Transforming Depression

Transforming Depression
Author: Doc Childre,Deborah Rozman
Publsiher: New Harbinger Publications
Total Pages: 200
Release: 2007-09-01
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 1608825191

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Transforming Depression argues that the prevalence of depression today results from the frenetic pace of modern life. A constant sense of being overwhelmed, fatigued, and stretched to the limit leads us to feelings of hopelessness and a lack of interest in normally pleasurable activities-the principal signs of depression. By using the HeartMath(r) techniques, readers will be able to tap into new reserves of energy and creativity and will find new ways to connect with the people in their lives. As a result, feelings of depression will lessen and dramatic change will take place for better health in mind and body.

Neurocardiovascular Diseases New Aspects of the Old Issues

Neurocardiovascular Diseases  New Aspects of the Old Issues
Author: Tijana Bojić, Antonio M. Esquinas,Tarek Francis Antonios
Publsiher: Frontiers Media SA
Total Pages: 155
Release: 2019-02-15
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9782889457755

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Neurocardiovascular diseases and disturbances are a distinguished group of the pathological entities that demand an integrative scientific approach to be studied, treated and finally, cured. Brain-heart and vessels axes can be comprehended as a complex, bidirectional unit of utmost importance for organism survival. Harmonized functioning of this unit through the autonomic nervous system interface can be fatally compromised by stress, infection, systemic diseases, dietary habits, pharmacological and surgical interventions. The scope of this Research Topic is to emphasize the importance of the scientists’ and medical practitioners’ attention to molecular and systemic modes of the brain-heart and vessels functioning and, often underestimated, neurocardiovascular pathology by a patient’s bedside. In the last couple of decades, this research area flourished and contributed to the general knowledge by placing the new milestones neurocardiovascular physiology and pathology. We hope that by this modest contribution we will provide an interesting, practical and innovative update on the novelties in the field of neurocardiovascular research.

The Mysteries of Consciousness

The Mysteries of Consciousness
Author: Ingrid Fredriksson
Publsiher: McFarland
Total Pages: 331
Release: 2015-09-25
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 9780786477685

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For hundreds of years the Western world has believed that humans--indeed all living things--consist of more than pure biology. Not mere physical bodies, humans possess something else that helps to define them. In this collection of new essays scientists, psychologists, theoretical physicists and other experts in the mind-body connection explore the nature of consciousness and its future as a new paradigm in science. With contributions covering near death experiences, the concept of "free will," conscious spacetime, DNA consciousness, the role of consciousness in the evolution of life, quantum theory and the non-local universe, the scientific basis of love, and the principles and applications of self-hypnosis, this volume clarifies the meaning of consciousness and establishes a model for further exploration into a burgeoning realm of scientific study.

Neurocritical Care An Issue of Neurologic Clinics E Book

Neurocritical Care  An Issue of Neurologic Clinics  E Book
Author: Alejandro A. Rabinstein
Publsiher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2017-10-11
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780323548946

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This issue of Neurologic Clinics, edited by Dr. Alejandro A. Rabinstein, will cover Neurocritical Care. Topics include, but are not limited to: Anoxic Brain Injury; Treatment of Intracranial Hypertension; Management of Traumatic Brain Injury; Cortical Spreading Depression and Ischemia in Neurocritical Patients; Temperature Control in Acute Brain Injury; HSV Encephalitis; Primary Acute Neuromuscular Respiratory Failure; ICU-Acquired Weakness; Emergency and Critical Care Management of Intracerebral Hemorrhage; New developments in Refractory Status Epilepticus; Acute Cardiac Complications in Critical Brain Disease; Nosocomial Infections in Neurocritical Patients; Neurological Complications after Solid Organ Transplantation; and Shared Decision Making in the NICU.

The Divine Yog of Energy Healing

The Divine Yog of Energy Healing
Author: Rear Admiral Rakesh Pandit,AVSM, NM (Retd)
Publsiher: Blue Rose Publishers
Total Pages: 194
Release: 2021-07-07
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9789354275968

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This book is intended to be a ‘Single Point Book of Reference’ for issues related to good health and wellbeing. Accomplishes a ‘First’ in presenting a comparative analysis of the seven main energy therapies namely Acupressure, Acupuncture, Pranic Healing, Psycho Neurobics, Reiki, Yoga and Yog Nidra. Promotes a ‘Preventive health care’ Strategy employing ‘Health of Energy Body’. Affirms ‘Integrated healing’ of Physical and Energy bodies towards accelerated and total healing. Advocates ‘Blending of Energy Therapies’ to fight major diseases.

