo Moorhead
Total Pages: 48
Release: 1985
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: UOM:39015057617899

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Coloring book for children intended to highlight issues related to sexual abuse of children.

The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags

The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags
Author: Natasha Burton,Julie Fishman
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2011-05-18
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 9781440524868

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You've done it before. Saw something wrong with him--whether it was suspect grooming habits or ridiculously childish behavior--but let it slide. It's not that big of a deal. Except it totally was. You wanted to fall in love, but ended up going insane. You swore you'd never do it again. But did. Don't beat yourself up. In the search for love, we've all either blatantly ignored or completely missed red flags. Instead, smarten up. It's time to figure out what you missed and learn how to avoid similar flagtastic fiascos in the future. If you raise your red flag awareness now, you'll be able to greenlight a real relationship down the road.

Red Flags

Red Flags
Author: George Magnus
Publsiher: Yale University Press
Total Pages: 354
Release: 2018-09-11
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780300240955

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A trusted economic commentator provides a penetrating account of the threats to China's continued economic riseUnder President Xi Jinping, China has become a large and confident power both at home and abroad, but the country also faces serious challenges. In this critical take on China’s future, economist George Magnus explores four key traps that China must confront and overcome in order to thrive: debt, middle income, the Renminbi, and an aging population. Looking at the political direction President Xi Jinping is taking, Magnus argues that Xi’s authoritarian and repressive philosophy is ultimately not compatible with the country’s economic aspirations.Thorough and well researched, the book also investigates the potential for conflicts over trade, China’s evolving relationship with Trump, and the country’s attempt to win influence and control in Eurasia through the Belt and Road initiative.

The Little Black Book of Scams

The Little Black Book of Scams
Author: Industry Canada,Competition Bureau Canada
Publsiher: Competition Bureau Canada
Total Pages: 44
Release: 2014-03-10
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781100232409

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The Canadian edition of The Little Black Book of Scams is a compact and easy to use reference guide filled with information Canadians can use to protect themselves against a variety of common scams. It debunks common myths about scams, provides contact information for reporting a scam to the correct authority, and offers a step-by-step guide for scam victims to reduce their losses and avoid becoming repeat victims. Consumers and businesses can consult The Little Black Book of Scams to avoid falling victim to social media and mobile phone scams, fake charities and lotteries, dating and romance scams, and many other schemes used to defraud Canadians of their money and personal information.

Beneath a Scarlet Sky

Beneath a Scarlet Sky
Author: Mark Sullivan
Publsiher: Lake Union Publishing
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2018
Genre: Germany
ISBN: 1503902374

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A teenage boy in 1940s Italy becomes part of an underground railroad that helps Jews escape through the Alps, but when he is recruited to be the personal driver for a powerful Third Reich commander, he begins to spy for the Allies.