The Girl in Room 16

The Girl in Room 16
Author: Eva Sparks
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2022
Genre: Mystery fiction
ISBN: 9798408562749

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Eightreen years ago, FBI Agent Darcy Hunt's life changed forever when her little sister was abducted right under her nose - murdered by a crazed guild of misguided zealots. Now, as she spends her days and nights hunting down the very worst of humanity, Darcy receives an unexpected call directing her to the sleepy small town of Miller's Grove. Local law enforcement is unable to make sense of a chilling case, one that will prove to be the most complex and baffling of her career. Small towns harbor big secrets, and as Darcy peels back the layers of Miller Grove's past, some of the residents start to get nervous. Never one to back down, Darcy must call on every bit of her training and experience as the investigation takes a sharp turn and forces her to confront a harrowing past she thought had finally let her go. Meanwhile, someone lurks deep in the shadows, watching her, drawing her closer and closer to the edge of truth that has lain hidden for all these years. A puzzle slowly emerges, one that has taken years for a sick and twisted mind to carefully conceive, and it is only when a third girl goes missing that Darcy begins to realize that the grim events from her own past might be the only key to stopping an emboldened and fearless monster.

The Brickbuilder

The Brickbuilder
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 1900
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: PRNC:32101082963792

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An architectural monthly.

On Language

On Language
Author: Joseph Harold Greenberg,Suzanne Kemmer
Publsiher: Stanford University Press
Total Pages: 782
Release: 1990
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 0804716137

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This is a collection of 37 of the most important, enduring, and influential essays by one of the great linguists of this century, gathered from a wide range of journals and books spanning four decades.

The Last Thing He Told Me

The Last Thing He Told Me
Author: Laura Dave
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2021-05-04
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781501171369

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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BLOCKBUSTER * REESE WITHERSPOON BOOK CLUB PICK * SOON TO BE AN APPLE TV+ LIMITED SERIES STARRING JENNIFER GARNER * MORE THAN 2 MILLION COPIES SOLD The “page-turning, exhilarating” (PopSugar) and “heartfelt thriller” (Real Simple) about a woman who thinks she’s found the love of her life—until he disappears. Before Owen Michaels disappears, he smuggles a note to his beloved wife of one year: Protect her. Despite her confusion and fear, Hannah Hall knows exactly to whom the note refers—Owen’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Bailey. Bailey, who lost her mother tragically as a child. Bailey, who wants absolutely nothing to do with her new stepmother. As Hannah’s increasingly desperate calls to Owen go unanswered, as the FBI arrests Owen’s boss, as a US marshal and federal agents arrive at her Sausalito home unannounced, Hannah quickly realizes her husband isn’t who he said he was. And that Bailey just may hold the key to figuring out Owen’s true identity—and why he really disappeared. Hannah and Bailey set out to discover the truth. But as they start putting together the pieces of Owen’s past, they soon realize they’re also building a new future—one neither of them could have anticipated. With its breakneck pacing, dizzying plot twists, and evocative family drama, The Last Thing He Told Me is a “page-turning, exhilarating, and unforgettable” (PopSugar) suspense novel.


Author: Emma Donoghue
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 96
Release: 2017-05-07
Genre: Drama
ISBN: 9781786821775

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Kidnapped as a teenage girl, Ma has been locked inside a purpose built room in her captor's garden for seven years. Her five year old son, Jack, has no concept of the world outside and happily exists inside Room with the help of Ma's games and his vivid imagination where objects like Rug, Lamp and TV are his only friends. But for Ma the time has come to escape and face their biggest challenge to date: the world outside Room.

The Misfits

The Misfits
Author: Marie Caldwell Burns
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 181
Release: 1953
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: OSU:32435067662536

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A Good Indian Wife A Novel

A Good Indian Wife  A Novel
Author: Anne Cherian
Publsiher: W. W. Norton & Company
Total Pages: 400
Release: 2009-06-08
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0393068668

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"An absorbing tale of contrasts…Cherian tells the story with quiet strength." —San Francisco Chronicle Handsome anesthesiologist Neel is sure he can resist his family’s pleas that he marry a "good" Indian girl. With a girlfriend and a career back in San Francisco, the last thing Neel needs is an arranged marriage. But that’s precisely what he gets. His bride, Leila, a thirty-year-old teacher, comes with her own complications. They struggle to reconcile their own desires with others’ expectations in this story of two people, two countries, and two ways of life that may be more compatible than they seem.

The Girl In Room 105

The Girl In Room 105
Author: Chetan Bhagat
Publsiher: Harper Collins
Total Pages: 356
Release: 2022-07-01
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9789356291089

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Hi, I'm Keshav, and my life is screwed. I hate my job and my girlfriend left me. Ah, the beautiful Zara. Zara is from Kashmir. She is a Muslim. And did I tell you my family is a bit, well, traditional? Anyway, leave that. Zara and I broke up four years ago. She moved on in life. I didn't. I drank every night to forget her. I called, messaged, and stalked her on social media. She just ignored me. However, that night, on the eve of her birthday, Zara messaged me. She called me over, like old times, to her hostel room 105. I shouldn't have gone, but I did ... and my life changed forever. This is not a love story. It is an un-love story. From the author of Five Point Someone and 2 States, comes a fast-paced, funny and unputdownable thriller about obsessive love and finding purpose in life against the backdrop of contemporary India.