The Self Love Habit

The Self Love Habit
Author: Fiona Brennan
Publsiher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd
Total Pages: 309
Release: 2021-02-26
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9780717188765

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Many of us find it easy to love others but do not know how to love ourselves. Do you struggle with the seemingly 'difficult' parts of yourself that lurk in the shadows, often hidden from the world – frustration, anxiety, self-doubt, anger? The Self-Love Habit is about learning to bring these parts of yourself out from the darkness and into the light. By loving and paying attention to the rejected aspects of ourselves, we give ourselves the power to transform in ways we never thought possible. Fiona Brennan's four powerful self-love habits – LISTEN, OPEN, VALUE, ENERGISE – will teach you how to do this. When you truly love yourself, your whole world opens to serenity and your self-imposed limitations fall away. The accompanying hypnotherapy audios will rewire your brain as you sleep and help you to start the day full of loving energy by changing the negative, unconscious habit of living through fear into the positive, conscious habit of living through love. Get ready to transform internal battles into inner peace and external relationships into a source of endless joy as you discover why self-love is the most selfless love of all.

Tuning into Frequency

Tuning into Frequency
Author: Sputnik Futures
Publsiher: Tiller Press
Total Pages: 352
Release: 2020-11-03
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 9781982147945

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A riveting guide to the energy that surrounds us and how tuning into the power of frequencies can help us heal ourselves, and the planet. Can you feel it? Energy is Everywhere. From the light, sound, and electromagnetic waves that flow all around us to the intricate electrical networks that flow through us, energy is a frontier as exciting as it is uncharted. Every year new science suggests that harnessing the extraordinary power of these invisible frequencies may be the key to a variety of innovations to improve our health and wellbeing, and to repair our struggling ecosystems. In Tuning into Frequency, the minds of Sputnik Futures explore cutting-edge discoveries from doctors, physicists, healers, ecologists, technologists, and thought leaders and explore how we can employ frequency to improve not only our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, but the health of the planet. For example, did you know: -That your heart and your brain share an electromagnetic field? -That trees can talk to each other? -That sound can heal the body? -That color affects your mood? -That the sun can help fight depression? With expert voices, bold discoveries, and engaging visuals, this entry in the captivating Alice in Futureland series is a riveting guide to the forces that energize our bodies, our minds, and the planet.

The Life and Insights of Joseph Chilton Pearce

The Life and Insights of Joseph Chilton Pearce
Author: Michael Mendizza
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 352
Release: 2021-02-16
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9781644111604

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A comprehensive guide to social visionary Joseph Chilton Pearce’s work on the transcendent and magical potential of the human mind • Explores Pearce’s most influential books, including Magical Child, sharing his life-changing insights into why we have become what we are, contrasted with the miracle nature intends us to be • Features essential passages interwoven with Pearce’s own commentary, drawn from personal conversations and unpublished material • Shows how Pearce’s key insights build across his books and break down core assumptions about reality and human potential An expert in child development, Joseph Chilton Pearce (1926-2016) devoted his life to exploring the optimum development and astonishing capacities within each individual human being. Across his 12 visionary books and thousands of lectures, he blended cutting-edge science with spirituality and explored the amazing power of imagination for both children and adults--the space where we are able to play with our reality--inspiring millions to discover the human birthright of a more magical world. In this guide to Pearce’s complete vision of transcendent human potential, Michael Mendizza explores 7 of his most influential books, sharing insights and expertise from Pearce’s full range of interests, from child development and conscious parenting to psychic phenomena and altered states to the power of the mind to shape reality. Offering essential passages interwoven with Pearce’s own commentary, drawn from personal conversations and unpublished material, this book shows how Pearce’s key insights build across his books, breaking down core assumptions about reality and human potential. We see the importance of imagination and empathic, non-verbal forms of wisdom, which have been long overshadowed--to the peril of humanity--by verbal-intellectual skills with their abstract concepts and ideological perspectives. Presenting Pearce’s vision of human potential from the 1950s until the end of his life, this book shares Pearce’s life-changing insights into why we have become what we are, contrasted with the miracle nature intends us to be, allowing each of us to break through our self-inflicted limitations and realize our amazing and magical potential.